The 3rd Key

The 3rd Key


The 3rd Key is a band with a distinct voice in the Western New York metal scene. Playing technical yet melodic, groove oriented songs while delivering thought provoking lyrics is this bands specialty.


The 3rd Key is a metal band from a small town in Western New York that boasts a larger population of cattle than humans. Starting in the summer of 2005 as a three piece with the oldest member being only 17, they quickly began playing shows and shocking the locals with their musical prowess. Originally influenced heavily by Pantera and Metallica, the band gained notoriety for their youth and ability to cover songs too advanced for even the veteran bands in the area. Around this time The 3rd Key recorded and released their first five track demo Dining With Death.
After more than 30 local shows, the band stretched its influence to the big cities of Rochester and Buffalo. During this time the bands influences started to lean more toward the heavy side of the metal spectrum. Influenced by Buffalo greats Cannibal Corpse and other bands including the likes of Impaled Nazarene, Suicide Silence and Between The Buried And Me. They recorded their second five track demo at Blackdog Studios in Rochester entitled The Deeds of Death.
The 3rd Key began to experiment with a much heavier sound and in the process picked up a lead vocalist and a second guitar player. Due to their increasingly heavy sound and rise in popularity, the band was given opening slots for national acts such as Vital Remains, Blackgaurd, Scar Symmetry and The Agonist. The 3rd Key's first full length entitled An Education In Malice was self recorded and distributed at the end of 2010. It is available now on iTunes and through many other digital distributors.
As members of The 3rd Key, Jamous Christ, Johnny Dahmer, Lexicon, Doombringer and Zacky Chan continue to develop their sound into a maelstrom of heavy, technical and melodic music. They continue to prove that metal can exist in even the most rural settings and flourishes because of it.


Sell It

Written By: The 3rd Key

Drowning in our waste
We seek out this plague
Diving deeper
Below these noxious waves

Sell them torture sell them death
Let's cash in on their ignorance
What could it hurt, go ahead try it
Wrap it up nice so people will buy it

Sugarcoat the sickness, we'll ask for more
Sugarcoat the sickness, we'll beg for more

Choking on this sludge
Our eyes are encased
Diving deeper
Consuming our demise





I Am The Apocalypse

Written By: The 3rd Key

Into the light I step and breathe in the morning
The sun softens the flames of the fires built in darkness
As my eyes fully open
I see the devastation

Reveries from the days before surface the understanding
My life enslaved to rejects I beg my life for vengeance
To the shadows I did turn
And asked respite from the reaper

Cut me from the strings my master
I call out to only one
Make me the bringer of sorrow
Let death guide my hands

A whisper rang through my ears the chill of death down my neck
I begged to slay those above me the answer fell from my mouth
Today I slaughter
Tonight I pile the corpses

Blood lust took my will as I began to taste fear
With bare hands I conquered the change of roles complete
I have become the end
I am the apocalypse


As you sow
So shall I reap

Now follow me as we take over
Today we slaughter, tonight we pile the corpses higher


Last Prayer

Written By: The 3rd Key

This corruption that flows through your veins
Is it a gift from your god un-named
Is it a gift that you truly can't stop
It's not a curse when you revel in the fear you cause

Get on your knees
And pray for your savior
I'll hold the gun to your head
This is your last prayer
So say it louder

You are a sick son of a bitch
And you don't deserve to live
You are a sick son of a bitch
And you deserve to die



Deceit, The Tragedy

Written By: The 3rd Key

Selfish thoughts breed pride and lust
For that which can not be held
Visions fade of the un-betrayed
New wants for ourselves

Sacrifice the self for the one
And extinguish mental flame
Unjust verdict never reached
Replace the love for the pain

An answer never reached
For a question without words
Deceit the tragedy
Of the spirit of the worth
Of rebirth

Second comings reveal to see
That the failure from the first is the same
Neglecting the final falling
To ponder on the misnamed

Children Of Anarchy

Written By: The 3rd Key

Come now and walk with me
It's time to take what's ours to be
Time to seize our destiny
And sound our horn triumphantly

Let the pigs fry and the eagles die
Let the air ring out with a victory cry
And as the fires burn we look to the sky
Now we see our true demise

Freedom screams anarchy
From a child's mouth
Fly the flag way up high
The flag of suicide

Left now without a cause
We seek to cleanse all of our flaws
Fear drips from our maws
We claim the blood of everyone


Now we see what we have wrought
A senseless war without thought
We knew not what our fight brought
We set the traps but we were caught



Dining With Death (2008) - Five Track Demo
The Deeds Of Death (2010) - Five Track Demo
An Education In Malice (2010) - Full Length