the SIR band

the SIR band

 Denver, Colorado, USA

This Denver based alternative pop trio just launched their debut album 'So Cold', available everywhere 1.1.2018


"Sir” is a reference usually reserved for formality. Although they are a pro-outfit, the unfolding destiny of Denver, Colorado's the SIR band has been anything but conventional. SIR are able to cultivate melodically vivid and lyrically relatable alternative pop-rock. SIRs music is jagged at its roots and sometimes somber in its hooks but takes on refined and sonically friendly character once molded into songs.

Though the band embraces everyday with a determined mentality, it’s the jointly assertive but sensual artistic style surrounding SIR's musical messages that earned the group an extensive and loyal fan base. Sarah Angela, who goes simply by S.A., says appreciatively, “Our solid listeners have religiously stood by, knowing our lyrics even before we've released songs to the masses.”  The implication of frequent listens to “Go!” – the trio's debut and only single in summer 2016 – is enough indication that the faith in their established and future fans is rock solid. 

SIR has experienced all the normal trials and tribulations a band endures, but few bands have encountered and bonded over a couple of the events that made SIR latch on to their catch phrase "We Are One".  An internal band member crisis and fall out, just prior to embarking on an initial album release and tour, left SIR in a double bind. Not only was the band faced with the daunting task of working through the hurt and confusion that follows splitting from any good friend, but alongside personal pain, the breakdown also led to a loss of all SIR's previously recorded music. Still, these challenges didn't leave the group any less dedicated to finding a way for the tour to go on. When faced with the harsh truth that this would no longer be an album release tour, nor would we even have music to leave with fans during tour, only stickers, we now had to re-learn our music. [Ultimately,] we decided we were weren't going to let this [conflict] ruin our band or cancel our tour. We wrote an entirely new set of songs to perform on tour.”  Not long after, SIR's drummer, Luke Mehren's, lost his fiancé to a four-year battle with leukemia, which ultimately led to the bands decision to get out of dodge and go live in sunny California while they recorded all new music in a whole new atmosphere.   

S.A. has no problem summing up SIR's renewal with a blunt declaration.The biggest transformation we've made personally, is shifting from a sweet singer-songwriter trio to baring it all with a big 'F–K OFF' on our foreheads.” That's not to imply SIR is a hostile band, rather, the harsh exclamation became like a reminder of the group's overall conviction. SIR chooses to continue down the well worn, but often abandoned, path of stardom, despite the bitter conflict that struck during their early days. We finally have a grasp on not giving a f–k how long it takes, not following the direction of what other people think, making music we love, and playing it as often and as loud as we can.” Ironically, what some might see as SIR's darkest and weakest times, are what make the trio uniquely compassionate and qualified to represent the virtue of perseverance beyond the typical desire of musicians to simply reach the top of the musical charts.

None of the three took early blessings like headlining at the iconic Red Rocks Amphitheater or multi-year showcases during South by South West for granted, knowing that there were, and still are, so many things planned for SIR down the line. The decision to record anew at Serenity West Studios in Hollywood, represented only the start of a life's worth of achievements that define a career band. With the release of their second single “So Cold” – symbolizing SIR's emotional relief and closure from its former band mate – the stage of anticipation was set for the band's debut album, released December 8th, 2017.

Planning a string of tour dates in Colorado after their album release, and then jumping back on the road at the start of 2018 for a national tour, SIR are prepared more than ever, and have an even more powerful way of jumping out and latching onto the fan base that continues to avidly grow.  

 “'So Cold' is driven primarily by sweet, soulful vocals that flow with ease and a strong beat that'll have you bobbing your head along in no time.” The Prelude Press

SIR is a Denver-based band with sexy-emotional-rock-pop vibesand a dynamic sound that is unparalleled.” All Access Music