The South Austin Moonlighters

The South Austin Moonlighters

Austin, Texas, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2011 | INDIE

Austin, Texas, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2011
Band Americana Roots




"Jeremy Burchard"

"Success for this Americana ensemble has about embracing a supergroup ethos while shunning supergroup egos. At their best, the band represents not just what's right about the Austin music community but about live music as a whole. And they're only getting better." - Texas Music Magazine

"Eddie Feranti"

“The South Austin Moonlighters started as a collaboration of all stars but seems to be settling into way more than that from my point of view. The key as I see it is the total unselfish attitude amongst the four men..” - Houston Music Review

"Jim Caligiuri"

“What began as a way to let loose between regular gigs has turned into something more serious, with gospel harmonies that evoke the Band of Heathens. In fact, like the Heathens, the Moonlighters travel the Americana highway with taste and a manner that’s good-natured and down to earth.” - The Austin Chronicle

"Matt Blackett"

“[The South Austin Moonlighters] cover a ton of stylistic ground on their debut [Studio CD "Burn & Shine"], with gritty blues, nasty funk, R&B, pop, rock, and more cropping up along the way. DANG dudes! The highest recommendation!” - Guitar Player Magazine

"Phil Stoneman"

“A classic two guitar rock quartet, The South Austin Moonlighters have individually plied their trades with artists as diverse as Gatemouth Brown, [to] Lisa Loeb. [Bassist] Lonnie Trevino Jr is one of Austin’s most in-demand groove providers, and he deftly anchors this varied collection of tunes with expertise, finesse, and passion. More of that please! Well done!” - Bass Player Magazine

"Lyndon Bolton"

Travel Light is a highly authentic blend of Americana that deserves to drive The South Austin Moonlighters further down their own road towards much wider recognition! - Americana Music Show

"Bill Frater"

Produced by New Orleans songwriter Anders Osborne, Travel Light showcases the Moonlighters connecting with each other like never before. Pulling from all possible corners of roots music Americana, folk, country, blues, Southern soul, and rock & roll the band’s sound coalesces around stellar playing and soaring harmonies, all contributed in a thoroughly egalitarian fashion.This album solidifies their vision and their voice, often unpacking heavy subject matters through grin-inducing, multi-part harmonies. The album’s title track is driven by slinky, Levon Helm-esque drums; a study on the life distractions with which we constantly burden ourselves. Chris Beall shares that the simple meaning of Travel Light is that “life is tough and we don’t need to make it tougher.” This new album is sure to unburden fans old and new. - Americana Boogie Radio

"Gary Schwind"

This is one of those rare bands where all the members provide vocals. Whether you’re hearing the voice of Lonnie Trevino (bass), Chris Beall (guitar), Phil Hurley (guitar), Daniel James (drums), or all four together, it doesn’t particularly matter, because they are all pretty good at it. If you need a soundtrack for your Sunday morning while you eat breakfast and drink your coffee, this album is a pretty good choice. It is an easygoing album that perfectly blends rock and country and features not only great instrumentation but also outstanding harmony vocals. - Americana Highways

"Brittney McKenna"

(SONG PREMIER) Ahead of Travel Light‘s release, the band has shared new song “Born Lucky,” premiering below. Through imagery evoking the wild west of centuries past, the South Austin Moonlighters tell a sonically brooding tale of grit, determination and integrity. - American Songwriter

"Bobbie Jean Sawyer"

(SONG PREMIER) The South Austin Moonlighters have a song for city dwellers who left their hearts back in the country. "Carry Me On," from the band's forthcoming Anders Osborne-produced album Travel Light (out on May 17), celebrates life outside the city limits. - Wide Open Country



The South Austin Moonlighters

National Americana Recording Artists 

If you’ve seen more than a handful of shows in Texas, there’s a pretty good chance you’ve already seen most, if not all, of the musicians who make up the South Austin Moonlighters. These guys have earned their place among the elite of Austin’s burgeoning music scene and have played key roles in bands like Fastball, Monte Montgomery, The Whiskey Sisters, Stonehoney, Jimmy LaFave, to name just a few on a long, long list.

The joy of music is found not just in the words, notes, and grooves, but in the connections that we all forge with each other through them. That's what beats at the heart of the South Austin Moonlighters and has since their very first gig. “The first time we performed an original composition, the instruments and voices fell right into place immediately,” bassist/vocalist Lonnie Trevino says. “It was obvious that something special was happening. We felt like kids again.” As a result, Trevino joined forces with guitarists/vocalists Chris Beall, Phil Hurley, and drummer/vocalist Daniel James.

Fast forward about 8 years and 4 albums to find the Moonlighters solidifying their vision and their voice once again on their new release, Travel Light, produced by the heavy-hittin' Anders Osborne. Pulling from all possible corners of roots music — Americana, folk, country, blues, Southern soul, and rock & roll — the band's sound coalesces around stellar playing and soaring harmonies, all contributed in a thoroughly egalitarian fashion. “Any one of us could be the 'frontman,'” Beall explains of their four-strong stance. “I think what makes it unique for me is that we are all as supportive of each other as we are for ourselves. That’s a big deal — it says something about the foundation of the band and why we do what we do to begin with.”

By sharing songwriting and singing duties, Beall, Hurley, and Trevino each get to have their voices heard which is a rare commodity in band-land. Hurley echoes the uniqueness of that point, “We’ve all acquired a large tool box of skills through years of musical endeavors. This group allowed us to use them all over the course of one night. Each guy can step up and command your attention, but we are all equally good at listening and supporting. It’s rare to find musicians who are that well-rounded, yet grounded, as well. Egos don’t really have to get in the way because we can all see that success for the group is success for each of us.”

The Moonlighters are often referred to as a modern version of The Eagles or Crosby, Still, Nash, and Young.

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