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Toronto, Ontario, Canada | SELF

Toronto, Ontario, Canada | SELF
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"City On My Back Stylus Cyphers"

Toronto, ON – Don’t miss the 3 City On My Back cyphers from the 2012 Stylus DJ Awards. This version features Shi Wisdom, Blake Carrington, Devon Tracy and The 6th Letter. The 4 artists go in on Marvel’s “Throw This Ball” beat. Award-winning DJ Law is on hand to handle the set. The video was shot by Jordan Oram and edited by Zac Facts. - Hip Hop Canada

"Bakers Club: The 6th Letter Interview @ The Bait Shop"

Catch up with Bakers Club’s own “The 6th Letter” as he talks about his Perf. @ The Baitshop in Toronto, as well as his upcoming project and the success of his most recently released project “Go Green”. - Real Talk Hip Hop

"The New School: 7 Toronto Rappers To Get Familiar With"

The 18 year old 6th Letter has been making a name for himself by opening at almost every concert to come to town since 2011. A member of ‘The Bakers Club’, 6th has dropped numerous mixtapes as part of the Go Green movement, which is aimed at solving the epidemic of people not smoking enough weed. His silky flow is a throwback to the 90's era, while his content is similar to something you might hear from Wiz Khalifa. Look for more mixtapes from The 6th Letter, as well as a national tour and more collaborations with members of The Bakers Club.
- HustleGRL

"Above All Oddz Interview The 6th Letter"

Above All Oddz Interview The 6th Letter - Above All Oddz Radio

"INTERVIEW: The 6th Letter With Current Worldwide"

The 6th Letter sits down with Current Worldwide to explain his origins as an artist, and his “Go Green” movement. -

"FREENESS: The 6th Letter - Go Green"

Extremely Dope Mc Al Sparkton aka The 6th Letter reppin Toronto...Dope beats some flipped and sampled and some jazzy...Other than that Mixtape "Go Green" in which its pretty clear on what "the 6th letter" promotes...Also than that the 3rd track is the newest single released...He throws down his lyrical steeze with precision. logical and motivated...Don't sleep..Peep the whole mixtape...Really not a disapointment at all...Kinda reminds me of sum Big L type steelo...He official and is in Diggler's Rotation..All day...WIB GOES GREEN! -

"The 6th Letter – 4:20 AM (Video)"

The 6th Letter has released the music video for his latest single “4:20am” produced by the legendary J.Dilla. The video is directed by Prime Media and the track was featured on his weekly series entitled “Dope Ass Mondays”. “4:20am” is currently available for download on The 6th Letter’s Bandcamp page. -

"Watch: The 6th Letter- “4.20 a.m”"

The 6th Letter has been working hard, and for your enjoyment he has dropped another visual from his mixtape entitled “Dope Ass Mondays”. The video has been directed by Prime Media. Make sure you listen to this mixtape on his bandcamp.. -

"Watch: The 6th Letter in New York"

Watch this new video, as The 6th Letter travels to different locations in New York and near the end of the video is a performance by an artist named Neako. Personally I am feeling the tracks being played in the background. Let us know below, what you think of it.

"Listen: The 6th Letter- “EZ On Tha Motion”"

Toronto’s very own, The 6th Letter, drops his new track. Stay posted as the video for this track will be dropping on the first day of school! -

"Video + Mixtape download: The 6th Letter – EZ On Tha Motion"

The song was originally produced by Canadian production team, Da Grassroots, and was performed by Canadian hip-hop duo, Ghetto Concept, back in 1995. Peep 6th Letters version

"The 6th Letter - EZ on Tha Motion (Video)"

Toronto, ON – The 6th Letter is back with some new visuals for his take on the classic “EZ On Tha Motion” from legendary Toronto rap group Ghetto Concept. The original track, which samples Quincy Jones’ “Along Came Betty,” was produced by Da Grassroots and the visuals for The 6th Letter freestyle were directed by Prime Media. The track appears on 6th Letter’s Go Green: The Mixtape which is available now on iTunes. Check out the video after the jump.
- Hip Hop Canada

"FANBOYMAG Interviews: The 6th Letter"

1. Who are you and where are you from?

The 6th Letter, Toronto born and raised.

2. Tell us about your art. Tell us about your movement. Is it Toronto-centric?

In a nut shell, my music is quite nostalgic, containing remnants of the 90’s “boom-bap” era with a new school stoner twist. As far as my movement goes, it’s a pro-positive movement as well as an anti-tobacco one. Hence, the title of my mixtape (Go Green). It is Toronto-centric and also continuing to spread throughout Canada & the US. I am the founder of my own collective (Above The Rest Entertainment) which consists of two producers and six rappers (Two of which are rappers/producers) from Toronto, Mississippi, California, Houston & Florida. I am also an artist under NeakO’s “The World Music Group” imprint, I’m sure you’re familiar with him.

