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The Shruggs

Bandon, Ireland | Established. Jan 01, 2014

Bandon, Ireland
Established on Jan, 2014
Band Pop Acoustic


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Olaf Tyaransen stars in new Shruggs video"

Hot Press' writer-at-large Olaf Tyaransen makes his music video bow today, as he stars in the new promo from The Shruggs. Check it out below. The track itself is in aid of Irish suicide prevention charity 3Ts.

“Although none of us have been directly affected by suicide, we all feel that this is a very important issue in our own community and in Ireland as a whole,” said James Downing, the guitarist for the West Cork trio.

"The idea of the song is to try and always keep a positive outlook on things,” continues songwriter Kees Hendrickx. “The inspiration for the song came to me as I was taking a walk in the woods close to my home. The line “Keep on smiling”came to me as I was thinking about the sudden changes that were going on in my life. My girlfriend and I had to suddenly move out of our house and I started thinking about how things can change so fast, and about how someone could get depressed and very down when things can go wrong. I always try to have a positive outlook on life and I think things happen for a reason so I wanted to write a song with that message. To try and stay positive no matter what happens and always keep on smiling.”

'Keep On Smiling' is available on iTunes right now, with all proceeds going to the charity.
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"You May Like This"

Keep On Smiling by Cork band The Shruggs

Featuring Olaf Tyaransen, and in aid of the 3Ts (Turn The Tide on Suicide) suicide prevention charity.

Available on iTunes here

The Shruggs are Kees Hendrickx, James Downing and Charlie Bigger and the video was shot in Clonakilty, West Cork.

Fair play, in fairness. -

"The Shruggs – Keep On Smiling – Charity Single for 3Ts ‘Turn the Tide of Suicide’"

Hailing from Bandon in Cork, The Shruggs are a mighty trio that pack a hefty acoustic punch. They have recently released ‘Keep on Smiling’, a charity single whose proceeds will be going to ‘Turn the Tide of Suicide’. 3Ts were founded in 2003 to work and help prevent deaths by suicide through research, intervention and support. Three times more people die by suicide in Ireland than die in road traffic accidents, and this in turn is devastating to those who are left behind. Yet suicide is preventable. There seems to be a constant social stigma surrounding mental health issues, as if it shouldn’t be talked about and people just keep to themselves but that’s where the problem lies. This is especially evident in Ireland where any such issue within a family is often skimmed over because as a nation we genuinely don’t know how to react or deal with such situations. As such, I commend organistation likes 3Ts for standing up and saying yes, it’s okay to ask for help and we’ll support you in any way we can.

The charity relies on its own fundraising activities as well as the generosity of its supporters. If you purchase ‘Keep On Smiling’ the proceeds will not only raise funds to help prevent future deaths by suicide through research and support, you will also be raising awareness of the charity and hopefully share the track with others. The song itself is an uplifting and feel-good track that would give anyone a boost to get their day going. If you’re having a day where nothing seems to be going right stick this on and you’ll find the catchy arrangement is just what you need to join in for a sing-a-long. As well as having impressive acoustics that build nicely, on-point harmonies will have me sold in a second, and this track doesn’t disappoint on that front either. Abslolutely love the inclusion of a cajon too that rounds it off as a foot-tapping, hand clapping, table-playing little cracker that everyone should download right HERE. - PureM Magazine

"Top 6 Irish Christmas charity singles"

Since Band Aid 30 was released to raise the Ebola crisis in West Africa last month, countless charity Christmas singles have been released globally. Here are our top 6 Irish charity singles, all available on iTunes, and all in aid of causes desperately in need of support. To download all six will cost you a grand total of just €6.55.


Shruggs - Keep on Smiling (iTunes 99c)

Concerned about the high rate of suicide in Ireland, West Cork band Shruggs decided to release their new single, Keep on Smiling, in aid of Irish suicide prevention charity 3Ts (Turn the Tide of Suicide).

The single is available for download on iTunes all funds raised will go directly to the 3TS, Suicide prevention and research charity which seeks to help lower suicide rates through dedicated research, intervention and educational support.

Filmed on location in Clonakilty in west Cork, the ‘Keep On Smiling’ video was directed by local rock photographer Rory Coomey, and stars award-winning Hot Press journalist and author Olaf Tyaransen. - The Independent

"Single: The Shruggs - The Ooh Song"

Info: Hailing from Bandon in Co. Cork, come 'acoustic power duo' The Shruggs, who are James Downing and Kees Hendrickx, bringing with them a distinctive brand of Americana and country-folk. Together now for just over two years, the pair have been receiving plenty of play on the likes of Today FM, TG4 and Balcony TV as well as positive reviews. They have just released their latest single, 'The Ooh Song' (above) with a video starring the passive and friendly William the goat.

