The Revenue Man

The Revenue Man

Nashville, Tennessee, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2020 | SELF

Nashville, Tennessee, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2020
Band Americana Country




"25 Years Behind CD"

The Revenue Man’s debut release may be called 25 Years Behind, but the Revenue Man—aka Glenn Hunter Brown—packs many more years’ wisdom in these songs. Spanning an unwelcome family legacy, romantic nostalgia, and even a folk classic, these new songs bring in the best of the past.
The first thing you notice on 25 Years is Brown’s voice, solid and reassuring, yet perpetually aching. Perhaps this is why Brown claims to sound like “a beardless Cody Jinks, a Tyler Childers low harmony , or an ugly Shaky Graves.” He could also add more favorable comparisons to classic country singers, perhaps a post-pubescent Hank Williams, a more earnest Hank Williams, Jr, a more centered Hank Williams III.
What’s new is Brown’s story. He knows that songwriting is all about perspective, so he’s offering listeners two perspectives on his 25 Years Behind. In addition to the original album, he’s offering a version of five songs recorded at Nashville’s legendary Sun Studios. “I play solo acoustic shows as well as full band shows,” says Brown. “I wanted to give people a taste of both sounds, and these songs are strong enough to hold up to that.”
“The title track is about overcoming a father that died in prison, being named the same, and living to break the cycle, and succeed in spite of the circumstances,” Brown says. His meditative chords flow beneath an assertion that “it’s time for his son to shine.” The Sun Studios version amplifies a hopeful lilt in Brown’s voice, whereas the regular album version emphasizes the struggle he knows is coming. On both versions, Brown is clearly determined that his legacy not shape his destiny.
“Reasons Why” details leaving a self-destructive lover and knowing there will be temptation to return to return. Brown beautifully acknowledged the spark they shared: “Although it burned, it shed no light.” Elsewhere, he trades the metaphor for a no-nonsense plan to “wait till she’s sober and tell her it’s over.” “Tennessee Sunset” shows a more nostalgic take on romance. “Tennessee Sunset” is a love song (cowritten with long time friend Denny Rudolph) that’s more purely nostalgic, a dark cloud hanging over the singer to contrast the colors of the sunset seen with his old lover. While the original version has a tender immediacy, the Sun Studios version is a bit more sparse, giving space for the violins to stand in for the act of remembering.
“My Own Eulogy” Is a fantastic glimpse into orchestrating your own memorial service. In a traditional country irony Glenn wants everyone to “laugh about all the times he’s lied, comfort all the girls who’ve cried” and most importantly “Have a drink.. this ones on me”.
Brown teamed up with Troy Breslow to pen “Arlos’ Stories” which, again, brings up his missteps and the issue of an abusive father. More importantly it uses nostalgia and a love of listening to older music to come to a kind of ,if not a closure, a softer landing. “Ive been through John Prines bible. Once or twice I’m still the same.” The produced version portrays a more confidence in outcome with great traditional country telecaster lines while the Sun Session is more introspective and centered on the violin to translate the emotion.
A special highlight is Brown’s version of “(What’s So Funny ‘Bout) Peace, Love, and Understanding?” The upbeat tempo and backing vocals make the song more carefree than past versions. Brown’s delivery also makes the song his own celebration of pockets of contentment amidst struggle. His take on “Things” creates a more country music of yesteryear feel. Focusing on the repercussions of failing to be faithful or commit.

Brown has performed all around the US at venues including LA’s The Troubadour, DC’s The Roxy, and Nashville’s The Listening Room. He’s engaging enough to deliver compelling solo shows, but he’s also skilled enough to perform as the center of a full band.
25 Years Behind and 25 Years Behind: The Sun Sessions will be available everywhere digitally, on vinyl, and cd February 18th. For more information or bookings, contact -


25 Years Behind;
Available on Vinyl, CD and all streaming platforms.
Released 3/2/2020

The Sun Sessions
Available on Vinyl, CD and all streaming platforms.
Released 3/2/2020



The Revenue Man combines memorable melodies with poignant, heartfelt lyrics. Often compared to Cody Jinks, Colter Wall, Jamie Johnson and Chris Stapleton. The Revenue Man performs with a 5 piece band or as a solo acoustic act.

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