3. Top 5 Rappers in the game right now in your opinion.

Kanye West, Curren$y, Big Sean, Dom Kennedy & NeakO.

4. Who are your biggest musical inspirations? Who affected you personally, in your career?

I’d say Pharrell Williams, OutKast, Method Man, Snoop Dogg & A Tribe Called Quest are my biggest musical inspirations. Personally, ATCQ affected me the most in my career. Midnight Marauders & The Love Movement are two of my most favorite Hip-Hop albums ever.

5. Tell us about your projects right now current and future, #GoGreen just came out on iTunes I see.

Go Green is my sophomore mixtape presented by The Smokers Club, The Goodie Bag Blog & It contains some phat raps from yours truly over production from producers such as: Talen Ted, Ski Beatz, Big Chop, Raz Fresco, Sir FlyWalker, GlassCity, Sauvi, David Reyes & more. The tape also contains features from Raz Fresco, Brandon Chey, Chill Will, P. Blackk, Fabrashay A, Sir FlyWalker and is available for purchase through iTunes or downloaded for free on I am currently working on my 3rd solo project which is still untitled. I have a fresh new sound ready to bring to table. I know my fans will appreciate it. Great music is undeniable.

6. Top 5 Brands right now.

BAPE, BBC, Secret Scientist, Oxyrotin & Ralph Lauren.

7. Where do you want to be in one year? in your career? as a person?

By this time next year I want to have at least 4 solid projects under my belt and be on tour with my team. As an individual I want to be a lot wealthier, knowledgeable and experienced.

Follow @The6thLetter on Twitter. - Fanboy Mag

"The 6th Letter"

Hailing from the city of the Raptors, the 19 year old up and coming rapper The 6th Letter is a promising new talent coming out of Toronto. He has been writing since the fourth grade, but has taken it seriously since the spring of ’09 and since then created a nostalgic sound containing remnants of the 90’s "boom bap" era with a new school twist. His style of rap has been recognized by the likes of Cinematic Music Group CEO & founder of The Smokers Club, Jonny Shipes and has been featured on his “GoodTalk Vol. 9: Curve Your Enthusiasm” compilation mixtape that was hosted by Big K.R.I.T.

The 6th Letter recently became the 7th member of Raz Fresco's "Bakers Club" collective and is also the founder of his own collective called, "Above The Rest Entertainment". The 6th Letter currently has two mixtapes out which are: “What The F?” and his latest release “Go Green” presented by The Smokers Club, The Goodie Bag Blog, and “Go Green” is not only currently available for purchase on iTunes but is also a pro-marijuana movement.

In a short amount of time The 6th Letter has been cosigned by the likes of Jonny Shipes, DJ Steph Floss, Don Cannon, NEAKO, opened for Curren$y, Big K.R.I.T., Mac Miller, Smoke DZA, Rich Hil, Method Man, Royce Da 5'9 and has released two solid projects. The 6th Letter has also been listed to open for A$AP Rocky, Juicy J, Theophilus London and Machine Gun Kelly within the month of February 2012 and is working on his third installment entitled "NorthernPlayalisticGetHighMuzik" set to release by spring 2012. The sky’s the limit for this star on the rise and he is sure to make noise in the city of Toronto and beyond.
- Canadian Music Fest

"The 6th Letter Backstage @ The Machine Gun Kelly Concert"

The 6th Letter Backstage @ Machine Gun Kelly Concert -

"The 6th Letter - EZ on Tha Motion (Video)"

The 6th Letter has released the visual for “EZ On Tha Motion”, off of his latest project Go Green. The song was produced by Canadian production team Da Grassroots and was originally performed by the hip-hop duo Ghetto Concept in 1995. Go Green is now available through iTunes. -

"The 6th Letter Earns Respect From T. Dot And Abroad"

