The 633

The 633

 Colchester, England, GBR

The 633 are an Indie/Rock band that hails from Colchester, Essex. They ooze confidence and have a raw sound that is a welcome break from the limp wristed sound of today's bands. They have been described as 'Classic but by no means outdated'.


The 633 are a 4-piece British Indie/Rock band from Colcheser, Essex. They play modern Indie music with a hint of everything that's been before them.

They have been together for just over a year now and are hoping that this is the start of something good. They played their first gig at The Twist Music Venue at the end of July 2008 and have now gone on to play venues such as the University of Essex, The Purple Turtle in Camden and Jamm in Brixton supporting music industry mogul Alan McGee. Now after playing many other successful gigs, they are looking to push the band forwards, or more appropriately upwards.

At the end of last year the band recorded their first demo, which you can hear on this very page. It was recorded in the less conventionl studio that is Craig's spare room/office. Although its not the most polished recording it does retain the energy of a live performance and the rawness that makes the band so different from the frilly pop bands of today.

The band are now concentrating on new material to add to their already heavy armoury of songs and are due to enter the Studio in December to record a one off single.

The band have also recently started to host their own club night called The Raging Bull at a local music venue. This night has gone from strength to strength and has established the band as one of the biggest bands of the local area.

Keep your eye on this band as they are sure to make a swift and sure attack on a relatively redundent music scene.

Make sure you are part of it !!!


Demo (2009)

Start Again
Too Much To Ask
See The Light
You Don't Know (Local Radio Airplay)
All That I Need (Local Radio Airplay)

Set List

Typical Full Band Set (Duration - 45 mins):

So Strange
Start Again
Looking Up And Under
You Don't Know
You Start The Fire In Me
Just Too Far
One For Luck
A Hundred Days
Too Much To Ask
All That I Need

Typical Acoustic Set List (Duration - 45 mins):

Pipe Dreams
See How It All Plays Out
One For Luck
All That I Need
Just Too Far
Don't Take It All To Heart
Live Your Life
Silent Treatment
Take The Last Dance
Fell From The Sky