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The Sir Duke

Chicago, IL | Established. Jan 01, 2002

Chicago, IL
Established on Jan, 2002
Solo Hip Hop




"Indie Spoonful Music Review: The Sir Duke"

Boston, MA
Indie Spoonful Music Review: The Sir Duke

About The Sir Duke:

The Sir Duke is a prolific Hip Hop artist with the drive, passion and skills to make a permanent mark on the music scene. The Sir released several albums from 2002-2006 including Upperground, N-Tensity, and N-Sight. His sound became a staple in the college music scene across the East Coast and Midwest regions. The Sir has opened for various top acts while developing his own unique sound described as "Retro Hip Hop Meets Royal Production." “Comes and Goes” is a great introduction to the magnificent talent of The Sir.

Song Review of "Comes and Goes"

“Comes and Goes” is an enticing track that pulls you in right from the start. As the song start, The Sir gives a small spoken introduction as the beat starts to build up. The quality of the production is Grade A professional; the production alone shows that The Sir is serious about his music. Great production, being an integral part of hip-hop music, is part of what gives The Sir a sharp edge on the competition.

When the beat drops and The Sir comes into his first verse, his classic flow has you hooked to his sound right away. His vocal tone is excellent, smooth and intense. If the top notch production and his skills on the mic aren't enough, then The Sir tops it all off with an infectious hook completing this powerhouse song. In a nutshell, The Sir Duke is radio and chart ready. He has put in the time; he developed his signature; and now - he has re-emerged at the top of his game.

"Comes and Goes" has several themes delivered with meaningful and powerful lyrics. The lyrics don't come off as trying too hard or unnatural; instead the delivery is genuine and real. The messages are straight-forward. Nothing in live is guaranteed. Even your relationships are temporary, they have "expiration dates." You have choices. Personal struggles come and go. Along with the meaning, is a message: "Tomorrow ain't promised cuz it comes and goes. And no amount of money can stop it so. Be careful with your life cuz soon you'll know. You can live it fast or slow, it all comes and goes." A strong bridge section counts it out "1, 2, 3, 4, 5 bills comes and go...6, 7,8, 9, 10 ho's come and go.. 1,2,3,4,5 bills come and go. Money, hos', clothes, friends and foe's come and go." The overall message, "you sow what you reap." Everything that happens to you is a result of your own actions so if you are going for immediate gratification, that gratification isn't going to last.

There is no doubt that The Sir Duke is a master. The royalty comes in the richness of the message delivered by a strong hook and great production. “Comes and Goes” is proof that The Sir Duke has what it takes to be part of Hip Hop and although the song seems to say that everything comes and goes, this artist is here to stay because "Comes and Goes" gets under your skin and stays there. "Comes and Goes" is available for purchase on CDBaby.

About Indie Spoonful:

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"TheSirDuke - Comes & Goes | Official Music Video"

Hailing from the windy city, The Sir Duke has a unique style of his own. The Chicago native has been producing and independently releasing his music with the intent to showcase that lyrical skill is still relevant. Check out his work and find out if he rhymes like the state that he's from - ILL. - This is 50


Still working on that hot first release.



Personifying the aura of royalty, the lyrically witty Illinois native definitely delivers and intrusive burst of chivalry and charm noted by his peers and associates as an innovative artist with a colorful vocabulary and a pleasant demeanor. With his desire to change the world one day at a time so visual, we have yet to witness the possibilities.

Telling stories of my life and others through song has always been a part of my style and I don’t see that changing anytime soon. To me, it means more when I can connect with someone on an emotional level as opposed to just scratching the surface of understanding.

The Sir Duke has an incredible history of providing unprecedented material to his fans and Hip Hop listeners alike. Destined to be prolific in the music scene, his journey of battling and the mix-tape collaborations took flight. Releasing several albums (2002-2006) including Upperground, N-Tensity and the heavily self exposed project N-Sight, his sound flooded college campuses. Independently selling an acceptable amount of the combined projects across the East Coast and Midwest regions; his pursuit of becoming a Hip Hop staple has fueled his reincarnation. Formally known as N-TENSE, The Sir created a sound dedicated to lyrical potency and soulful sounds. Due to legalities regarding the pseudonym, Duke soon adopted his birth name.

With a track record of being an opening act for various house-hold named artist under the previous moniker, The Sir Duke is motivated to be a mogul. With a foundation built on the right principles, The Sir defines Retro Royalty and we are in the right era to be enchanted.

Retro Hip Hop Meets Royal Production…

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