Toronto rapper and producer, The 6th Letter, is shaking up the local hip-hop game with his style, flow and message. With two mixtapes out the 19-year-old founder of the independent label Above The Rest Entertainment has already created a solid fan-base with his unique approach to hip-hop.
Although smoky topics fill much of the content of his verses, The 6th Letter says he is not to be considered another weed rapper. His lyrics are intellectual, relatable and accompanied by different beats from producers such as Raz Fresco, Ski Beatz and Talen Ted. His relaxed, confident flow proves he is wise beyond his years and brings a fresh sound to hip-hop that the new school can enjoy. Off-stage he is soft-spoken and humble, but on-stage he captures the audience with his energy.
“[My music is] nostalgic because I draw a lot of influence from the old school era, the ’90s era,” he says. “I listen to a lot of A Tribe Called Quest and Wu-Tang Clan. It’s a new school twist to that old school feel. It’s a new energy to that.”
The 6th Letter got his start by reaching out to artists through social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter. This approach garnered him positive feedback and opportunities from notable names in the hip-hop game.
“I think that my advantage was networking heavy and building relationships with people overseas, reaching out and have people reach out back to me,” 6th explains. “Just moving like that. That’s how I got the kick-start to my career. It was online stuff. I’m active on Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, all that. It was just self-promotion, that’s really what it was.”
Through interacting and building a relationship with The Smoker’s Club Tour founder, Jonny Shipes on Twitter, 6th was asked to open up for The Smoker’s Club Tour when it hit Toronto in 2010. While many rappers’ first performance is in a small venue, The 6th Letter hit the stage for the first time opening for Curren$y, Smoke DZA and Big K.R.I.T.
“It was unreal. It inspired me, just being on stage. That was my first time performing, so I was kind of nervous but I was still amped at the same time,” says 6th, who opened for the tour in Toronto again this summer. “I always believed in myself, so I always knew [my music] was going to go somewhere, but not this fast, just from that experience.”
Through the power of social networking, 6th was also provided with another great opportunity when he reached out to Wiz Khalifa affiliate and New Jersey emcee, Neako, whom 6th is a fan of. He sent Neako some beats and told him to check out his tracks. On Ustream in December 2009, Neako spit over 6th’s beat and built a relationship with him from there. Once Neako heard 6th’s freshman mixtape, What the F, he asked 6th to join World Music Group, his independent label
“I’m a fan of Neako’s music,” shares 6th. “I was always listening to his stuff before I even reached out to him. Watching and learning from him has been kind of crazy; it’s very inspirational. I’m learning a lot.”
The release of 6th’s sophomore mixtape, Go Green, created his biggest buzz yet — what started off as just a mixtape, turned into a movement.
“Go Green is strictly weed, nothing else, and just be yourself, be happy, and be positive. A lot of people caught on to that, they enjoy it, they reach out,” he says. “I reach out back to them to spread peace and love.”
The 6th Letter is currently finishing his new project NorthernPlayalisticGetHighMuzik, which will drop early this year. Raz Fresco, the Toronto rapper/producer who has made beats for artists such as Big Sean, Wale and French Montana, will be producing every track on 6th’s new project.
“6th has definitely grown,” says Fresco. “The whole unit we have, that’s basically what we’re all about. We’re just about progression and moving forward. 6th is growing with his music, with everything he does. After he does it, it’s about doing the next thing bigger.” -


What The 'F' - Released: September 21, 2010

Go Green - Released: April 20, 2011



Hailing from Toronto, The 6th Letter has become nothing short of a household name in the city. Since bursting onto the Hip-Hop scene in 2011, 6th grew his buzz with his infectious boom-bap flow and crafty lyrics. Subsequently, The 6th Letter's hard work and ethics kept him in the forefront of Hip-Hop engulfing the city since late 2011 with the release of his well know track 'EZ On Tha Motion' and continuing into 2012, which ultimately validated his spot amongst toronto's best emcees.

The 6th Letter has been astounding Hip-Hop heads nationwide, ultimately garnering him invites to perform for commercial artist and festivals. His impressive performance repertoire includes performing in The Smoker's Club Tour consecutively for the past two years in Toronto, which featured headliners such as Method Man, Big K.R.I.T. Curren$y, and Mac Miller. The 6th Letter also performed alongside other commercial artist in various cities across Canada such as, A$AP Rocky, Raekwon, Juicy J, Machine Gun Kelly, Theophilus London, Styles P, Casey Veggies, as well as performing at the Canadian Music Festival in March 2012.

Previous work from The 6th Letter includes his well-known sophomore mixtape, Go Green, which was released 2011. Creating not only a cohesive sound, but also a proven "Go Green" movement, The 6th Letter built his core audience with a dedicated fan base. Currently this Baker's Club member is steadily working on his next anticipated compilation, "NorthernPlayalisticGetHighMuzik" which is expected to drop in October 2012.

Whether it's his proven talent, ethics, or infectious demeanor, The 6th Letter is the epitome of what is to come in the near future of Hip-Hop.