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Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 2012 | INDIE | AFM

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada | INDIE | AFM
Established on Jan, 2012
Band Alternative Rock




"Hidden Frame official music video premiere - Music-News UK"

Magic Mushrooms inspire creativity. At least in the case of Saskatchewan’s’ new dreamy folk band The Pxrtals, this seemed to the case. Focused around local musician Lévi Soulodre, long-term member and guitarist from favourite, Slow Down Molasses, The Pxrtals have just launched their debut album ‘Un Jour’ on Spotify last month.

‘Hidden Frame’ is a step into the LSD, psychedelic inspired world of Levi, drawing comparisons of past heroes of the 60s and 70s. A quote in the press release is hard to ignore - “If Jim Morrison took acid with Roy Orbison and recorded an album Un Jour would be it.” We could not agree more, 15 seconds of ‘Hidden Frame’ and you will understand yourself.

Lévi discusses the video:
The Pxrtals is grateful to be surrounded by such wonderful talent: many peers came together to create the "Hidden Frame" music video.

The video wouldn't exist without the in-the-moment vision of Saskatchewan-based Wizard-Artist Mike Hands (Mike Hanson): Two years ago, The Pxrtals held a Prairie midsummer's eve backyard painting party for the "Hidden Frame" video. Two weeks later, following a cathartic heart-to-heart with The Pxrtals' lead singer Lévi, Mike Hands animated the whole video in under two weeks in an impassioned burst.

The psychedelically-spellbinding "Hidden Frame" video reflects the efforts of an innermost emotional release from the true pain of heartbreak, through the imaginative lens of a young man's adventures in the dreamscape of his sleep... where the power of Love can positively impact, even in dreams. - Music-News UK

"Life With You video premiere - Grayowl Point"

JUNE 21, 2018
Premiere: The Pxrtals – “Life With You”
It was just Father’s Day a few days ago, and the third and final video from The Pxrtals’ album Un Jour really fits the occasion. The song seems to hold loudness in one hand and softness in the other, a soaring song that also keeps itself restrained. The band’s Lévi Soulodre describes it as “electronic dark folk” or “blue hour folk.”

In the video by Emily Only, we see a number of photos spanning 40 years as seen through an old-fashioned slide projector (which might bring to mind the “Carousel” pitch from Mad Men). We see photos of Lévi Soulodre’s parents before and after he was born, and the video feels more intimate than most videos can.

Soulodre describes the video as

creating a pleasant journey of snapshots (both linearly and outside chronologically) of a young couple’s growth into parenthood, and the beauty and importance of introducing a balance of nature-going and travel in our lives, as far as people are able to. - Grayowl Point

"Hidden Frame video - Grayowl Point, Audible/Visual Hoots"

The most recent project from Lévi Soulodre (Volcanoless in Canada) dials back the aggression of his previous band into something more akin to folk-infused pop music. The gentle but emotional song gets an animated video treatment as we watch someone go to another world in a dream. The dream traveler eventually sees a monster, and defeats it in the best way possible. – MT - Grayowl Point

"'Un Jour' album review - Mystic Sons UK"

After spending much of the last few years building up his repertoire of new material, Canadian artist and musician Levi Soulodre takes the first major milestone of his career and unveils his first studio album 'Un Jour'. Inspired by many other brooding frontmen such as Roy Orbison and Morrissey, 'Un Jour' aims to set the singer up as a sorrowful individual but somehow still manages to convey a strong level of hope throughout.

When listening to the production of 'Un Jour', one thing that remains a constant almost entirely throughout is the level of fuzz and distortion. While tracks like 'Dawn Of A Global Community' see this atmosphere pushed onto the back burner, the record still likes to see itself as a dark yet moving release. Adopting a strong ethereal tone in places, it seems to project this feeling of depression and dread, while still having its moments of upbeat melodies to juxtapose it.

