The Way Back

The Way Back

 Overland Park, Kansas, USA

The Way Back’s self-titled EP offers a robust mix of dance/Dub-Step electronics, hip hop and alternative inspired rhythms, skillfully balanced minor and major scales accentuated by emotional and sonically layered vocals, all carefully crafted into pop structures.



If The Roots, One Republic and Fun collaborated on a project produced by the great Michael Jackson, the result would be the neoteric sound of The Way Back. The Way Back is a new alternative rock band from Kansas City that produces dynamic and intricate songs, each able to elicit a slew of emotions.

Created in early 2012 by fate and a well-timed Craigslist ad, The Way Back is the fusion of experienced live and in-studio musicians who have played with several internationally acclaimed bands like the Deftones, Everclear, Thrice, and XV. They have performed at premier venues across the U.S. including the SXSW Music Festival, Whiskey A Go-Go, The Cat Club, Voodoo Lounge, Uptown Theater, San Diego Live, and MTV Doritos Jacked Stage, among others.

The group was conceived by composer Alex Ellis (Roanoke), who uses recording and sequencing/MIDI programs Ableton Live and Protools, and lead singer and guitarist Jeff Kinney (The Brisbanes) who, with several songs in independent films, also brings an impressive songwriting background to The Way Back. The group is rounded out by the addition of multi instrumentalist Paul Herman and drummer Daniel Cole, whose inimitable style is reminiscent of Snarky Puppy.

The Way Backs debut self-titled EP was originally written and collaborated on remotely in Ellis and Kinneys home studios, then tweaked to taste in-studio with Producer Matthew Russo (John Oates) and engineer Larry Gann (Lit, Rev Theory, Backstreet Boys). With influences like Broken Bells, Stabbing Westward and AWOLNATION, The Way Back offers a robust mix of dance/club/Dub-Step electronics, hip hop and alternative inspired rhythms, skillfully balanced minor and major scales accentuated by emotional and sonically layered vocals, all carefully crafted into pop structures.

Early previews of tracks off The Way Back are already receiving praise I Dont Want to Let You Go walks the fine line between mysterious atmosphere against soft vocals and big powerful choruses perfectly. Ordinary Lives is more pop oriented with swinging beats and some excellent bass guitar work. Higher Plain Music.

With the EP now completed, The Way Back is in the studio finishing their first full-length studio album, to be released and promoted this fall with a Midwestern-based tour.

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Messages Get Lost

Written By: The Way Back

Messages get lost © 2012 Jeff Kinney and Alex Ellis

I have arrested my emotions
I took a lesson from a daily notion
It’s been a pattern and I can’t look back ‘cause I’ve seen the other side
If it’s bad, then it’s that bad

And when I ask for your forgiveness, openly admit that I regret this
You make it sound like I knew that I hurt you
When I didn’t know any more than you did
We are living in total darkness

Straight to the point, you knew what you were getting
But thought that you could change me
Now we have to say goodbye
We have the rest of our lives to dignify

We are good inside, no intentions to hurt anyone
Messages get lost
We get mixed up and what we thought we wanted isn’t that at all

I set the tone of urgency, it’s just as much your life I’m wasting
Everything I put you through?
Well it’s fine with me if the martyr is you
We had our time and chances
It was more than the circumstances


You’ll open up and see that
No matter what you believe in
Help me with the lock and keys
And together we can free it


We are good inside

And it never gets easier
I woke up this morning
Looked at you and wanted to cry
‘Cause I know its goodbye

Out of Control

Written By: The Way Back

Out of Control © 2012 The Way Back

Reflex Automatic. My mind is filled with static. My moves are erratic. Your move; your move…

I have this re-occurring dream
When you’re walking slowly next to me but I cannot move and I cannot touch you

This roller coaster’s going up and down
Trying to get off the ground but now we are just falling
Each day we play a game of lost and found
But playing with sharp instruments, well you can get cut, you can get cut

Isolated but I want to go
I need to take a chance before my apathy has taken over
I’m losing sight of what I used to know
Turn myself in all directions; second guessing my affections

Sometimes you have to take chances that scare you
My mind’s racing out of control
I don’t understand why my body is breaking
It feels like I’m losing my soul

It’s hard enough looking into your eyes
Knowing that you love me more than I could ever dream or wish for
I’ve lived a life of lies through my disguises
Each one carried truth and doubt, and a fear that I can’t live without it

CH x2

I’ve got a feeling
I’m gonna feel it
I’m gonna feel it….

Ordinary Lives

Written By: The Way Back

Ordinary Lives ©2012 The Way Back

You’re going to give your life up you’re going to tear it down now
Because you never thought it could be this hard
Why don’t we take a step back, there’s so much that we don’t know
You have to understand that you’re not alone

Can you hear me? I don’t think you’re listening
Throw out the deck that dealt you the hand you have
Can you hear me? I don’t think you’re listening
Look to the sky to write a new ending

Ordinary lives are fighting
Tying to take a wrong and right it
I can see your burden burning
Everybody knows you’re hurting

I have to confess you are like I was back when
I wanted everything to come to an end
I thought that I had seen and heard everything I needed to know
Any move I made wasn’t good enough

Now I see you, no one left to turn to
Wait on the dawn, the darkness will fade away
Re-direct blame, this is such a bitter game
What a delight to welcome you back home


Cracked frames and photographs
Who are all these people laughing?
Where did the smiling come from, pouring out the album?
Stay. Waiting… Waiting…


How it has to be

Written By: The Way Back

How it has to be © 2012 The Way Back

With your eyes I begin to see it
In the night, lights give way to secrets
I see you and I’m about to make a move
I see you. I will catch you

What a lot to understand amidst a brink of mass confusion
What a lot to understand
And now you have got to move ‘cause time, time, time is ticking

CH You can’t walk and miss a beat
Swimming into troubled waters
This is how it has to be
As time goes on it’s getting harder
As I wait here patiently
Listening to them tell me not to
Try and live a fantasy
I don’t want it to be forgotten

In a time when I have trouble breathing
You and I have not given up seeking
What a lot to understand amidst a brink of mass confusion
What a lot to understand
I will find you


For years I’ve fought it
Trying to stay ahead of the game
Brought to tears, I sought it
As time goes on it’s getting harder
As time goes on it’s getting harder…. As time goes on it’s getting harder


CH/Bridge overlay

I don't want to let you go

Written By: The Way Back

I don’t want to let you go © 2012 The Way Back

Wide eyed and not alone
Not another dry eye in the room
Too high to let it show
Two souls uniting, overdue
Ignite certainly as bright as the sun
Feel life from a new light when we are one

I don’t want you let you go
I don’t want to watch you walk away from me again
(Waiting to be seen through the eyes of another)
I don’t want to let you go
I don’t want to let you go

Wait, another year has gone
I’ve got a life to go
I put my faith in you
Help, help is on the way
I beg of you to stay
You’re all I have to lose

I don’t really want to lie
I know I don’t have a lot to go by
It makes and it breaks me
I get a sick kind of comfort, in feeling so alone
Waiting, watching waves along the ocean



The Way Back EP, self titled. September 2012
Terrified. October 2013

Set List

No Regrets
How it has to be
Ordinary Lives
I don't want to let you go
Gotta Get Out
Messages get lost
Out of Control