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"The 3Tards: Asscore for the masses"

The Universe is shifting, The 3Tards, everyone's favourite semi-legendary Toronto "asscore" band, are making noises about growing, evolving and trying a new direction on their upcoming third album, You Win, You Lose.

This is the band we rely on not only for high-energy, rude and vulger punk rock, but for the outrageous onstage antics that include gay weddings, baptisms and childbirth as well as nudity, penis dancing and costumes ranging from yogi bear to michael Bolton.

Don't Panic though- singer John, drummer Keith, Bassist Fox and guitarist Le Tard promise not to alienate the faithful; they just want to show off their writing and playing proficiency and take things to the next level.

"You can't have a 3Tards album without some swear words and questionable content," says john, "But Le and Fox and Keith have been writing such good music, its almost a shame to add lyrics that won't be taken seriously, 'cause it discredits everything. And I want to sing. I really do. Because I have a good voice, and I spent two albums screaming."

Since 2001, the 3Tards have been filling venues with happy, blood-spattered fans- and selling them their albums, The Greatest Hits Vol. 2 and Crystall Balls- but they're not content to remain in their niche.

"I'm not saying I want to be a millionaire, but I want to stand on stage in front of thousands," says John. "The closest we've got is around 700, which is great, but I'm convinced that if we were in a venue with thousands of people, we'd win them over."

So on, You Win, You Lose, the 3Tards will try to reach a broader audience with some catchier, popular songs as well as "one of the heaviest thrash songs you're ever going to hear," as John puts it.

"Lets give some new people a taste of our stuff," says Fox. "That's the key. I mean, I don't want to disappoint our fans, but i want new people to hear us. And I want to grow. I think the music is at a level where we're growing and we can do that."

"And still kick the shit out of everybody," adds John.

"I just want to rock," says Keith.
- Gassoline Magazine

"Expect the unexpected with the 3tards"

With the title of "Canada's most politically incorrect punk band" and a history of wacky on-stage antics and off-the-wall costumes, a healthy sense of humour is a must for anyone planning to attend the 3tards concert in whistler this weekend.

But giant penis costumes, a faux onstage wedding between two of the male band members and the bloody, simulated birth of the newlyweds' baby in front of a sold-out crowd aside, the frontman of the Toronto-based band comes across as down to earth, personable and just looking to have some fun playing music with his friends.

"We've kind of carved ourselves a nice niche with this whole punk rock entertainment thing," said 3tards lead singer, John Tard. "I try to do something different every time we do a show."

John is the mastermind behind all the 3tards costumes and theatrics but he wouldn't give any hints about what he's planning for the band's first ever Western Canadian tour, which stops in Whistler Sunday (Sept 30) at Garf's. Not even the band members know ahead of time what kind of crazy stunts John's got up his sleave from one show to the next.

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The Greatest Hits Vol. 2 (2004)
Crystal Balls (2006)



Toronto punk legends THE 3TARDS, established in 2001, are single handedly responsible for Asscore and its movement. Adding yet another core to your already extensive collection of cores.

Recently dubbed “Canada’s most politically incorrect punk band” by the London Free Press, THE 3TARDS have become famous for their kick-in-the-face punk rock sound and incredible live show!

From playing, dressed as the Village People, with punk icons The Misfits, to famous little person Beetlejuice tattooing his name on vocalist John Tard’s chest live on stage in front of a sold-out venue, to John and bassist Fox Tard marrying each other in a live ceremony, to the birth of Fox Tard’s child before a capacity crowd, THE 3TARDS take the live experience to a level never seen from a punk rock band! They’ve appeared several times on Ed’s Night Party as well as the Dr. Phil show (two polar opposites if ever there were). To add to that, they’ve built up a massive army of loyal followers from across the country - the Tard Foundation - and their annual benefits for breast cancer research have raised thousands of dollars.

Every show THE 3TARDS play is instant history in the making. They’re also highly regarded as one of the most technically proficient punk bands Canada has ever seen.