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Can I Kick It

Written By: Michael Winfree


Im ill

Iller than your average cat

I can rock a microphone

With just a kick and a hat

Outta control

Definitely insane

The messiahs are here

And we about to change the game

Comin with more trouble than the double bubble twins

And i know with this flow im possibly gonna win

Sweller than a fella with a cashmere sweaters

And a collection of hats with the pointy purple feathers

I just wanna kick it and rock this globe

And if you don’t feel it that’z your problem Joe

Lil G

Can I kick it

Can I kick it

I got diamonds on my neck

Man im icy man im flaucin

I might freeze to death

Pull the money out my pocket

Homie you cant stop it

I got money all the time

Cuz I might blow

Wit my super flow

Call me the fireman

Stop drop and roll

Ready set go

Tick tack toe

Eenie meenie miney

Get more dough

Baby T

Can I kick it

Can I kick it

Come on lil mama

We can kick it at the mall

I’ll take you school shopping

That’s how I ball

We can go eat mcDonald’s or Jack in the Box

We can go to the movies and catch an 8 o’ clock

You can give me a call

If you need to talk

We can go to the beach and have a walk

I just want you to understand

Im a real man

Nobody could do you

The way I can


Can I kick it

Can I kick it

Poppa in the place

Im all in your face

Listen to my pace

Imma give you a taste

We tour around states

Dollars we make

Haters gonna hate

But that’s all great great great great



Music please

Iam Blowin Up

Written By: Michael Winfree

I’m Blowin Up Lyrics


I ain't a paper chaser

Let the paper chase me

Tall as the sky

Long as the sea

I got greenery

Which means I got cash

Are you kids too slow

Or am I just talkin fast

Yall know who I are

Don’t step up to this star

I’m outta this world

I can see you from afar

Gutta, more famous than that next man is

Got enough paper to support that next man’s kids

I’m talkin bill gates money

Stuff you’ll never spend

Things you dream about talk about with your friends

23 no further waiting

The throne was for the taking

No mistaken a higher ranking

It’s the truth no faking

Now I’m aching for the bacon

You haters can keep hating

Cuz it ain’t gonna change my ratings

Critics like what I’m saying

Blowin up overnight

Yeah yeah I got it rite

You dudes got it wrong like a mean overbite

I’m Blowin Up

Baby T

That's the whole purpose
Isn’t it
To live
To your greatest
And achieve what u can
With what u got
N do what it takes
To get your cake
So u won't be stuck in a rake
N be able to climb up out the pot
Basically what I'm saying
Is that time is worth the waiting
So if the clock
Has to stop
Let it be
With no debating
This lyrical pacing
Is way past your bracing
It's nothing u can do
So u might as well face em
Stake anybody caught hating
Got no time for playing
Unless the playing
Bringing banking
In high

And anybody I find thinking
They can keep a baker from baking
They'll be thrown
As ingredients
to the pie

Got not time for pity
I'm scraping up every penny
So I can have a mansion
That’s sitting up Sky high
But then I wake up to find
I been dreaming
And everything had been seeming
Like a distraction constantly
Passing me by

