The 202's

The 202's


Nuggets style garage rock meets Low era Bowie.


We are the 202’s. There’s two of us and we named ourselves after one of our favourite synths, the Roland MC202. We formed in April 2007, played our first gig in May & recorded our first tracks in June.
Since then we’ve continued gigging & writing & will be returning to the studio for 4 days in early August.

Our sound lies somewhere between Nuggets era garage rock & Low era Bowie. One description we’ve encountered is “Husker Du meets Neil Young meets Pink Floyd.” Influences include Kraftwerk, Air, Sly Stone, Suicide, Captain Beefheart, the Band, the Fall, Brian Eno &Big Star.

Our live show mixes pre recorded elememts with live guitar, bass, vocals, synth, melodica, harmonica & glockenspiel. An EP is due in October with widespread gigging planned to coincide.