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The One2s

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | SELF

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2014
Band Alternative Post-punk




"The One2s Are Back With A Second EP That Will Punch You In The Throat"

Ok, it’s not that aggressive, they are not the second coming of Pantera. But what they offer is something that flows right in with the best in alternative music. The power that made their first EP one of my favorites of last year, comes through again with even more eclectic influences. From the first track, “Gazed Out”, you are taken to another place. If you close your eyes, you can feel an ethereal musical landscape come through. The band does so much to propel you into a new wave of attention that by the time you get to “Cryer”, you are prepared for one hell of a record. There are moments that are purely rocking here, and some that are subtle and quiet. There’s a balancing act that is here that reminds me of Silversun Pickups and even a little Jesus and Mary Chain. However, the band puts together a sound on their own with a focus on guitar driven melodies and strong alternative rock leanings. It’s hard to put these guys in one box, as they rise towards several genres as they go through different sound waves. If you’re a fan of shoegaze, alternative, and strong leading vocals, this EP is going to fit right in between the aforementioned bands and even a twist of Starflyer 59. My favorite track is “Pop the Ripper”, which is a stand out on the EP. With 5 tracks, the band manages to flow through different eras, push you through various melodic rock styles and maintain focus on cohesion. This is another one of those records that you want to listen to all the way through. It’s a journey of sound, and it doesn’t let you step off the ride until the last note is played.
Overall, The One2s come back with another representation of what good music is right now. I can’t wait to see what they do next. I’m hoping an extended tour and a major record label debut, they are definitely the next big thing, if you ask me. Of course, you didn’t, but then again, whoever does? I love this record, pick it up, pay attention, and put on some headphones, this second helping sounds awesome. - SELLOUT RECORDS


The sprawling, smoky, and oh so sultry ‘Blank Stare’, is a moment on the One 2s second EP with vocals that drive the listener hard in the direction of Chrissy Hynde.
[The One 2s - EP 2] At almost six minutes long, it’s an expressive track that features some surprises along the way, with squealing guitars that add texture and tone to the mix. Once it’s finally faded out, like the final choke of a candle that finally dies out, ‘Cryer’ shoulders its way into the forefront. You’d be forgiven for being surprised by its brash, blustering bravado. But look beneath the tough exterior and you’ll find an introspective, shoegazey core. The screaming vocals can’t hide the fact that this is really a soppy song that has been roughed up – no vocals, just vocalisations, hums, and noises – there’s a delicious warmth here, rich like hot chocolate. On ‘Pop The Ripper’, we are treated to a sheer iceberg of glacial reverbs and shoegazey indie cool, while the slightly cynical sounding ‘I Can See’, with its reverb washed guitar, would fit perfectly on an XX track record. Closing with the aforementioned ‘Blank Stare’, the final track serves as the ideal way to bring the One 2s’ second EP to its inevitable conclusion, and to leave a pleasant taste in one’s mouth. -


Formed as a side -recording and local performance outfit for members of two other bands, The One2s have a sound that is far more than a whimsical diversion. The players switch roles and instruments in the delivery of their material, giving them wide-scope to travel, yet there is a cohesive style to the compositions as the quartet deliver fuzzy shoegaze which has the texture of melting centre chocolates to it that can’t help but captivate the listener.
The experience of the players in The One2s shines through the carefully delivered compositions, which they imbue with warming tones as the combinations of garage rock, rock ‘n’ roll and dream-wave float around the room. A solid spine of percussion allows the instrumentation a process of metamorphosis in shifting layers of waves, whilst a subtle vocal gives the resulting out-put a sense of an aural metaphysical soliloquy.
With a couple of EPs behind them – EP One, released in January 2014 and EP 2 in January 2015 and a single in late 2014, The One2s is a project I would like to see become a mainstay and with fortune not have to wait until January 2016 to hear the next EP. -


Fuzzy pop-punk youth -EP 2 offers a quick 5 track glimpse into the lo-fi, melodic pop-punk world full of potential for the One2s. “Cryer” is skuzzy, anthemic guitar track that is very angsty and shouty, whereas the drowsy, dreamy closer “Blank Stare” builds up into very clear guitar euphoria. “Pop The Ripper” is the standout song that combines a pop-ish drum bounciness with lyrics like “Our society is overlooked, overworked and underpaid.”
On EP 2 the One2s seem to find the happy medium between being very home-grown while at the same time having great hooks. They’re the songs that could play at the end of your late 90s-early 2000s teen movie as you hop into your beaten up car after graduation and drive toward your new alternative lifestyle, free of suburbia. Self described as “bringing the immediacy of punk, the melodies of britpop and the depth of shoegaze under one roof,” the One 2s surprisingly aren’t lying as many bands do in their manifestos of alleged genre defiance, and truly have an album that’s original enough to be worth listening to. -


