Seattle, Washington, USA
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I'm a singing songwriting Happy-Go-Lucky Wannabe Rocking Harmonica Ideas Dude


I caught on to The Beatles when I was a kid, I jumped on The Rolling Stones, I was lucky to see man land on the moon, I see all the world as OUR home. If there has been one thing that I have always believed, it is that it takes all of us to share in order to leave this world a better place. I hope to for my having been here!



Written By: Joe Doney

(The Girl in this song is Mother Earth)

One Two Three Score
(harmonica riff)

I said Wow, Wow wee
Hey Little Girl how about you and me
I said Wow, Wow Wee
Let's Get together and then will see

Ready Set Here we go, one, two, three score
(harmonica riff)

Well I can hardly believe it
Look at the pretty thing looking at me
Well Hey Pretty Baby how about you and me get together?
We'll get together and then we'll see

Ready Set Here we go 1,2,3 Score
(harmonica riff)

I said Wow Wow-wee
Hey Pretty Girl how about Wow baby
I said Wow Wow-wee
Let's get together and then we'll see

Ready set Here We Go 1,2, Rock-n-Roll



Written By: Joe Doney

Where am i gonna rub to
Where am i gonna hide
From that girl who broke my heart in two
The one that made me cry
And I didn't understand just what her love could do
And I still don't understand why she wants me blu

Who am i gonna talk to
How can i confide
In a girl that ripped my heart in two
i'm all tore up inside


I play in Seattle @ The Pike Place Market and in Pioneer Square as a street performer, commonly refered to as a Busker.

Set List

It's me with whoever wants to join in and shake my tambourine