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Washington, D.C., Washington DC, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | SELF | AFTRA

Washington, D.C., Washington DC, United States | SELF | AFTRA
Established on Jan, 2014
Band Alternative Pop





The Slang has something of a throwback sound that I can’t quick pinpoint off the top of my head. Perhaps a 90s alt rock sound? In any case, what this band is doing is different than what most of their peers are putting out these days – indie rock with electronic elements or drenched in reverb.

This project I get the impression is more or less the baby of singer John Bobo – a project he has nursed for years, culminating in the release of this EP. They put on an impressive live show at the third ever Worst Kept Secret Fest – something of an anomaly next to all of the psychedelic and garage rock acts performing that day.

The Slang is best known as a duo, although they have performed both as a solo act (John) and as a trio in the past. While the magic of a studio undoubtedly has a little to do with this, it cannot be understated how huge this record sounds. The band’s target audience is likely a slightly older crowd – but should appeal to most age groups. Bands like Morning Parade and Jimmy Eat World (their more recent albums) come to mind.

The vocals do seem a little lackluster at first, but any cynicism was quickly proven wrong on my part. This happened in two ways – the singing does complement the music well (something the band has figured out in their longevity) and John Bobo just have the ability to whip out the falsetto in key moments.

You won’t find any over the top guitar or drum work here. The music just sort of envelops you – in a way that simultaneously therapeutic and energetic. Neither does the music progress to a full on “wall of sound” – sludge metal or shoegaze style. It finds its happy medium and stays there. Every song does have its huge moment. The reason I haven’t taken the time to elaborate on each particular song is that I feel like I could say the same thing about each song. Which isn’t a bad thing nor formulaic – the band knows what works and has honed those characteristics down to a “T.” Actually I will point out one thing about a song – the grungy solo in “Find a Way” is pretty badass.

The Slang have released a dark horse EP of 2014 and people need to start paying attention.

Score: 4/5 - Tuned Up


The Slang is an alternative/power pop/rock band from Columbus, Ohio that has just released their debut EP with five songs that will get stuck in your head. The band consists of John Bobo on vocals, multi-instrumentalist Michael Dillon on drums, and John Newsome on bass.

The album was preceded by the anthemic single “Feels Like Work,” and listening to the chiming guitars and soaring vocals, work is not something that this song feels like. The song is a great way to get you ready for the other four tracks that all having the same effect get you up onto your feet, ready to follow them to a live venue and sing along with them. The upbeat “Far From Over” kicks off the EP and is a great beginning to the other pop rock tracks on here. The following song, “Rule The World” has a more pop punk feel to it, which gets your feet tapping right away. The emotional vocals come through on this collection of songs, especially on the third track, “One Step At A Time,” that has elements of alternative rock, and features heartfelt vocals. The EP ends with the sweet and forceful “Find A Way,” giving you an experience that comes full circle.

It’s a remarkably well-crafted debut that sounds like they have been around forever doing this, not just for just a couple of years. If this is what a taste is like, get me a big spoon, I want more! (Rick Ecker) - New Noise Magazine


The Slang, hailing from Columbus, OH, released their self-titled EP on September 2nd. From the first song, the EP is unexpectedly addictive – it's easy to see why The Slang have already appeared at several music festivals and have had their music featured on Bravo and the USA Network.

The Slang offer a refreshing view on your typical relationship songs – they may be singing about the same topics as every other band but are doing so in a unique, almost unbiased, perspective. I love how they delve into the “Did we try hard enough? Is it time to let go?” aspect of relationships, which I'm sure is situation most listeners can relate to.

It's all but impossible to pick a best or favorite song on the album as each song flows together so effortlessly but my personal favorite (today, at least) is “Find a Way”. With lyrics like “If you know/I can't be what you want/Why don't you just tell me”, it's heart-wrenching power pop that gets stuck in your head. The pop sound combined with the addictive but emotionally vulnerable chorus truly depict the conflicting emotions at the end of a break-up.

The Slang reminds me of bands like Walk the Moon and The Killers – catchy power pop with an alt rock sound. They have the potential to reach mainstream but are still most-fitting for the alt rock stations, particularly the first single “Feels Like Work”.

Even after listening to the album for several days, I still find myself singing the lyrics in my head. I absolutely cannot wait to hear more from these guys and if they ever play a show in Pittsburgh, it's safe to say I will be there. - Big Smile Magazine

"New Sick Music | Night and Day EP"

The Slang offer alternative rock loaded with emotionally complex tracks that seem laced with the band’s intriguing history, which moves from John Bobo’s decision to focus on music rather than becoming an FBI agent, to recent changes within the band, and the choice to record away from home, in Nashville. There is joy, there is pain, and there is something fresh within Night and Day.

