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Austin, Texas, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2010 | MAJOR | AFM

Austin, Texas, United States | MAJOR | AFM
Established on Jan, 2010
Band Rock Rock


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Best of Local Licks 2015 on KLBJ, Austin TX Rock radio" - Loris Lowe, KLBJ

"Top Ten Albums of 2015"

Samantha Curreli, The Aquarian Weekly

The Wyldz/Interstellar Troubadours/MRI
One-Eyed Doll/Witches/Standby
All Time Low/Future Hearts/Hopeless
Bear’s Den/Islands/Communion
Blackberry Smoke/Holding All The Roses/Rounder
The Maine/American Candy/Sire
Fear Factory/Genexus/Roadrunner
Syka/Stay Wild—EP/Independent
New Years Day/Malevolence/Another Century
Bleachers/Terrible Thrills—Volume 2/RCA - The Aquarian Weekly

"Interstellar Troubadours, Album Review: "Highly Recommended""

Bands or artists labelled as "Rock" can sometimes be nothing more than a few riffs and licks incorporated into hard/ melodic rock or a rock band turning their amps up to 11. The Wyldz however can rightly be called a Rock band, Mitch Bassoul (vocals and bass), Alex Dhée (guitar), and Oliv Porrini (drums). For their sophomore outing, 'Interstellar Troubadors', the band bring a set of songs to the table that chord for chord are stronger than the material they dished out on their debut, 'Human Rise'. There is more variation and carry a higher production value thanks to their collaboration with legendary engineer Steve Albini (Nirvana, The Pixies, Robert Plant and Jimmy Page) a person who knows a thing or three about producing a big, rock sound whilst capturing the live energy of a band such as The Wyldz. That big sound and energy is evident from the out-set.

The title track opens the album a brash shot of rock that is a pure shot of adrenaline. The trio then put the "Power" in power trio with the lead off single, "Let It Go" a gritty slab of rock that kicks things up notch. The sinister groove of, "Blinded By The Sun" is up next a no frills rocker that packs one hell of a punch. There is some sonic variation to bring lighter shade and contrast to the beefy bottom end, power chords and across the kit drum fills. As can be experienced on tracks like, "Don't Be Evil", the sonic induced mover, "Woods Of Retreat" and "Sounds Of Divine".

One of the albums strengths is that as well as being a full on rock album there is variety and skill in the song sequencing and increasing maturity in the song writing. If you want to blow the dust off your hi-fi speakers this is the album for you. 'Interstellar Troubadors' has it all, wonderful guitar riffs, sublime bass and up front hard hitting drums. From classic rock to sonic rock ballads this has it all. - Highly Recommended. Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society/ All Access Magazine - The Dedicated Rocker Society/All Access Magazine

"Interstellar Troubadours, Album Review: "Outta this World""

Album Review
The Wyldz
Interstellar Troubadours
We’re always so focused on the future—from a young age, we’re asked, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Starting around age five, we’re groomed to constantly fret about the future. But, why not just “let it go” for a while and live in the present? After all, this up and coming French Psych-Rock band seems to have a fantastic philosophy: as mentioned by Alex Dhee [guitars], we have this word in the English language: “Nowhere.” If you chop that word in half, we get “now” and “here.” That’s one of the band’s mottos—live in the present. It causes less anxiety, and as college students who stress over the future on an hourly basis, we could use a little dose of their clever ideas.
This philosophy is prevalent in the band’s most recent album, Interstellar Troubadours, which plays around with psychedelic guitar riffs and energetic beats. The melodies and lyrics share the same messages discussed in rock ‘n’ roll’s founding fathers’ tunes back in the ‘60s and ‘70s. With songs like, “Let it Go,” and “Don’t be Evil (to Yourself),” these talented rockers have a way of pulling dusty topics to the present and making them relevant. So, for those who’ve been struggling to find a current band that resembles past groups like Cream, Pink Floyd, or The Doors, look no further.
Take the 2015 album, Interstellar Troubadours, for example; you’ve got three men jamming together like it’s 1964, having the time of their lives. Smooth vocals weave through nimble guitar riffs while intricate beats keep steady, head-banging rhythms. The song, “Interstellar Troubadours” incorporates wild solos sprouting from each instrument. In the middle of the track, Alex jams to Oliv’s beats, his guitar wailing, amplified by high-reverbs and their passion for hard rock ‘n’ roll. This album is pure fun—the perfect record to blast while either cleaning your side of the dorm or driving, whether it be to campus or racing back home for the holidays after your final exam of the term.
In a phrase: Outta this world
—by Samantha Curreli - Samantha Curreli, The Aquarian Weekly