Overall, 'Un Jour' is a competent release from a focused songwriter. Capturing a solid direction from the start, it still manages to create a diverse disposition with its ideas and allow the frontman to unveil all the sides of his penmanship. - Mystic Sons UK

"Dawn of a Global Community video premiere - Vents Magazine"

As the song title boldly suggests, The Pxrtals is all about what is beyond, what could be: discovery, inclusiveness, healing, a better world, all unknown elements in a world perpetually teetering on the verge of ruin… you may hear, as one industry insider put it, the influence of “Gord Downie” [of Canada’s beloved The Tragically Hip] in the vocalization.
Read more at - Vents Magazine

"Dawn of a Global Community single premiere - Northern Transmissions"

Lévi Soulodre is a French Canadian painter and musician better known as The Pxrtals. Today, he is debuting his new single “Dawn of a Global Community”. His impressionist vision extends to the music video for his single, “Dawn of a Global Community” in a collage of overlapping outdoor scenes. The video was filmed around Brooklyn, exploring themes of individuality vs community and life vs death. The George Harrison inspired guitar solo bridges the 1960’s folk/psychedelic zeitgeist with a contemporary alternative electronic infusion, opening a gateway in time and space. - Northern Transmissions

"The Pxrtals Interview - zap! bang! online"

French Canadian painter and musician Lévi Soulodre is better known as The Pxrtals. His single, ‘Dawn of a Global Community’, is taken from album Un Jour, described as sounding like ‘if Jim Morrison took acid with Roy Orbison and recorded an LP’. We spoke to Lévi about The Pxrtals project and single.

Impassioned, sensitive, mysterious. - zapbangmagazine

"The Pxrtals Interview - Vents Magazine"

Hi guys, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?
Thanx for having us! Life is a trip, but trying to stay positive and healthy. The same yr way
image: - Vents Magazine

"[Listen] "Dormons" - Ride the Tempo blog"

Moody, gauzy and mellow. The droning “Dormons” by the Pxrtals is purported “to help bring about peace & a peaceful sleep”. We aren’t arguing. - Ride The Tempo - Victoria, BC, Canada

"10 new songs from Saskatoon Bands - Ominocity Music blog"

ICYMI: 1+1=, the semi-newly-minted and released mixtape from the twisted brain of Levi Soulodre aka The P∞rtals, is a startling compendium of heavy dance moments, liquid-like beats ooze and a sheer wall of noisy samples and vocal drones. - Ominocity

"1+1= Mixtape/Album premiere - Ominocity"

One of the most startling moments of 1+1=, the newly-minted and released mixtape straight from the twisted brain of Levi Soulodre aka The P∞rtals, is on track three.

Backed by a sample of drumming taken from a hotel in the Dominican Republic, “Mar” takes on a strange, wonderful life of its own – spinning percussion swirls lithely amidst Soulodre’s own take on the subject matter.

That’s the innate beauty of the mixtape – we are left to find our own meanings amid the devices.

There are similarly some heavy dance moments. Large, liquid-like beats ooze amidst a wall of noisy samples – perhaps this is the handiwork of many hands, perhaps the cuts from the likes of Factor Chandelier. There are several moments of strange familiarity – consider the classic, haunting strains of the Doors’-like “Lake Destiny” where Soulodre asks the ghost of Jim Morrison for a slow dance and is granted a brief concession.

No one is spared, everything is music.

Consider the first five seconds 1+1=. It may or may not have been sampled from a drunken prank phone call made at 1 am. I should know because I was there.

But it’s just another colour to an already formidable palette.

In addition to The The P∞rtals, Soulodre plays guitar in Slow Down Molasses, along with several bands of the past including Volcanoless in Canada, Chimpan-A to Chimpan-Z and more. He’s toured with Factor, and laid down numerous tracks in the studio. He’s also a visual artist – a painter by definition. And there’s probably a whole lot of other things that I’m forgetting.