The album kicks off on an ambitious note — with a track titled “Ballad Of Everything”. Soft, though complex, the song opens with rich instrumental layering and grows with orchestral and harmonic vocal assistance. “Ballad of Everything” is a great way to introduce The Slang in their new form; Night and Day is the first offering from the band as a two-piece, rather than a trio.

“Breakthrough” is edgier, more of a rock jam, with an emotional raspiness in the vocals that continues into the grunginess of “Miracle Sound”. Here, the percussion assistance of Miles McPherson comes into play as the beat (and equally powerful silence) of the drums works to draw you in. John Bobo’s songwriting is powerfully showcased, and the rolling thrum of the bass that John Newsome brings is essential.

The title track, “Night and Day” picks up the pace and utilizes background singers for a full, complete sound that is bound to stay in your head. The stunning video for the song (which you can see here) brings joy and light together to create a sense of pure fun. A string section makes a glorious comeback on the EP’s final track, “Remember to Forget”. The song feels personal and painful, but it’s haunting beauty closes the album with a sort of majesty.

Read the entire review via the link. - New Sick Music

"The Rock Rag | Night and Day EP"

To find new music that creates a sense of excitement and anticipation for all that is to come is to find a piece of joy that lights one’s world and defines memories. As the follow-up to The Slang’s first self-titled EP Night and Day creates this type of excitement.

The mellow vibe and smooth flow of Night and Day is like cruising in a 69 convertible Camaro down the coastline with wind-tossed hair, the warmth of the sun on the face and nothing much to do but drive. The title track “Night and Day” is in the driver seat leading the way down the highway with “Breakthrough” and “Remember to Forget” hanging out in the back seat like good old friends. (Full track list below)

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"Blasting News | Night and Day EP"

Eclectic, atmospheric, Alternative Rock

From the moment you press play on Alternative Rock act The Slang and their new EP “Night and Day,” you’re instantly brought into the fold of the band’s vibrant, all-encompassing wall of sound. There are some bands that, through their song craft and overall melody construction, envelope one’s entire being in their creation. As the EP opener, “Ballad of Everything” lives up to both the hype and its namesake.

Whether it’s the shimmering lead licks, the consistent bass lines, or the assorted strings, the “Ballad of Everything” has everything one could ever want in an opening track. The atmospheric verses pave the way for a powerful chorus, and while there are so many things going on, as a listener you never feel overwhelmed by it. Every element is meticulously put together to offer a listening experience that’s as purposeful as it is plentiful — finishing off with beautifully arranged strings.

Read the entire via the link. - Blasting News


2014 - The Slang Self-titled EP

2016 - Night and Day EP

2017 - Alibi (Single)

2021- Divide (Full-Length Album)



The Slang is an alternative pop band Washington D.C.  Their musical talents have earned them invitations to several premier music conferences including MPMF, NXNE, IPO and CMJ. 

The songs of The Slang have been used in various mainstream outlets including HBO, USA network, and Troma Films.  The bands first self-titled EP mixed by Mark Needham (The Killers, Tokyo Police Club, The Toxic Airborne Event) and mastered by Brian Lucey (The Black Keys, Arctic Monkeys) had solid success throughout the US with over 50+ CMJ stations playing tracks from the EP as well as numerous industry write-ups, both stateside and abroad.

Offering a distinct blend of power-pop, alternative, and contemporary rock, DC-area duo The Slang is comfortable testing genre lines and taking their time to capture the minutiae of modern life. With a laid-back intensity that infuses their music, lead vocalist/multi-instrumentalist John Bobo serves as the main songwriter while bassist/multi-instrumentalist Felix Nieto focuses on production. Both artists share a kind of low-key perfectionism: hands-on, hyper-attuned to textural detail, and aware of what elevates a song from good to great. “We want to do it right,” says Bobo. “And we’re willing to do whatever it takes to make the best possible track each time.”  

With smooth vocals and striking guitar melodies, The Slang is often compared to popular alt/indie bands like Snow Patrol and The Killers, but with a modern twist and more experimental production value. “We care about the experience, whether on headphones or at a live show,” says Nieto, whose production adds a sleekness and edge. Bobo’s introspective lyrics explore singular moments that define human relationships. With three EPs on Spotify—Self-Titled (2014), Night and Day (2016), and Desperate Times (2018)—The Slang released the single “Alibi” in 2017 and a polished pop cover of The Cure’s “Love Song” in 2018. Their debut full-length album Divide, set for a 2021 release, will feature the band’s characteristic melodic precision, bright, electric guitar-driven anthems, and top-quality production, but with a more pop-leaning sound.

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