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Yonkers, NY | Established. Jan 01, 2010 | SELF

Yonkers, NY | SELF
Established on Jan, 2010
Solo Hip Hop R&B




"The4orth - Soulution (Mixtape)"

I am hella late on this mixtape, I hold my hands up for that but I finally got round to peeping The4orth’s new tape entitled Solution. The tape has a real nice vibe throughout, some melodic influenced records mixed with some energetic records. The4orth really grabbed some nice production on the tape, production he seemingly made his own. The tape starts off strong and in my opinion withers out a little towards the end, however this is one of the more impressive projects I have heard from the underground this year. Stream under the jump. - Boi1da


We agreed with his plight. However, every Hip Hop artist thinks they are the “solution” to the modern rap world’s problems… So we took the time to check him out, just in case he was presenting an obvious bluff.

The fact that this article is dedicated to The4orth the very next day??? Says tons about our opinion on his lyrical abilities. This guy is honestly is one of the answers to bringing Hip Hop back to a more respectable state. However, we need many more to follow his lead to even come close to any kind of restoration.

The concepts around this album runs circles around many other “rap albums” out currently. The production work is hella tight, and puts you back in perspective to the golden era sound of the genre. Chopped up samples, gritty drums and raw content… It just feels too right.

Classic boom, bap. Period. Leave your thoughts below in the comments section. - hypefreshmagazine


The4orth is back yet again, and this time he's bringing his poetic flare/visual to the subject surrounding the all famous community "Dealer Man".

Curtis Mayfield's late record "Pusha Man"comes to mind when we rocked out to this video, as its obvious The4orth is discussing the the perils of this open and volatile relationship many have with him - including himself.







Taking the harsh realities of either being a dealer or a customer, The4orth paints an awesome picture for mental digest. If you never had a relationship with a dealer yourself, you can vicariously know what the pro's and cons are in this piece. And vice versa.

Definitely a banger. This track screams a classic. What do you think? Leave your comments and thoughts below. You can also catch more work from this artist at his website, - HypeFresh Magazine

"Mixtape - The4orth - Soulution"

Take a listen to The4orth’s 14-track mixtape ‘Soulution’. This mixtape comes with heavy lyricism and an authentic hip-hop sound. The New York emcee, The4orth, puts together a nice blend of music to show off his variety of talents. Check it out - dodgerondeck

"The4orth solves the problem with Soulution"

Neo-soul music has been slowly declining recently with the growing fad of electronic influences throughout every musical genre, but a rapper by the name of the 4orth out of Hope Mills, NC has made an attempt to bring back the contemporary R&B discipline with his latest project “Solutions”. Originally reigning from New York, his style stays true to east coast Hip Hop, and he calmly addresses injustices with thought provoking lyrics and exquisite wordplay.
The 4orth brings back the era of soul/hip hop that was lead by such artists as Mos Def, Talib Kweli, Common, The Foreign Exchange, and many more. He opens the project with Kanye-like samples in “Patient” and “Back Like” in which 4orth rides over smoothly and with such calmness as Jay-Z. Tracks such as “What is Life featuring A-Rain” and “Afraid/Dark” reaches more towards a mainstream affiliation that could go toe-to-toe with Drake, but still holds that unique North Carolina lyricism with a touch of soul just like Raleigh’s infamous rap group Little Brother.

Just like his old school influences, there is a revolutionary undertone addressing inner city issues. The 4orth relates inner city urban issues such as the drug trade in “Drug Dealer” with intolerance in opposition of his hip hop peers who glorify the lifestyle. A mixture of conscious subject matter and smooth house blends, “Change” is a relaxed track that spins like a ceiling fan over your head, filled with deep thought and wild dreams where as “Move On” is more of a walk in the park on a summer day: both tracks relating serious thoughts to neo-soul vibes.
Where the 4orth is strong in his wordplay and his eccentric sense of sound, there are times when he crosses the threshold of artistically inclined and just weird. It’s not too over the top, more of a Kid Cuddi kind of abstraction that not all listeners will follow. “Still Speak Your Name” is a poorly executed song turned into skit that should have simply been left as a dramatic pause within the project. Listeners may also not be very appreciative of so much vocalization lapping over each other on some of the tracks for it can be confusing and somewhat annoying. What hurts the project the most is the 4orth’s choice in featured singers. While the music doesn’t call for a Whitney Houston to blow on the tracks, it would have been much better with someone who didn’t try so hard to show off their vocal skills. It only ended up making them sound like amateurs.

Fans of the neo-soul genre or smooth hip-hop will be impressed by this project, and the 4orth may find that he has a more mature fan base. It’s another one for the artistic types who struggle to find their voice, and also the perfect music to play for a grown and sexy event. Club hoppers and street runners won’t be too keen on the messages or styles as much, but for the one who contemplates his life and wishes to do better, this project is the perfect inspiration.
For more information, and a free download of The 4orth’s latest work “Solution”, visit - Rebelchild


-Birth of King (06/05/2011)

-Before King (11/12/10) (Datpiff)

-The4orth (01/28/12) (Soundcloud)

-Soulution (05/1/14) (AudioMack)

-KJ (8/3/15) (soundcloud)

-"PaydaysThe4orth" Hosted by Dj Nick (01/04/16)(spinrilla)

- 4orth World Country (TBA 2016)

- Still Love (12/26/16)



Father, musician, and truly a visionary presence within his community. Began his career with a series of underground mixtapes released entitled , "the initiation", "before king", "birth of king", "the4orth", "Soulution", and "KJ" which have caught the attention and likes of supporters from all walks of life. He often takes listeners on an unforgettable journey with his Soul & Hip Hop infused recordings to create and personify a unique sound. The4orth is constantly developing as an artist and has honed a style true and unique to him without compromise. His latest release is a single entitled "psyche" which is feature on his upcoming 2016 release "4orth World Country".

"Yonkers, NY native the4orth is certainly one of the great ones"- (via ashelyoutrageous blog). 

Formally known as KJ, the4orth brand began in 2011 with the release of the critically acclaimed "The4orth" mixtape. This mixtape was in many was a transitional effort by the4orth going from his previous moniker "KJ" to "the4orth" in what he describes as a maturation process.

Born in the Bronx, NY on August 3, 1993 as James R. Anderson IV. He was often exposed to classic soul music and R&B which initially sparked an interest in musicianship. As a child he displayed his musical inclination, and developed a passion for vocalism. He originally desired to be a singer inspired by artist such as Genuine, Usher, Joe, R-Kelly, and many others. His pursuit of the hip-hop culture began shortly after this period of inspiration as he grew fond of groups such as the LOX, and artist such as Nas, Jay-z, Rakim and many other notable Emcees.

He later furthered his passion for lyricism during for countless lunchroom freestyles and local battles that helped him create a buzz, but always knew he wanted to take a different direction with his music so he decided to take recording seriously and created his first projects and hasn't turned back yet. His musical influences range from notable hip-hop legends to rockbands such as The Fray and Coldplay. Currently unsigned and independent enjoying the freedoms to create without compromise looking to reach everyone who is willing to listen.

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