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There's something to be said about a crafty song and a simple melody. And there's something to be heard in the 6ixty8ights upcoming release "Pica/Electric/Armada". Combining soothing harmonies, savage guitars, kaleidoscopic keys, and a spastic drum drive, this brother blending variety of carnivalesque rock provides a theatricality and urgency all it's own. Driven by latent sibling rivalry or symbiosis, Liam and Carlin Nicholson, the songwriting team behind the 6ixty8ights trade up instruments, harmonies and lead vocals duties with an intensity that is always ratcheted up when brothers share a stage. The lyrics betray an off kilter-romanticism while the melody lines wield themselves like the iron fist of facisit regime.

The duo remembers Big Bay Point, a love bite on the nape of Lake Simcoe, where down amongst the reeds and rushes fellow member Leon Patterson joined the band. In the days and moons since they set out to conquer Toronto. After the swelling receded, and the fights gave way to healthy dose of female need-to-know, they introduced themselves to drummer Maurie Kaufmann, and the four-piece was formed.

The 6ixty8ights 2004 "Wonderful in the Afternoon" earned both critical acclaim and top ten campus charting across Canada with placement in earshot's top 150 albums played in November 2004. The intervening years have prove the bands unique diverse appeal - their performances have ranged from opening for Broken Social Scenester Jay Collett, to appearing on 'tween TV phenomena, Radio Free Roscoe. Alongside Andy Magoffin, Joao Carvalho and the OAC, the 6ixty8ights follow up is their first full length to date.

Chock full of everything there is to love about pop rock music, PicaElectricArmada is a full-out assault from the infectious opening single "And I Walk" to the dramatic closer "Take time in love". But for all that revolution, the facts remain the same. The history is still personal and the attitude, bathed in Zombies and the New Pornographers, still tastes faintly of live to acetate.



Wonderful in the Afternoon-2004

Set List

Typical set is 30-40 mins, Original songs from recent albums as well as new material.