The Shiver Show

The Shiver Show

 Asheville, North Carolina, USA

Here come The Shivers brushing the dust of time off of Americana Music. With vocals as crisp and authentic as a cold drink of cider, the Shivers bring close harmony, guitars, auto harp, and banjo to the stage. Performing Appalachian, early country, blues and mountain music. Now featuring the talented Adam Tanner on mandolin and fiddle.


Chance Shiver has always performed his heritage music rooted in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia.  He got his grandfather's guitar and his family's early country music at the age of twelve and has since traveled the many roads of American music, performing Old Time with Doc Scantlins Red Hot Peppers, Swing with the Buffalo Nickel Band, and Rockabilly with the Vibrocats. 

Susette Carter Shiver, a South Carolina native, has found her true voice and yodel in the music of A.P, Sara, and Maybelle Carter, the seminal influence of American Country Music. Susette's autoharp and claw hammer banjo styles continue the Shiver's instrumentation, recreating an authentic early American Music sound.  

Adam Tanner joins The Shiver show adding his many instrumental and vocal talents.  Adam is an artist who reveres the uniquely American sounds of Appalachian, Mountain music and delivers those styles in first rate performances on mandolin and fiddle.  In Adam's capable hands, the old sounds are given fresh life and made real.


The Heartbreak Special

Written By: Chance Shiver

My baby bought me a ticket,
a reservation in my name
She packed my bags and told me,
you're gonna ride the Heartbreak Train
And here it's always midnight,
the darkest hour in your mind
The Heartbreak Special's rolling,
on down the Lost Lovers Line...

When the Fortune Tellers Tell on You

Written By: Chance Shiver

Madame Mystic of the All-seeing-eye,
has a place down on Broadway
My baby cruised down the other night,
just to see what she had to say
Madame gazed deep into her crystal ball,
drifted right off in a trance
When she told my baby 'bout my slipping around,
you know I didn't have a chance.
Madame Mystic told my baby on me,
told her I'd been slipping around
Man you can't run and you can't hide,
once them psychic folks gets down
You got your fortune tellers, your gypsy tea rooms,
you got your palm readers and your spirit guides, too
When the Fortune Tellers Tell on you,
there'll be no more slipping around...


Chance and Susette perform a beautiful selection of Music Americana, songs that trace their family heritage from the Shenandoah Valley of Virgina to the deep south. Drawing on the music of the Carter family, Jimmie Rodgers, Mississippi John Hurt and the Delmore Brothers, among others, the Shivers add their vocal harmonies to the chorus of American music.

ON THE AIR - Old Time Country Music and Comedy Radio Hour
On The Air is a complete radio program, from the moment the announcer says, Good evening ladies and gentlemen, to the closing moments of the theme song, Are You From Dixie. Set in Honeyville, the little village that time forgot, the commercials, sketches, and songs introduce the audience to the imaginary family and townsfolk, and the Hillbilly comedy and music of their lives.

Set List

The Girl I left in Sunny Tennessee - Charlie Poole

East Virginia Blues -- Traditional

Clinch Mountain Home -- Carter Family

Single Girl -- Carter Family
My Creole Belle -- Mississippi John Hurt
You Are My Flower -- Carter Family
Girl in the Blue Velvet Band -- Traditional
Cannonball Blues -- Carter Family
Rough and Rowdy Ways -- Jimmie Rodgers
You are my Flower -- Carter Family
Carolina Sunshine Girl -- Jimmie Rodgers
Homestead on the Farm -- Carter Family
Shady Grove -- Traditional
Going to the West -- Traditional
Blackberry Blossom -- Traditional Fiddle Tune
The School House on the Hill -- Carter Family
30, 45 and 50 minute sets, as needed