The PBJs

The PBJs

 Keokuk, Iowa, USA

Two friends with a love for music, joined together to make more of it. They also really like PB&J sammies.


The PBJs are an indie folk rock duo of best friends from small towns in Southeast Iowa. Nalani Proctor, a singer/songwriter from Keokuk, and Jason Bolinger, a drummer out of Ottumwa, came together in 2012 as a means to create new music. As the group’s repertoire grew, so did their need to travel. Circling the Midwest outwards, the two have had the pleasure of touring with their recent releases nationwide.

Writing simple songs about love and life, the listener is pulled into the music with a feeling of warmth and nostalgia. “I walk into a smoky coffee house and order the blackest cup of joe they have. I light a cigarette and take a long drag. My coffee is served and the roasted taste of my brew mixed with the smokiness makes all of my cares melt away. The voice of Nalani is that addictive smokiness that combines with Jason’s caffeinated and focused drumming. “ - Elgn Arny, Speak Up Records

Believing strongly in the DIY (do it yourself) spirit, The PBJs record their own music, book their own shows and tours, and even screen print their own t-shirts. They recently released their full length album "I Wonder If This Is How Dogs Feel". You can keep up with The PBJs at

Extra: Our music video for "Horror Love" won the Gold Eddy award at the 2014 Cedar Rapids Independent Film Festival and was featured during the Hollyshorts Horror Nights at the TCL Chinese Theater in Hollywood, CA in May 2014. Watch it here:


"I Wonder" EP (2013)
"If This Is" EP (2013)
"How Dogs" EP (2014)
"Feel" EP (2014)

"I Wonder If This Is How Dogs Feel" (2014)