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The Town Pants

North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada | MAJOR

North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada | MAJOR
Band Folk Rock


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""The Town Pants got the best reviews of any band at our festival""

"The Town Pants got the best reviews of any band at our festival"
Tim Mangan, Director - Cincinnati Celtic Festival - Tim Mangan, Director - Cincinnati Celtic Festival

"Askew Reviews"

THE TOWN PANTS- Weight of Words (Site) The first time I listened to this CD, I dropped it into my kitchen CD player and sat down to do my real, money paying job. As I worked, The Town Pants playing in the background brought me from the land of Oracle to a quaint lil’ pub in some small Ireland town sipping Guinness and tossing stories back and forth with other drunkards. Kicking off the disc is the magnificent “Weight of Words,” a Celtic infused tune loaded with the grit found in yesteryear’s Australian bandits. That sound fuels the disc, which is intensely melodic with tradition Irish arrangements while having a nice folk punch to keep you on your toes. The song’s lyrics sing of friendship, mischief, and the occasional drink or two. Brothers Duane and Dave Keogh front the band, with Duane handling vocals and guitar while Dave plucks that banjo and mandolin like a madman. Aaron Chapman (one of the original Real McKenzies) makes all those noises that seals the sound of Irish influenced music; tin whistle, etc. The amazing Virginia Schwartz, who shines in “Diggin’ the Grave,” brings it all together with her fiddle playing and has influenced my five year old daughter to pick up the fiddle. On the toe tapping side of things, “Rum Runner” hits close to my heart because my Great Grandfather was a bootlegger/rum runner during U.S. prohibition and my Grandmother, then young child, was schooled on what to do with the booze if the boys in blue reared their ugly heads. “Old Vancouver Town” is packed with good ol’ times of drinking, fighting, and just might send you out for a pint at your local pub. Surprisingly, “Ships Made of Wood” strums with a Mariachi guitar and horns reminiscent of my sunburned hell vacation in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Hailing from Vancouver, Canada, The Town Pants will certainly fool you of their geographical residency. Weight of Words is a CD that will please the ears of sons, daughter, mothers, fathers, and grandparents alike! – Denis Sheehan - Denis Sheehan

"The Discorder"

Clichés tend to lack conviction. Just because a phrase is repeated and sounds dull, it doesn’t mean it’s false. How often is the sentiment echoed that listening strictly to a CD limits perspective on a band? Well, no matter how often you’ve heard this, it definitely holds true for the Town Pants. Without seeing them live, it’s impossible to catch the genuine essence of the band, whose show is an experience that leaves a lasting impression.

On this night, the Town Pants made their return to the Blarney Stone where the band was originally incarnated ten years ago. Throughout the evening there was Celtic dancing, a jeering chorus of patrons and raised mugs, as band members repeatedly made toasts. The roof of the Blarney barely capped the energy and euphoria of the concert goers, who never slowed down—even after last call.

While watching the Town Pants, one can’t help but appreciate the versatility of its members, as they effortlessly switched roles and instruments. At times, Aaron Chapman would take the mic, at others, Duane Keogh would lead. Dave Keogh was also equally impressive as he alternated between banjo, guitar, vocals, mandolin and tin whistle. Joining the band only a year ago, Virginia Schwartz added another element to the band, as well. She played the fiddle with so much energy and poise that she made it look easy.

Throughout the night, the Town Pants expressed their gratitude to their cult-like following here on the West Coast. The band shared interesting anecdotes, from their humble beginnings in Vancouver, and of course, to their first performance at the Blarney. But not only were the Town Pants celebrating 10 years together, they were also welcoming the release of a new album. Fans had traveled abroad from as far as New York to celebrate the special night, which was actually being recorded live.

