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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"the 55's are a puzzling bunch"

“Before the judge turned us to shadow” is not the sort of CD that should be listened to quietly through a single earpiece of a Walkman whilst sitting in a stuffy office on a grey December day. It should be played unconfined, loud, and in stereo. However if you do chose the option to listen to the CD by the former method you may just find that the rebellious off-kilter screeches of the 55s improve your day somewhat.
The 55s are a puzzling bunch of people who live in Edinburgh because “The people of Edinburgh…though much the same essentially as most of the peoples of Europe, were more primitive and with them they felt more comfortable and advanced.” The bizarrely named members of the band joined together to form a “rock combo” formed a year ago, and since then have made it their mission to be “a sea change in post-modern entertainment.”
“Before the judge turned us to shadow” is simple but unpretensious rock. The hyperactive Ep is filled with guitar driven riffs and off key harmonies which shriek riotously. The distorted warped sound, is surprisingly upbeat. Cymbals crash and guitars wail, and the repeated lyrics quickly find themselves ingrained in the brain.
Rachel Queen - “ Friends of the heroes”

"almost worth losing your hearing for"

The evening kicked off with the indie-punk sounds of the 55s. Solid backing beats, with the whole band keeping it tight. The proficient musicians played very comfortably together, giving the impression of a band who've had a lot of practice. The well crafted songs were a mixture between upbeat foot-stompers and a more melodic style of rock, sung by the able vocalist. If I were to compare them to anyone else, I would be forced to say they sounded like a cross between The Housemartins and 80s Matchbox B-line Disaster (which works a lot better than you might think).
Taking the stage first, and faced with the usual Backpackers crowd (somewhat lacking in enthusiasm) the 55s didn't receive the response they deserved, although towards the end of the set dancing had commenced. I'd like to get to know this band better, then go and see them again with a crowd of other people who knew them better.
Jon simpson - “baby tiger fanzine”

"Mad, bad and dangerous to listen to"

Edinburgh’s 55’s have only been together for a year, and god only knows what they
were doing before that; whatever it was they probably weren’t making much music. You think that’s a prelude to a diss? Nah, they’ve taken suitably ridiculous names (Mother, Elvis, Blondass and 5 String Al) and knock out a ramshackle hybrid of blues (of the sort that shows they’ve never actually heard blues), indie rock (it’s equally plain they’ve been playing it on worn-out vinyl) and laptop folk (heard over a telephone). The results? Mad, bad and dangerous to listen to; gloriously unaffected, cut from the same cloth as early New Wave, though it’s unlikely they’ve ever heard that either. This years most honest band, and that’s praise of the highest order.
Suzie q - “ logo magazine”


The 55’s “height of Nashville +command and conker” promo 7 inch

I often get a bit nervous when writing reviews. It is hard to translate music into words and I worry that what I say might misrepresent a band. However, when I received the 55's single I knew there would be no such problem because as well being available in a limited 7" format but also you get your free download from S L records (from 28th February).
Before you disappear off to increase the size of your mp3 collection let me tell you a little bit about the 55’s. The 55’s are a 4 piece rock and roll combo based in Edinburgh. Their debut Ep "Before The Judge Turned Us To Shadow" was released last year.
The new single races helter-skelter from start of the first song to finish of the last. Bass line explodes and you can almost feel the sweat dripping from the band as they pour all their energy into "rocking out".
Well that is what I think anyway. Now go and download the single from the S L Records website!
Rachel Queen
“Friends Of The Heroes” - friends of the heroes

"live review"

On a flying Burrito Brothers tip, meanwhile, half of SL Records’ the 55s were fancy-dressed in stetsons and rockin’ the cowboy look. It was Grand Theft Parsons indeed, but we’ll let them off seeing as the music was so fine – a mixture of wailin’ downhome blues and accelerated west coast psychedelia. - The List


"Before The Judge Turned Us To Shadow" EP on sl records cat no lone24

"Cobra" Album on sl records cat no lone30


Feeling a bit camera shy


“67% of people make love on the Sabbath”

The 55’s are Mother, Elvis Valentine, Stumbling Greg Rocket aka blondass and Rambling Al Rocket aka 5 String Al.

The Rambling Rocket Brothers met some years ago in an institution (writing songs and playing live came naturally). Inspiration was never a problem (the smell of coffee in the morning, the feel of a good carpet on bare feet, schoolgirls and young Librarians) and the will to succeed in popular music was always an unspoken bond.

Some years later the Rocket’s decided it was time to form a Rock and Roll Combo. They decided to base the band in Edinburgh, as it is one of their favourite cities. The people of Edinburgh they had met, though much the same essentially as most of the peoples of Europe, were more primitive and with them they felt more comfortable and advanced.

The 55’s represent a sea change in post-modern entertainment.

“My head above the bronco’s neck
My back 45 degrees to his,
I can’t swallow”
Flavours of Marlboro Country p24

The 55’s couldn’t care less about their music, about which they are passionate.
The 55’s are interested in sin.

One might wonder at the odds of finding the greatest singers, guitarists, bass guitarists, keyboardist and drummers in one group. The 55’s certainly were amazed. And so, this special little rock group have been playing ‘sutra rock’ around Edinburgh since the summer of 2002. They recently visited a blue shed in Glasgow where they were given magic powers and returned with music on disk.

This year its personal.

The 55's have rocked and rolled all over this old land

In recent months the 55's have enjoyed extensive radio airplay on shows such as "the session in scotland" and "The John Peel show"

Their debut album will be unleashed April 2005.