The Shiver Show

The Shiver Show

 Asheville, North Carolina, USA

Here come The Shivers brushing the dust of time off of Americana Music. With vocals as crisp and authentic as a cold drink of cider, the Shivers bring close harmony, guitars, auto harp, and banjo to the stage. Performing Appalachian, early country, blues and mountain music. Now featuring the talented Adam Tanner on mandolin and fiddle.

Band Press

OLE TIME FIDDLER'S and BLUEGRASS FESTIVAL – Henry (Hank) P. Van Hoy, II, festival director

Here come Chance and Susette Shiver brushing the dust of time off the 'Old Familiar Songs' of old time Country Music. With vocals as clean, crisp and authentic as a cold drink of cider, the Shivers bring close harmony, guitar, autoharp and banjo to their wonderful interpretation of music Americana. Performing for the past two years, the Fiddler's Grove audience has loved their 30's costumes and laughed heartily at the touches of comedy that infuse their exceptional music performances. We at Fiddlers Grove look forward to the return of the Shivers next year for our 86th consecutive Ole Time Fiddler's and Bluegrass Festival and to that ringing call "Here come the Shivers!" Union Grove, NC

Review of performances, The Art Museums of Colonial Williamsburg – Mary Cottrill Manager Hennage Auditorium

The Shivers presented two excellent shows for our museum guests, in April they did Virginia’s Musical Heritage, and because they were so well received we invited them back as part of our holiday music series in December for an Old-time Country Holiday. They are a pleasure to work with, very professional and entertained while educating our audiences. I’ll plan to invite them back again.

The Shivers Delight Audiences at the Browngrass Festival – Bobbi Kayser, Director, Browngrass Festival, KY

Strolling into town looking as if they had just stepped out of a time warp, Chance and Susette Shiver immediately fit in to the historic atmosphere of Rabbit Hash KY, where the annual Browngrass Festival is held.. Their gracious manners and timeless appearance were surpassed, however, they minute they commanded the stage. With the sun shining on the backdrop of the mighty Ohio River flowing behind them, they captivated the audience within their first few notes. Although they were on stage, their performance makes a listener feel as if they might be at an informal get together at the Carter Family homestead in rural Virginia. Their combination of song, guitar, autoharp, banjo and story-telling is natural, very talented and just downright delightful. Even their vocals are reminiscent of A.P. And Sara Carter, perfect for the set list of classic old timey Americana music. Theirs is a must-see act!

Hurdy Gurdy Folk Music Club – Ron Olesko, President

“The Hurdy Gurdy Folk Music Club ended the concert season on a high note with a very special performance from the Shivers. The Hurdy Gurdy “turned back the clock” and our recently built suburban New York City venue became a cozy old Southern theater set in the 1930’s. Our audience was captivated with Chance and Susette, who shared their love of old time country music and down home humor with a mix of familiar songs, corny jokes, a bit of history and a thoroughly entertaining performance. I’m sure A.P. Carter is looking down and smiling, knowing that the music he inspired is being carried forth in the skillful hands of the Shivers!”

RICHMOND, VA CONCERT REVIEW – Mary Smith, Co-Director, Richmond Folk Music Society

“…..first rate evening of entertainment. The comedy and stories provided the ideal framework for two solid sets of outstanding songs. Their enthusiasm and energy created a bond with the audience.”

GAINSBOROUGH, UK CONCERT REVIEW – Bob Ward, Concert M.C., 14th Friends of American Old Time Music and Dance Festival, Gainsborough, UK

“Their brand of Old Time Country Music often in song, accompanied by guitar, autoharp, banjo and story-telling proved to be a big hit.
The warm reception they received both during the concerts and informally as they met festival-goers was well deserved. They created an informal relationship with the audience and brought a splendid and different feature to the concerts underpinned by a healthy slice of humor.”

CD Review – Joe Hickerson, retired Head of the Library of Congress Archive of Folk Culture.

“Chance and Susette Shiver have issued a new CD, THE SHIVERS, ON THE AIR, and I am happy to declaim: IT IS GREAT! But, what is it? Is it a neat selection of well-performed old-time country songs? It is indeed that. Or is it a delightfully funny old-time radio program? It is certainly that too. Well, to tell the truth, it is both!
Chance and Susette have recorded a well-paced, old-time rural radio program complete with mock commercials, hilarious dialogues, and great songs, with appropriate live audience responses.
All in all, and in a word: "It's Great Music and Great Fun!" and "Don't Miss It If You Can!"”

CD Review – Michael Miller Tune-Up, a publication of the Philadelphia Folksong Society

"And now, for something totally different, I give you the Chance and Susette Shiver Show, ON THE AIR. This is a show within a show within a CD. Imagine, if you will, an old-fashioned radio show complete with silver-voiced announcer, and honest to goodness sounding commercials. Picture, if you can, a husband and wife team reinventing George Burns & Gracie Allen routine and separating the two-liners with Old-Timey duets. Project, you must, ordering this singular CD.
I can guarantee you have nothing in your record collection like it. (I wonder if that's Harry Von Zel on bass.)"