The 50 Ways

The 50 Ways


We are a young folk/rock duo with full band energy channeled into universally poetic content backed by powerfully emotional vocals and strong musicianship.


The 50 Ways, a folk duo out of Eastern Massachusetts, offer a unique blend of sincere songwriting, powerful vocals, and quirky humor. Since their formation in the fall of 2002, the group has evolved from a 5 piece band to a stripped down duo, yet still maintains the spirit of a full band. The pair's raw, emotional harmonies bring an intensity and closeness to the listener. Finding their true niche amidst the song circles of folk festivals, Brie Sullivan and Zack Root emerged as a folk duo performing passionate accounts of the heart. Brie filters her experiences and opinions through poetry and offers them up to anyone who will listen. Zack’s melodic bass lines combined with Brie’s percussive guitar style drive home the strong vocals. For the short time that The 50 Ways have been part of the folk scene, their music has been immediately and warmly received. The pair continue to be a strong force on their local music scene.

Set List

Typical Set

Beauty Birds
Paper Heart
Green Light
Goodnight Irene

Our sets range from 30-45 minutes
We cover Goodnight Irene at every show, once in a great while we cover an Ani Difranco or a Nields song.