Philadelphia based noise merchants ���The One2’s‘ create a full on, no messing around, sonic attack on your senses. Their sound is heavily laden with multiple influences from many genres of music but they manage to focus it directly at the listener & not let it get swallowed up in the maelstrom of screaming vocals, pounding drums, throbbing bass, layered walled guitars & synth sounds. Yes they have a solid shoegazing foundation in parts but they also manage to intertwine post-punk, touches of early grunge & flourishes of dream-pop into the mix to create a sonic manifesto all of their own...Overall this EP is an impressive body of work from a band who are not afraid to experiment with particular genres of music to create something all of their own. ‘The One2’s‘ continuously show songwriting prowess throughout this EP & their song structures are faultless. Apart from the opening track, this EP is a marvel and I look forward to hearing what comes next from this distinctively sounding group of musicians. -


First of all…this is a VERY powerful opening to a new music experience. I mean seriously; if anyone out there told The One2s to toss their opening track “Gazed Out” they deserve a massive smack to the face. This atmospheric blend of spacious sound drifts in subtly, adds a slight drum beat which is massively effective both the synth comes in to take your breath away. With the plodded-out electro rhythm and tone, the track resembles something that meets in the middle of The Cure’s opening to their Disintegration album with “Plainsong” and towards the end of The Downward Spiral by Nine Inch Nails resembling “A Warm Place.” Though I had the feeling that this wouldn’t be an overall reflection of what TheOne2s would sound like in the songs to come after all I had read, this made for an unexpected and absolutely exceptional beginning that worked big-time.
Cause you see…what I had read told me that I was in for something that much more resembled The Pixies, Sonic Youth or perhaps even Nirvana… Listening to “Gazed Out” and trying to figure that one would only bring you to the conclusion that The One2s were hoping to reach those sounds rather than making them; but these influences and comparisons become much more audibly clear as “Cryer” begins. With an overdriven set of guitar layers ripping away, the drumbeat, vocals and bass do a good job of masking the pace that this track is truly set to. As it launches into the chorus, TheOne2s can hide no more; and with a sound very-influenced by Sonic Youth here, they’ve added the pop-like sensibilities & instincts of The Pixies to deliver a sound that is massive addicting overall. There’s an incredible vein of noise-rock that rumbles through this track from beginning to end, over eclipsed momentarily by the dreamy chorus vocals and the astounding screams of the male vocals. Just before or around the third minute of this track will make every hair on your body stand on end as the vocals come climbing out from behind the wall of sound The One2s produce...Great energy, great sound and absolutely great music here on EP 2 from The One2s. -


A trend that we feel is a great evolution in the music industry is the increase in EP and even single releases as opposed to full length albums. It is best to stay in your fans minds by releasing new music more often instead of a 18 month to 2 year wait for a new album. With the recording technology today a band has the ability to go from writing to recording to releasing in a much quicker fashion than the old major record label model. A band who gets this is our friends The One2s.
The new EP is 5 more tracks of raw unadulterated emotion pushed out if a fuzzy in your face way. The 2 minute opener “Gazed Out” shows a splash of a more atmospheric sound that aims to set your mind up for the assault it is about to receive. “Cryer” is a more aggressive song with distorted guitars driving the full on wall of sound. There is a more epic/experimental tone to this EP than the EP1. The drums take the lead on “I Can See..” as an interesting guitar melody joins in to further warp the listener’s mind as to what they are experiencing. Leiana’s vocals help push that even farther here. The closer “Blank Stare” slows it down some as the emotion of the band is shared with everyone. This is a perfect way to end off the record and leave the listener waiting for more. - INDIE BAND GURU



Philadelphia based band consisting of members of Leiana (EMI) and Big Crowd Popular, The One2s create a shoegaze, brit-pop, punk influenced sound all their own.  The One2s operate in a unique fashion, regularly transitioning through different instrumental lineups. It keeps the sound fresh, and the creative direction of this style bleeds into their music.The band’s sound can be described as a kaleidoscope of musical influences, one that brings the immediacy of punk, the melodies of Britpop, and the depth of shoegaze all under one umbrella. Their records are an excellent taste of their sonic manifesto. ‘The new EP is a followup to ‘EP One,’ which was released earlier last year. “There is a more epic and experimental tone to this EP,” the Indie Band Guru explains. “The new EP is five more tracks of raw, unadulterated emotion pushed out in a fuzzy, in your face way.”  Members include: Leiana - Bass/Vox, Sean Bombz - Guitar/Vox, Jay Dyer - Drums, Tom Nuzzie - Guitar/Vox . 

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