Honestly, I had seldom listened to Celtic music before, and knew little about Celtic dancing, yet I never felt out of place. The energy of the band and audience was amazing. I was even ready to dance and try to pick up a few Celtic moves in the process. It was a wonderful night all around.
- Nick Pannu

"Americana UK"

Regardless of musical genre, Canada has a tradition of bands who can sing, and harmonise, superbly. Moxy Fruvous, Great Big Sea, Barenaked Ladies, to name but three, regardless of genre they can all sing, and The Town Pants (dreadful name) are the latest in the line. They’re closed in style to Great Big Sea, but they add a distinctive Irish-cum-Celtic flavour, without ever descending into cod-Oirishry. Often this sort of music is something one can imagine working really well live, but rather less so on album. Not here though, the songs are worthy of sitting and listening to, although such is the infectious power of the tunes and the beats that it may prove quite a difficult task to do so.
- Jeremy Searle

"Anonymous online review"

If you think Celtic music is something your grandmother listens to, buy this CD.
If you are feeling a little blue and you need to be cheered up, buy this CD.
If you can only afford one CD this year, buy this CD.
It's lively, it's both fresh and traditional. It will get in your blood and have your feet moving, no matter how lame you are. Buy this CD, put it on and dance in your living room. It will make you a better person.

- CD Baby

"John Lucas"

"That The Town Pants manage to rock so hard with little more than banjo, acoustic guitar, fiddle and tin-whistle is a wonder, and the songs are all winners."
- Georgia Straight

"Caesi Bevis"

"Sometimes as a reviewer, I come across a band that by the time they've played the first few bars (or notes) I'm either saying to myself, "Next! Get these goons off stage.", or once in awhile I find that "rare find", the band that
stops all the action in the room for me, that the band is "that good." The Town Pants is "that good!"
- Rave Music

"Jerry B."

"Aggressive celtic-flavoured fast folk. They're the Irish wake band from hell"
- Offbeat magazine

"Susan Fent"

"The band of extremely funny fresh lads who also play their instruments exceedingly well...Highly recommended if
you've never seen them."
- The Pique News

"Naomi de Bruyn"

" The Town Pants are on of British Columbia's best kept secrets. It's high time someone opened their mouth and let it out! The original works are strong, holding their own with the traditional ones, if not actually standing out more. If you are in the mood for some really good rammbunctions music, this is it!"
- Greenman Review

"Cecile Scott"

"A new addition to the Cortland Celtic Festival in 2004, The Town Pants, proved to be a great find! The band was an immediate hit with the Cortland crowd. A talented, wonderful group of musicians to work with, we would ask them back in a heart beat!"
- Cortland Celtic Fest Chairperson


Still working on that hot first release.




With a decades worth of headlining Roots and Celtic festivals to selling out nights at rock venues The Town Pants own brand of Celtic roots rock rebel spans five albums so far, backed up with a legendary live show thats garnered them fans internationally from New York to Norway.

And while The Pacific Northwest may not be the first place you would expect to hear rollicking Celtic roots music, but The Town Pants are determined to change that. The Vancouver, Canada based band combines aspects of Irish traditional, folk rock and roots Americana, fusing their signature dual lead vocals to create their own unique brand of high energy "West Coast Celtic." that remains in the heart and head long after the music stops. There are lots of Celtic folk rock bands out there, but rarely does a band has this combination of passion, energy, animation and spirit that makes for some of the most imaginative songwriting youll find in the genre.

With performances at the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, to being a consistent audience favorite draw at Celtic and Irish festivals throughout the United States, Canada and in Europe. The group has also performed a variety of events for KLM/Northwest Airlines, GM Canada, Vancity Credit Union, Whistler Ski and Resort, Bully Hill Vineyards, and even in chambers at Vancouver City Hall.

Their latest release 15, is now available on CDBaby, iTunes, and will be in stores in May 2013. 15 has been hailed with critics praise as their best album yet. That songs from this album and other CD's in their catalog have even begun to be covered by other artists, its a testament to just how good and trailblazing this band is, and their growing reputation as one of the best bands in the folk rock scene today, and that they're not stopping anytime soon.

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