"Best of Local Licks 2014 on KLBJ, Austin TX Rock radio" - Loris Lowe, KLBJ

"Album review"

[...] A stunning recording of blues infused driving riffs, throw in a few soulful grooves, combined with soulful vocals and you have something truly unique. They have that Cream meets Zeppelin vibe with a modern day feel. If you are in the mood, or appreciate, killer guitar riffs, great vocals, and a tight rhythm section, served up by a powerhouse rock trio, then The Wyldz are ready, willing and able to deliver the goods! - The Dedicated Rocker Society/All Access Magazine (Feb 2014)

"Take Aim: Artist Direct Interviews The Wyldz"

Rock, Austin by way of France!

The Wyldz are today's Take Aim opponents. They are from Paris, but now they rock and they live in Austin, so they have quite a bit of an international background. But who cares where they are from? All you should care about is how they rock.

Twitter-size your bio -- your choice of 140 words or characters, if you want to get technical-- and tell us everything we need to know! Go!

Rock'n'roll from Paris FR to Austin TX devoted to creating & sharing music. We Love Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin & Toto. We believe in You w/_

If you were not doing music, you would be…

Alex: An astronaut.
Mitch: A chef.
Oliv: Computer developer

Any non-music hobbies, talents or skills?

We can make fire and fish! And kick ass to formula one on Play Station.

Pick one song one your record and share a writing or recording story. Something intimate, that you haven't told anyone else (or at least a bunch of writers or journalists) and that which puts us in the moment with you. Let's get intimate, shall we?

#10 on Interstellar Troubadours: 'Chasing Ghosts' is the last song we wrote before completing pre-prod of the album. We finished one week before we left to record in Chicago. but the end result is very different from the demo we recorded at home in austin. We modified the song so the bass drum could stick to the guitar part and make it more powerful. The energy of the studio pushed us on the details. it's one we like to play on stage, good energy.

What the song is about: The lyrics are about the people in the music business that you meet along your journey, always promising marvelous things. When you try to move forward and make things happen you notice their likeness to a windmill, moving air, but staying in the same place.

It's an obstacle at the beginning of a career in music but it's pure experience. You learn to protect yourself.

Finish this sentence: The Wyldz is the artist that…

...are devoted to the premier reason for creating music, sharing.

—Amy Sciarretto 05.12.15
Read more at - Artist Direct, Amy Sciarretto

"Human Rise review"

[...] The Paris-to-Austin transplants pledge their troth to the Seventies, particularly the blues-injected hard rock of Cactus, Free, and (of course) Led Zeppelin. Grady’s Gordie Johnson bakes it all into a solid entrée. The band tastes best with a hit of acid, as when the psychedelically inclined “Screen” and “High and Wide” swirl and pound righteously. [...]
The Austin Chronicle (Nov 2013) - Austin Chronicle

"The Wyldz interview"

Like a punch in the face, or a gift from the rock n’ roll gods, prepare to be blown away by the up and coming French three piece, The Wyldz. All the way from Paris France, The Wyldz look like a mirage from 1972. Wailing technical guitar riffs, powerful melodies, thoughtfully catchy songs, and strong unique voices shine and leave you full of energy and wanting to hear more. Influenced by legends like Hendrix, Morrison, Zeppelin and Zappa, this dynamic trio reminds us of why we fell in love with the classics and adds a lusty, modern twist.
The Wyldz have arrived in Austin, and hopefully for good. “We are here to break on through to the other side…like a fist in full force”, says lead guitarist Alex Dhee. Besides the long hair, vintage boots, and thick French accents, it is obvious that these guys are the real deal. The band recommends listening to their songs as loud as you can and I agree, but nothing beats the live, raw, intensity of The Wyldz experience in person.
It’s been a while since I’ve had an intelligent conversation with a rock band about the definition of Rock N Roll, and what it means to them. As in their songs, the boys speak about their dreams and desires, compelling topics about society, human nature, spirituality, and the profound importance of conveying a message of optimism to a changing world. A collaboration from each individual voice, with French as their native tongue, their lyrics are in English and are poetic, insightful, and simply Rock N Roll.
In the past two or three years I have observed an overflow of exceedingly common and tragically hip Austin bands trying to sound like Aerosmith, 1974, “Get Your Wings”. Speaking for myself, a person raised on rock legends, with unconditional love for Rock N Roll in general, I sometimes challenge the authenticity of young “classic-rock” groups. Rock N’ Roll means far more than growing a ponytail, or chop stash, sporting a pearl snap, beer gut, and massive ego. The concept doesn’t necessarily revolve around an out of control lifestyle, or have to do with babes, booze, and drug habits. Rock N Roll is a frame of mind. Destruction and creation , enlightenment, a message of inspiration in a language I speak fluently, the divine prophecy, the change we want to see in the world, individualism, and originality. To become a successful musician isn’t easy, it takes true practice and sacrifice. After spending a day with The Wyldz, hearing them play live, and listening to their first album on loop it is obvious that these guys get it . In a city full of aspiring musicians, The Wyldz are a breath of fresh air and are genuinely devoted to soon become the next big thing.
Beyond magazine (March 2013) - Beyond Magazine