On top of being a humorous and amiable video for 'The Ooh Song' the song itself is most enjoyable. The sound they've created here on acoustic guitar and cajon is overwhelmingly uplifting and feel good, rhythmically it's also very pleasing, and the Fleet Foxes sounding harmonies are pitch-perfect. It also reminds me quite a lot of the roots rock sound of Rod Stewart's band Faces, in particular their single which shared one part of 'The Ooh Song's title! You're left with the impression that for Downing and Hendrickx, it is all about enjoying the music they play and write, and this feeling of brevity and ease is passed on to the listener successfully.

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WEST Cork band The Shruggs have released a music video for their latest single.

The “acoustic power duo’”from Bandon are quickly gaining a reputation for their rootsy folk and catchy song-writing. Their latest track, The Ooh Song, is available on iTunes, Spotify and other outlets.

The band is made up of Kees Hendrickx, 31, on guitar and James Downing, 32, who plays the Cajon.

The Ooh Song was released recently with what the band have described as a “crazy goat-based video”.

The song is already the top voted song ever on BalconyTV Cork — an online video channel that features bands performing on balconies all around the world.

James said: “Myself and Kees played together for a long time. We decided to go busking in Bandon one day and we both really just love playing music. About two years ago we decided to start doing it more seriously.

“We’re still only starting out and it can be tough going to get gigs, but we’re playing in places now like Clonakilty. We love it. We do everything ourselves. It can be very time consuming and expensive but I would be lost without it.”

The Shruggs have already appeared on ‘The Mix Up’ with Colm S’ Sullivan, The Alison Curtis Show on Today FM, TG4’s Busker Abu, John Greene’s 103FM Sunday Show, and The Green Room on 96FM with Michael Carr.

Their debut single Keep On Smiling was released to raise funds for 3Ts ‘Turn The Tide Of Suicide’ with music journalist Olaf Tyaransen, from Hot Press. - The Evening Echo

"Nialler9's New Irish Music: Ciaran Lavery, Girl Band, The Shruggs, Lunar Disko"

The Shruggs
The West Cork duo of Kees Hendrickx and James Downing keep things simple with guitar, cajon and voice – describing themselves as a “acoustic power duo”. That may sound questionable but there's an undoubted gift for strong melody present, as heard on new single titled, appropriately enough, The Ooh Ooh Song. - The Irish Times


Bandon based band The Shruggs have been busy as of late. Made up of members James Downing and Kees Hendrickx, the acoustic pop duo have recently taken to the stage at venues such as The Arch Bar of Dunmanway, Bernie’s of Clonakilty and Innishannon’s Ho Kee Asian Fusion show. Now, they’re preparing to release their stirring new single, “The Ooh Song”. The track, which was recorded at Clashafree Studios, has already earned itself the distinction of being named the top voted song of all time on Balcony TV in their home county of Cork.

It opens, appropriately enough, with chants of “ooh” amid some serene and optimistic instrumentation. Things don’t remain reserved for long though, as the light refrain and soft acoustic riffs of the intro soon erupt energetically. The pace becomes extremely swift, while the vocals get vigorous and establish an ecstatic air that’s irresistibly absorbing. A vivacious verse ensues, during which the merry melody and elated instrumentation continue to captivate.

It all stays bright and sunny as it trots cheerfully forward without ever easing up on the enthusiasm. The sanguine serenade of the second stanza washes wonderfully through the senses, exciting consistently. Even the brief breakdown at the midway mark is loaded with fun and feeling. The rhythm is relentlessly rousing throughout, ensuring an invigorating listening experience right up until the calming conclusion. At the same time, there’s an emotional edge to the whole thing that’s very affecting.

It’s hard to imagine anyone taking issue with this uplifting anthem. The simple but spirited sound bears a universally accessible attribute, while the exuberance of the execution will surely put a smile on even the sternest of faces. Watch out for “The Ooh Song” when it drops for downloading on September 7th. - puremzine


the Ooh Song - Single
Released September 2015

Keep On Smiling - Single -
released December 2014



The Shruggs, an acoustic two piece from Cork, Ireland, play catchy harmony filled tunes. With the release of their new single ‘The Ooh Song’ in September 2015 they have garnered a lot of attention in the Irish media and have been featured on Today FM, C103FM, 96FM where the single has been played in regular rotation. The band have been promoting the single with regular gigs in Cork and West Cork which has given the band a solid fan base and seen them play in venues such as The Crane Lane and Cyprus Avenue supporting acclaimed artist Mark Geary.

Their first Single ‘Keep On Smiling’ was released in December 2014 as a charity single and was named one of the top Charity Singles by national newspaper - The Independent. The band went on to promote the single with appearances on The Colm O’Sullivan show as the house band and on the Alison Curtis Morning Show on Today FM. Their Balcony TV performance of ‘The Ooh Song’ has been the Irish Top Voted Song of all time and has been number 1 in the Global Charts.

The band consists of Kees Hendrickx on Guitar / Vocals and James Downing Cajon / Vocals.

What people have been saying about The Shruggs –

there's an undoubted gift for strong melody present” – Nialler9 (


a foot-tapping, hand clapping, table-playing little cracker that everyone should download” – PureMzine (


Fair play, in fairness.” – (

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