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The Studs

Chicago, Illinois, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2006

Chicago, Illinois, United States
Established on Jan, 2006
Band Rock Punk



The best kept secret in music


"The Studs Premieres “Level Up!” Off Upcoming Album"

A year or two ago, I was down in my favorite Southside Chicago city, Blue Island, at a neighborhood pub watching a show. While I was familiar with almost all of the bands playing that night, there was one that made me drop my jaw in awe and mutter “holy shit!” The Studs took the stage and immediately captivated the crowded back room with their music and antics.

Today, we are very excited to be premiering a new song from the South suburb Punk N’ Roll band off their second full length album Red Planet Rock which will be released on July 17th.

Listen to “Level Up!” now and check out the below album premiere video as well - Bad Copy

"Warped Tour: The Final Run – Part 9"

Based in the South Suburbs of Chicago, The Studs are a five-piece punk/alternative/pop/marscore menagerie of musical styling with a little something for everyone. They released their first full-length album Don’t Suck in 2011, and in 2012 recorded their EP, The Fall of The Studs, which contained a whole new sound and style that can get anyone dancing and singing along. The Studs’ second full-length album, Red Planet Rock, will be released on July 17th, 2018.

This is Warped Tour’s final run, how do you feel being part of it?

TS: The feeling you get when your Wartortle evolves to Blastoise, or in other words we are STOKED and feel incredibly lucky to be a part of something that has been on our bucket list for years.

What sort of influence do you think Warped Tour had on the musical community?

TS: A huge Influence. We have seen so many different styles of music booked every year that has greatly influenced our music and the way we interact with the crowd. This festival provides a space for individuals to truly express themselves and feel like they belong.

If you could describe Warped Tour in one sentence, what would that sentence be?

TS: A necessary convergence of musical tastes and styles from across the spectrum, allowing individuals to unite on a common interest.

What else does 2018 hold for you?

TS: 2018 is a busy one. A fresh new record will be released on July 17th, 2018 called Red Planet Rock, and we are working on some cool ideas to go along with the release, including a music video. We will continue to get more shows on the books, and can’t wait to share our brand of punk ‘n’ roll to those who have never heard us before.

Do you have any last words for your fans?

TS: We love all of you. Every show is a blast because of you. We are extremely grateful to have the chance to play our tunes, and can always feel the positive energy from everyone as they dance and sing along. - The Other Side Reviews

"DEMO 312 – 7/22/18"

The Studs - Pepperoni Payoff - Demo 312

"The Quinlan Chronicles by Rich Quinlan"

The Studs play highly infectious punk-pop with copious amounts of buzzsaw guitar playing and gang vocals. “Shrug” kicks off Red Planet Rock with a rousing riff and catchy hook. The guys from Chicago do not deviate from their formula, but this style fits The Studs perfectly. The one exception is the subdued “Numb and Cold”, but even this track becomes a volcanic eruption of Ramones-like speed for its closing sixty seconds. “Idiot” teems with Screeching Weasel style harmonics, capturing a classic tone of melodic punk rock that still retains an aggressive edge. The Star Wars nod on “Alderaan Exit” and its refrain “We need an asteroid now” may capture the frustration felt by so many due to contemporary events, and its searing guitar and strained vocals capture that frustration perfectly. Ending with another pop culture reference, “Stupid Sexy Flanders”(a Simpsons reference for those too young to know) is given a wider berth and the band stretches out their sharp playing for four thrilling minutes. For a bunch of friends who broke up in 2015 and have not released anything new in five years, The Studs certainly do not miss a beat. - Jersey Beat


Still working on that hot first release.



The Studs started out pretty much how you could imagine all bands start; a couple friends, a couple drinks, and that one thought that everyone has at some point in their life. ”We should start a band!”.  Most of us just sober up and move on. These friends, however, were driven. The universe pushed in a direction and at the next possible talent show; there they were. Three friends with three songs and let’s call it an... ‘interesting’ name. The Anarchist Atheists debut show wasn’t exactly a rousing success, but what do you expect when you ask a friend at the last possible moment  to play drums right before your first performance? Win or lose, and boy they sure lost it, all that mattered was that they had found something they loved.  Making music with friends was all that mattered now.  Eric, Zach, and Jackie changed their name to The Studs and never looked back.   

There have been 10+ members of The Studs over the years.  I joined in 2005 and became the fifth drummer. Seriously, it took them four drummers to ask one of their best friends who just happened to like metal music? But who’s keeping score? (Me, obviously.) When we were 18 one of the founding members, and one of the best friends the world has ever known, Jackie Kitchen, passed away and left us wondering what the hell to do. We tried to pick up the pieces. Move ahead. To try and find a talented guitarist who could replace her. But, as we should have known all along, there was no replacing Jackie. We realized what we should have been looking for was a friend who was just as driven. To let the music change and evolve into something new.  Erik Gainer came on board and a whole new era of Studs music was born. 

While working on what would be our first full length album, Don’t Suck,  the music style was changing and we were learning our new sound together. We knew we needed to add something more to make it all come together. What we needed was another guitarist, and we knew exactly where to look.  One of our best friends Kyle Whitney joined and added a rhythm that makes our live shows so much fuller. 

With the five-piece group finally rounded out with extremely driven and dedicated members, we recorded our EP, The Fall of The Studs, in the fall of 2012 (aren’t we clever?) with a whole new sound and style that really made our live shows so much fun.  We started playing any possible show.  You hosting a battle of the bands over the next two months? We’re down to compete.  Have a big record release show in a month and need some support?  We got you.  Want The Studs to be loud and vulgar at your birthday party this weekend? We like birthdays.  It was bad business but who cared?  We were having the time of our lives.  We’ve played all over the Chicagoland area, met a lot of awesome people, and had way too much fun doing it. 

Along the way, we stopped having fun and no one really wanted to acknowledge it.  It all came to a head at the beginning of 2015 and we decided to take a break.  Actually, we completely broke up but we all knew that wouldn’t last. 

Our second full length album "Red Planet Rock" was recently released on July 17th, 2018.  

We can't wait to share our brand of Punk N'Roll, and we don’t expect the fun to stop anytime soon.