the 5th pocket

the 5th pocket


If the music of Fela Kuti were to marry the music of Tortoise, their offspring would be The 5th Pocket. Their rhythmically based music is extremely danceable and infectious. One can here the groups own unique summation of all of their influences in each song.


The 5th pocket's sound is a fusion of afrobeat, break-beat,trance,house,club rhythms,afro-cuban percussion,ambient guitar and piano synth sounds. Their music is played in real time with traditional instrumentation creating a unique blend of organic techno. T 5th pocket was formed in the autumn months of 2003, in and around Amherst massachusetts, where they currently reside.

“These guys are so good, it’s dirty.”
–Daniel McLeod, Performer Magazine, Northeast Division

The 5TH Pocket has shared the stage with: the new deal,buenovento/russo duo, lotus, brothers past, tea leaf green,amun ra, addison groove project jacob fred jazz odyssey and the motet.


The 5th Pocket ep - played in regular rotation @89.3 wamh and wool 100.1 fm
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Set List

T5P has 120+ minutes of original material.
1. VAAB agent
3.minimal ease sense must stay
6.hey zeus has a god complex
7.this gust
8.the delta one form
9.on inside