The 3-D Invisibles

The 3-D Invisibles


Monster Rock. A mad doctor's creation of B-Movie horror mixed with the Ramones and Screaming Lord Sutch with a dash of Chuck Berry and Bela Lugosi thrown in.


The band started in the early 80s influenced by the punk rock movement of the late 70s. Other musical influences are 60s garage and pop music and a touch of 50s rock & roll. Lyrics are inspired by 30s-60s horror and sci-fi films.


Love On Mars/Monster Island 7" 1982
Put On Your glasses 7" EP 1983
Jump Off The Screen LP 1984
Vampires A-Go-Go LP 1986
They Won't Stay dead LP 1988
B-Movie Brain CD 1993
Robot Monster/The Tingler 7" 1994

Set List

We usually do a 45 minute set. Sets are 99 percent original, with the occasional cover of a horror novelty record.
Here a list of original songs:
Go-Go Ghost
The Fly
Gorilla Mummy
Haunted House
Mutant Swinger From Mars
Robot Monster
The Tingler
Graven City Ghoul
Creature From the Black Lagoon
Skeletons In Your Closet
Hot Rod Hearse
The Dreams of Poe
Friday the 13th
They Won’t Stay Dead
Creature From Outer Space
Down In The Dungeon
Frankenstein Stomp
Surprise For Teacher
I Walked With A Zombie
Mars Needs Women
Mail-Order Monster
Creepy Fella
Graveyard Rockin’
I Married A Monster From Outer Space
Skeleton Rock & Roll
Christopher Lee
Beach Party Massacre
The Mad Doctor’s Unsuccessful Experiments
My Baby’s Gone To Pieces
Blood Feast
Monsters Across The USA
Cool Ghoul
Stake In My Heart
The Island of Zombie Women
Midnight At The Wax Museum
Strange Adventures In Outer Space
Swamp Thing
Mummy On The Loose
Moon Over Transylvania