"The Big Machine Part 1 review"

Only a year after the release of their first self-produced album, “Let The Child Go Wild“, The Wyldz come back with their new offering to the rock n ‘roll gods of the ’60s and ’70s. With this 6 tracks CD, The Wyldz continues to explore a repertoire being worthy of Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, Pink Floyd and others and it sounds really good! The production could have been made from vinyl records to tapes and then etched. In a few words: it’s grooving a lot! This is certainly the most enjoyable aspect of their music: Rock’n'roll seems to flow naturally from their fingers. Listening to The Big Machine Part. 1 gives the impression that there is nothing easier than laying riffs and ultra efficient arrangements. If they were allowed to open for well known bands, be sure of one thing: they can kneel down any audience that would be to the cause of Rock’n'roll.
Hard Rock Magazine (December 2012 / Album review) - Hard Rock Magazine


Still working on that hot first release.



From outer space, to the center of the earth, The Wyldz continue to grow as Trees, spreading their roots to touch the hearts of every music lover. 

Formed in Paris France, The Wyldz original members Alex Dhee and Oliv Porrini welcome two new players to their music family. Lead singer Michael Parent makes his way from Olympia, Washington in the name of music. Uprooting himself from the rainy state and relocating to the music capital herself Austin, Texas. Being true to himself, Bassist Willie Jansen follows his brother Michael from Olympia to Austin- evolving The Wyldz into a head-banging four-piece. Each member brings something unique to the table, much like the veins of blooming leaves in Spring.

As quickly as the four met, instrumental jams turned into riffs written into songs and the process begins. The Wyldz are working, time turning seamless in order to record a fresh record for listeners, old and new. These musicians are all about sharing and spreading the love—as Alex, guitar, said in one interview, “For us, music is about sharing.”

And the art of recording. 

It’s one thing to perform original songs that sound like they’re off old Led Zeppelin records, but to have to opportunity to record them just as all those legends had back in the day is a gift from the music gods. The Wyldz recorded their second American album, Interstellar Troubadours on tape with Steve Albini in January 2015. With the preparation and energy of the moment, they were able to record 12 songs in less than a week.  

“We wanted to record ‘Interstellar Troubadours’ on tape to capture the Live (experience) and the warmth, as if you are in the room with us” explains Oliv, drums. 

Once Interstellar Troubadours was released, the band set out on a national summer tour sharing music and stories with each city’s people. However, due to complications, their lead singer Mitch Bassoul had to quit the band and return to France, leaving the remaining drummer and guitarist to pursue the band’s goals. 

Dedication drives The Wyldz to it’s future greatness….

“One of INTERSTELLAR TROUBADOURS strengths is that as well as
being a full on rock album there is variety and skill in the song
sequencing and increasing maturity in the song writing. If you want
to blow the dust off your hi-fi speakers this is the album for you.
'Interstellar Troubadours' has it all, wonderful guitar riffs,
sublime bass and up front hard hitting drums. From classic rock to
sonic rock ballads this has it all. -Highly Recommended” / All Access Magazine

“It is obvious that these guys are the real deal,” declares
Beyond Magazine. “The Wyldz are a breath of fresh air and are genuinely
devoted to soon become the next big thing. Given how quickly
they’ve already begun making their mark in America, the stage is
set for The Wyldz to ascend to and make their indelible mark on
today's popular music.”


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