But still I'm blowin up

Lil G

When I see you its war

I spit words galore

Rivers flowin around

I can show you a score

There won’t be no more

Better than you times 4

Ready or not don’t matter

Imma leave yall sore

I gotta short fuse

So u don’t wanna try

Blowin up makin money

I’m already touching the sky

Don’t need a jet like the rest of them

Dress better than the rest of them

Don’t compare to the rest of them

Dog swear I’m not the rest of them

Yall never been gangsters

Betta known as wankstas

Can’t blow up like this pranksta

A wack rapper yanker

Yeah I pull em out the game

Won’t nobody know your name

We know where you be with your fake swapmeet chain

Try to hide imma find you like your name was nemo

And the kids on my block treat me like I’m d-bo

To make a killing is my aim and imma hit my target

You dudes better run I feel my short fuse sparkin

I’m bout to blow up

The Bizness

Written By: Michael Winfree

The Bizness


Now imma kill this

So when you listenin you’ll feel this

Flow like cancer

Im deadly like a sickness

Now what you bout to witness

Is the real bizness

Boy get on my hitlist

Im gifted like Christmas

Skrew will never look down

Especially to you clowns

Wanna try and start sumthin

Well turn you upside down

Turn that smile into a frown

What you gotta say now

Nuthin like a chubby kid

With a kool-aid smile

Let me put you on the game

Everything about to change

From the rap industry

To yo girl last name

And im all about the fame

Already got the money

I see yall aint laughin

Cuz you know it aint funny

Like a fat kid tummy

Need to call jenny craig

Do some push-ups hungry

Maybe then you’ll get fed

Lookin at the rims homie

Just check out the inches

No bow or wrapper paper

Could ever fit this

Baby T

Check it one two

Y'all know what I do

Hop on a beat

Wit the 23 crew

Like a puzzle Get a clue

Drop when we Come thru

Ain't nobody hot as this

Stay bubbling like stew

My favorite color blue

But I got a lot green

Gotta swagga that's tough

And a flow that's mean

Got the beat lookin jeans

And my pockets stay full

Yo pocket got holez in em

Get the guts of a bull

Like this dude right here

Thro my hands in the air

Wave em to side to side

Like I just don't care

And I know it fair

That I get a lot of stares

But hey what can u say

Imma mini millionaire

Got the scare Of a were-

Its a full moon out there

Gotta shake u haterz off

Gotta get u out my hair

Cuz u pests I can't bare

Like u holdin me from air

Gotta get away from y'all

Gotta get away from them

Lil G

Now what I say I mean

So don't question my thoughts

They might be too much

But I ain't gonna come soft

I rather be as loud as the speakers

Bangin that raw

Hop drop pop lock

N that's all that they saw

Cuz I fly like butterfly

And sting like a bee

Leave em dropped in the ring

U can call me Ali

And this verse ain't free

Companies gotta pay me

World premiering on

Bet and MTV

You Want This

Written By: Michael Winfree

You Want This

Aint it funny aint it

I’m takin everything

And everybody like the way my diamonds shine and gleam

See I run for my team

We be so fresh so clean

Diggin on the scene

With a gangsta lean

And this rhyme is mean

My flow is kinda new

It’s time for a change

So what about you

You need to step up

And change your swagger dog

Your style been flipped through

Like a catalog

My style is super fresh

And never nothing less

Yes I do confess that everything I do is dope and blessed

We are the best

So get used to it

Cuz I run through you

Like embalming fluid

And this flow stupid

But its kinda smart

Hip hop flow

Cal it retard

Slick swift

Stick shift

Cool kid pullin out

Bad talk

Good life

That’s what this is all about

Baby T

Now take a second of your time
To admire my swag

Check out the hightop chuckz
Wit the matching louiie bag

Got paper to The ceiling
More than you will ever have

And for u haters out there
I keep a mean jab

I know the color of these diamonds
Makes yall mad

And I determine whatz hot
Im Like the latest fad

Keep up if u can
I swear I'll leave y'all in the back

For the cover of everybody’s favorite mag

I get the kinda attention
That makes it easy to grab

And like a firecracker
I'm liable to snap

Crack and pop
I'm the best when it come to rap

And everybody on my team
Got plenty of stacks

baby t I stay fresh just like at my clothes

Ur girl chose me and that’s how it goes

I got diamonds around me

Don’t get froze

23 boyz and we stay wit dumb flows

And we stay wit dumb flows

Lil G

On the comeout im hitting

Im the walking lotto big spending

Worth millions

Lil’ G brown eyes pimpin

Life and death similar to Russel Simmons

Look at me grinning

Outta the back of my trunk im big winning

Im charmin and attractive and appealing

My dvd and audio two is top billing

Compare me to the Reverend Run cause I be illin

In a L.A state of mind with two girls chillin

You know it’s Lil’ G

Im the one you don’t wanna doubt

I write a rhyme, lay down a line

And then I bring them things out

I got one of a kind clothes

With one of a kind seals

Record execs call us up givin us one of a kind deals

Meanwhile me and 23 chop it up over five star meals

All we do is kick back

All we gotta do is chill

After killin it in the studio we got a major feel

And you can best believe what you hearin on this mic is real

We got the music that make the healthiest people ill