The Scroll

The Scroll

 MontrĂ©al, Quebec, CAN
BandElectronicDream Pop

The Scroll are an eclectic neo-wave band from Montreal



The Scroll are an eclectic neo-wave band who sometimes touch a variety of styles such as shoegaze/dream pop/electro/synthwave/folk/pop/witchcore/cyberpunk. The Scroll consists primarily of songwriter/multi-instrumentalist/producer Jason Deeh Pitre and a six piece live band. In summer of 2016, J Deeh and the band went viral after a youtube video involving J Deeh performing an impromptu street duet with Grammy Award winning recording artist Seal. They soon performed together on tour. The Scroll are known for their creative, energetic live shows and J Deeh's soaring vocals. The band's new full length, 'It Will Never Come, Lover' (2016), focuses on neo-wave/80's underground dance music. 

The Scroll's music and/or performances have been featured in various films (Do You Truss Me?, The Last Thirteen, Affinity Point and so on), tv shows (La Facture, Kink and so on), radio and videocasts (Kermit and Friends, The Howard Stern Show, dnnLIVE/Blanket Fort and so on). (NOTE: All links are available on demand) 

SIMILAR ARTISTS: M83, Primal Scream, Scott Walker, Swans, Depeche Mode, Ar Kane, New Order, Prince, New Order, Giorgio Moroder, Suicide. 


The Scroll has 4 albums and 5 digital EPs. All are available on bandcamp:

It Will Never Come, Lover (LP)

Rejected Relicts 3: The B-Sides from 'Constant Public Humiliation' (EP of B-sides)

Constant Public Humiliation (LP)

Busker Days (EP of acoustic versions)

Rejected Relicts 2: The B-Sides from '...and the man who sees his own wraith...' (EP of B-Sides)

...and the man who sees his own wraith... (LP)

Rejected Relicts 1: The B-Sides from 'Swan Soliloquy of a Deehrelict' (EP of B-sides)

Swan Soliloquy of a Deehrelict (Double LP)

*For a complete list of the songs and to listen to :

Set List

Current setlist (40min):

1. Traumatized Exotic Dancer

2. How Can I Luv U Without Cheating On the 1 I Luv?

3. Nefarious

4. Words of a Stranger

5. Leonard Cohen cover or Prince cover

6. You Know Empathy, Right?

7. Destructive Behavior

8. Authority

9. Hybristophilia

10. (I Keep Giving a) Fuck

11. I'd Love You More If You'd Be On Sale

12. Polygamy

13. A Deadly Song About Oral Fixation

14. Better Things (part 2)