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The Rebellion Lost

Borough of Queens, NY | Established. Jan 01, 2016 | SELF

Borough of Queens, NY | SELF
Established on Jan, 2016
Band Rock Punk




"Top Pick Tuesday"


The Rebellion Lost hails from NYC, a pop punk quartet that will put you in your feelings with their title track, "Punch Drunk" from their new EP coming out March 19th. 
"Punch Drunk" is the ultimate pop punk summertime slow jam. 
This song is wonderfully simplistic in that it takes on a new garage alternative on classic pop punk. 
Melodic and relaxing in it's consistent bass lines and drum tracking meshed with sweet, and aw- worthy lyrics; this song put me in my feelings (I won't lie) and I am so happy to introduce these guys for Top Pick Tuesday Number Five <3 <3 <3 

Find these guys on Facebook, Instagram, and Bandcamp to listen to "Punch Drunk" and melt the way I did! ;)  - This Is Where I Am Alive

"THE REBELLION LOST: EP Release, "Punch Drunk" out March 19 for fans of Brand New, Weezer, and Taking Back Sunday "

The Rebellion Lost, out of Queens, NY is set to release their first EP Punch Drunk on Sunday, March 19, 2017. If you didn’t know, that’s this Sunday. 

With musical influences such as Brand New, Alkaline Trio, Weezer, and Green Day (with many more ranging between individual members) The Rebellion Lost aims to bring “highly punk-influenced energy, melodic alternative rock” and cut and dry tracks to the table. “What you hear is what you get,” bassist Danny Wtkek explains. “We wrote these songs. This is what it’s supposed to sound like.” 

The single, “Punch Drunk” was featured on a Top Pick Tuesday which is how I got to talking with these guys. Drummer Jimmy Bou Jr., Bassist Danny Wtkek, Guitarist Sean Devlin, and Rhythm guitarist/ vocalist Tom Devlin (no relation) are the core components to The Rebellion Lost which was formed in May of 2016. Despite being on the map for just under a year, these guys put out a banger of a quartet which opens with “Truth in Stereo.” Being a driven and 90s punk track soundalike straight out of the cassette player, not only does this song make for a strong opener to the EP but a great song to sing along to at their next live show. “Truth in Stereo” channels a pop-punk element to the styling, however in the sense that “we can appeal to a broad audience,” as drummer Jimmy points out. Strongly rooted in their identity as an energized-new age punk band, The Rebellion Lost is unapologetic about the outcome of their songs and their music as, “the biggest thing we hold ourselves to is writing good songs.” 

“Punch Drunk” (my personal favorite as we’re all aware) takes the third spot on the track list as not only a classic staple to any 90s influenced punk EP but an addition of another perspective into these guys ‘take it or leave it’ attitude. Birthed out of a riff that was played with for quite awhile, “Punch Drunk” wasn’t even supposed to go on the EP however ended up becoming a central point and title track to the structure of Punch Drunk. Which I am obviously quite thankful for-  I sang to it in the shower yesterday. As a classic slow jam with heartfelt lyrics, an ear worm of a chorus and garage-rock vibes “Punch Drunk” represents The Rebellion Lost to a host of new audiences very well. To take a peek at the Top Pick Tuesday review of “Punch Drunk” the single, click here. 

Finishing out the Punch Drunk comes “Do You Like Apples” which is not a question about whether or not a very delicious fruit makes it onto your favorites list, but in fact a Matt Damon quote. “We name a lot of our songs on the way to our shows, we’re on our way and we’re kinda like oh shit… what’s this called?” Danny Wtkek points out, noting the finisher aforementioned. “Lyrically, there's a lot of finality in Do You Like Apples, which is what makes it the best choice as the last track.” For fans of Weezer, and Brand New these guys certainly are a great candidate for a fresh addition to your playlists with comfortable vocals, and familiar riffs that will bring you back to your first time listening to a punk song. Tight in nature, all these songs are not frilled or equipped with loads of bells and whistles but they are reliable and simplistic (but not boring) to the ear. Quality truly is better than quantity which shows in both the individual tracks and Punch Drunk as a summation. I can definitely appreciate the simplistic yet true nature of all these songs as it promises time and effort that was put into making these songs the way they are; as opposed to throwing some shit together and calling it good. 

While for our Skype call they were just a bunch of guys just hanging out in their studio space, The Rebellion Lost is busy bringing their what you hear is what you get tracks to local music scenes in Queens, NYC and aiming to branch out of that into the bigger punk scene with a full length album (hopefully) coming in the fall. I am thrilled for these great guys and for their first  release, Punch Drunk which will certainly be bringing quality tunes to the punk community. “We’d rather let the music speak to us and let the music tell us where to go,” drummer Jimmy notes.  - This Is Where I Am Alive

"The Rebellion Lost – Punch Drunk EP"

Pop-punk has gone by the wayside since the early 2000s, but The Rebellion Lost and their latest EP “Punch Drunk” are here to spark some new life into a genre from years past.

Despite only be being four tracks long, The Rebellion Lost cover a lot of ground on the EP. The opener, “Truth in Stereo” is hits the ground running with loud guitar chords and crashing cymbals, it almost sounds like an anime opening going from zero to 100 in an instant. There’s a bridge before the final chorus where everything stops save for the vocals and the drum beat; it gives some weight to the lyrics of the songs talking about how it isn’t worth being with someone anymore and that’s the truth you’ve got to face.

“Glass Half Screwed” starts out with a plucky chord progression and just vocals and it sounds like it’s right from the angst and baggy jorts of 2005 in the best way. The song has funk inspired verses with boom-bap drum beats that make it stick out from the other tracks without feeling misplaced.

The third track “Punch Drunk” sounds inspired by 90s grunge with a slow and melodic guitar riff to open before leading into a screaming chorus to drive the point home. This is the standout track of the four with a buildup in each verse to an Earth shattering chorus and a solo that’s guaranteed to leave blisters on your fingers. It’s slow when it needs to be but never loses sight of what the band is trying to accomplish which is to get your body moving.

The closer, “Do You Like Apples” feels like a Black Flag song from the Henry Rollins era with off the wall lyrics and a song title that makes you look twice to make sure you read that right. You can feel the emotion in this one with the drums being hammered to submission and another guitar solo that melts faces without missing a beat. The track closes with the guys in unison saying, “It’s better off in my head,” which adds a sense of comradery that isn’t matched anywhere else on the EP.

To sum up, the “Punch Drunk” EP from The Rebellion Lost is a great callback to a genre long thought dead and shows there’s still plenty of punk to go around. - Creative Control Magazine


Punch Drunk (First EP) - Released 3/19/2017



Artist Bio

Having been on the rise for over a year based out of Astoria, NY, The Rebellion Lost has proven time and time again their classic punk influenced rock and roll vibe strikes a chord at any of New York City's local pubs or down and dirty venues, a glass of cheap beer strongly recommended but not required.

Their first release of EP, Punch Drunk collected compliments and attention for giving a nod to all the beautiful things Rock and Roll is supposed to be. With a highly punk influenced sound, The Rebellion Lost aims to support their local music scene first and foremost, drink some beer, and shout profanity second- but all three are most definitely welcome!

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