The 39 Steps

The 39 Steps


We are a Alternative Rock band with an old school seattle grunge twist. We have a melodic pop sound that is fun to listen to and we are known to rock hard at our live shows. We always give our all to entertain our fans and they always return the favor with their excited reaction.


The 39 Steps formed in June of 2006 in Seattle Washington. Tim Basaraba also known as TBASA and drummer Matt Stegner former members of Lazy Comet and Wolf Cougar approached Mike Ness also known as Magic Mike former guitarist of Meat the Vegan to form the new project named after the great Hitchcock film. They soon put together a 40-minute set and started playing shows in the Seattle area. They are an alternative independent rock band.
The 39 Steps play at least once a month in the Seattle area and have been honored to play with such great bands as Eastern Grip, The Valley, Moc Moc, The Plains, The Endeavors, Kled, Man the Guns, Shark Lake and many others. The band books through Nada Mucho and they can also be booked directly.


The first recording, The 39 steps self titled, was recorded at Blackout studios in October 2006. Blackout is also home for The 39 Steps thanks to drummer Matt Stegner and his fully equipped 16 track pro analog and digital studio, Matt recorded and engineered the recording himself.

The new EP is called tubes and is the second recording by The 39 Steps. Tubes was also recorded at Blackout Studio by Matt Stegner in the fall of 2007. The EP is radio friendly and contains no explicit lyrics except on the bonus track on the end of the EP. Tubes can be purchased through I-Tunes and at local record stores Cellophane Square and Easy Street records
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Set List

We usually play 40 minute sets. We don't currently play covers.
Our set list goes like this.
1. Polar Scare
2. Right after Dark
3. Fervor
4. Fuck Yeah
5. Marcher
6. Wishful Fishing
7. The Other Palm Springs
8. Marcher
9. Adult Swim in Gas