“Some songs may be too crazy/unlistenable for some – and vice versa,” he writes.

It’s what happens sometimes when you are This and That. Listen and decide for yourself. - Ominocity

"Beatles "Julia" cover by The Pxrtals"

enjoy :) - The Pxrtals

"Myka 9 & Factor - "Mind Heights" Official Video"

The Pxrtals - strings and arrangement - Fake Four - USA

"Myka 9 & Factor - Sovereign Soul Album Review"

The Pxrtals - guitar, strings, synths, arrangement

“…an album ripe with fantastic guitar riffs” – PopMatters

#1 CMJ Hiphop Charts - March 2013 - Pop Matters - USA

"Paranoid Castle - "Feeling Inside" Official Video"

The Pxrtals - Guitars - Fake Four - USA

"Factor And The Chandeliers - "Elliott's Bike" Official Video"

The Pxrtals - instrumentation, co-production - Fake Four - USA

"Reform Party - Abstract Hiphop Feature"

The Pxrtals - Guitarist in Reform Party - Abstract Hiphop - Russia

"Reform Party - "Matador" (Live Underground) Video"

enjoy! - Reform Party

"Volcanoless In Canada - The Way Forward Album Review - exclaim! / earshot"

The Pxrtals - Guitarist in VIC - exclaim! - earshot


One Night - 14th February, 2020

Un Jour - 14th February, 2018

1+1= Mixtape/Album - 1st April, 2015



"All is music, nothing is spared..." - Ominocity Music blog

"A magnificent opus" - Live Nation UK's Lee Laborde on the One Night album

"Miraculous..." - Pxrtals fan / Yoga instructor Sarah Junkin

The Pxrtals (pronounced "portals") is a musical enigma sailing the ever-blossoming musical space-time field, from ancient, blue-hour folk to 60s'-esque rock to progressive alternative pop, connected by heartfelt, Roy Orbison-meets-Ian Curtis vocal stylings. 

This enigmatic project, rooted in Pxrtals' lead singer and guitarist Lévi Soulodre’s classical violin upbringing, sails an ever-blossoming psychedelia from classic rock n' roll to ambient / electronic to ancient, blue-hour folk to shoegaze to alternative rock, and to old-timey country balladry, bringing audiences somewhere wondrous; an ethereal, unique sound blending the nostalgic and the new of alternative and rock n' roll as we emerge into the 2020s...

The Pxrtals' live performances are quite unique also, in that each set is specifically designed and played to suit the overall genre type of show: for example: from minimal, dusty, and intimate folk sets with acoustic guitar performed at care homes / cafés / small bars, to all-out, impassioned intensity of full band rock sets at house parties, bars, and outdoor music festivals, and then, everything in between... each performance strives to bring a resonating wellness to the world through a journey in music and inspired emotion.

Following successful international touring and recording opportunities with Saskatchewan-based Volcanoless In Canada and Slow Down Molasses, The Pxrtals' debut album Un Jour was praised by Live Nation UK's Lee Laborde as "Sparse, haunting and more importantly honest.", and Music-News UK called it "psychedelically spellbinding”. The sophomore, counterpoint album One Night, which balances the albums' polarity with layered, swirling and intensely cathartic songs, will be released 14th February 2020 via Permanent Touch Records (New York / Toronto) exactly two years to the day of Un Jour's release.
The sophomore album One Night is an ode to the euphoric sounds of yesteryear; 60s' psych rock bridges 90s' alternative to unveil the journey of a young person's hopelessly romantic and polarizing pursuit for true love in an unforgettable evening of humanizing harmony. The album's cathartic, swirling sound marks a sexual awakening in adulthood and the unleashing of untold emotions, captured on the record in the form of swirling guitars on the verge off flying off the rails, impassioned croons and howls, and warm, dreamy light. Having written, performed on, mixed and rendered One Night in its entirety, the album is literally a part of Lévi, each word/phrase holding the power of memory and emotion.

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