The Spanish Flies
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The Spanish Flies

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 2016 | SELF | AFTRA

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada | SELF | AFTRA
Established on Jan, 2016
Band Pop Psychedelic




"“Good Things Come To Those Who Wait” – The Spanish Flies"

A prairie winter is an experience of its own and can be quite shocking if you aren’t used to it. Originally from Peru, Fel Gamarra moved to Edmonton in 2014 and, upon experiencing the Alberta winter, established his own sunny musical style to brighten up the dark days and frigid nights. The Spanish Flies bring a dash of latin influence and a healthy serving of punk passion to the Edmonton music scene. Good Things Come to Those Who Wait may just be a taste, but it showcases a depth of range and a bright energy.

Good Things Come to Those Who Wait is made up of three tracks that, in short (because they are), leave you ready for more. What else would you expect from a release that asks you for patience right on the tin? Opening with the clear guitar and big, effected vocals of “Get Going”, there is a dash of The Kinks in the swing. This tilts into something edgier on the latter two tracks, which find the riff and polished chaos vibes dabbling more in nighttime energy. “Psycho Trip” is still driven by a Libertines-esque guitar riff, but “Good Things Come To Those Who Wait” has the vocals taking the lead — and moving into Spanish — while the guitar takes a backseat as punctuation.

Each song slides into the next with a satisfying smoothness, but at the same time, each song feels like a taste of something bigger. The EP concludes on a bittersweet note and you are left with the EP title thrumming through you. With Spanish Flies, more good things are sure to be coming, but — as we were warned — we may just need to wait. - Grayowl Point

"The Spanish Flies Bring the Party to You"

With a Combination of Psychedelia and Latin groove, The Spanish Flies Offer a Nice Refreshing Dose

Spanish fly’s alleged properties as an aphrodisiac are well known in popular culture. Less known are its properties as a poison. The fly—which is actually a beetle—secretes a substance called cantharidin out of its joints, and if ingested, it will begin busily deteriorating the stomach lining, causing severe inflammation of the urinary tract. The resulting swelling is where the fly’s popular reputation comes from. Die-hard, one could say.

It’s a great name for a band, but guitarist and vocalist Fel Gamarra’s already taken it. He, bassist Erik Escobar, guitarist Evan Van Ramshorst, and drummer Izaac Middleton do their best to bring a kind of Latin power-pop energy to the stage that benefits a name as memorable as The Spanish Flies.

“I always talk with my bandmates and we’re like ‘You have to have a party on stage,’” Gamarra says. “And we do. We all have a party and we’re with each other, all like back to back and soloing together and we all dance. I think the visuals in the show [are] really important. It’s another way for the crowd to take us in.”

Having just released its second EP, Good Things Come to Those Who Wait, The Spanish Flies are digging a little deeper into their Spanish roots and affinity for the softer sides of psychedelia. Imagine The Strokes, but with a more experimental love of 1960s pop music—mixed with South American sensibility and vitality—and you get the basic picture.

Despite a lineup change since the last record, the band’s discography is still remarkably consistent.

The new EP is just three new tracks—the only problem is that it leaves you wanting more. The EP was produced in a single weekend at True North Recording with the help of Jesse Northey of fellow Edmonton musical group, Jesse and the Dandelions.

“Those vibes were just what we needed,” Gamarra says. “He’s like the fifth Spanish Fly for this EP. He added so much of his own thing and we were able to connect musically on very good levels where he kind of got the vibe from simple explanations. He just got it.”

While it can be technically said that the Spanish Flies began in 2015 after Gamarra put together the band’s first incarnation, it’s a little more accurate to say it began earlier in a small town called Piura, a little way north of Lima, Peru.

Never feeling particularly connected to the music scene of his native country, it wasn’t until he immigrated to Canada, and then to Edmonton in 2014, that he found not only a home but a space in which to play.

“Me and my mum, we used to move a lot,” Gamarra says. “Neighbourhoods, houses, even sometimes cities. I was never able to have big roots anywhere. It’s weird. I feel like in Edmonton I was finally able to build a community—have good friends, know people, have a scene where I felt like I belong somehow.”

With the EP now out for the better half of a month, Gamarra and the Flies are planning their next moves. They’re sending out the usual grant applications and have already secured a spot for this year’s Up + Downtown Music Festival. It’s safe to say Gamarra is at ease with his future and new bandmates.

“It’s amazing. It’s like a little family, you know? We get drunk together, we hang out, we write music, and we talk about life and whatnot. I’m super happy.”

And that’s what’s great about The Spanish Flies. They bring you to the party and ask if you want to hang out. They’re personable as if they’re only goal was to make you feel as if you found some sort of home with them as well. It’s a powerful feeling.

Consult your doctor if it persists for more than four hours. - Vue Weekly


- Mr. Evil - Single (2019)

- Good Things Come to Those Who Wait - EP (2018)

- Ignorance Is Bliss - EP (2017)



The  Spanish Flies: A collective of musicians with a colourful mix of indie rock, latin pop and psychedelia as their musical influences. The group makes its name with highly energetic and passionate live performances featuring latin influenced grooves. For fans of Tame Impala, The Stone Roses and The Whitest Boy Alive, this is the new sound of latin rock in Edmonton. 

Founded by lead singer and guitarist Feliam Gamarra in Edmonton, Canada in 2016, The Spanish Flies have released two EPs: “Ignorance is Bliss” (2017) and “Good Things Come to Those Who Wait” (2018). The latter of which received a nomination at the Edmonton Music Awards (Latin Song of The Year) in 2019. 

Poised to release their first full-length “I Have to Change to Stay The Same”, The Spanish Flies are making waves in the Edmonton Music Scene. A perfect addition to any party, and an unmatched stylistic movement of indie rock and latin grooves. 

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