The 7.20s

The 7.20s


A massive music-scape of hypnotic sounds, jumping bass, pounding drums, "come on" singing and beautiful noises from guitars and keyboards"Keep On Holding On is great...would sit nicely on The Last Broadcast [Doves]." John Dawkins - former manager of The Enemy..


We play Electro rock with twists from The Verve, The Killers, MGMT and Glasvegas to name but a few and blend it into a sound that can only be described as massive. We don't copy anyone and we don't follow anyone. We stand out because we make AMAZING music that comes from the depths of our collective souls. Anyone with ears for will love us


EP - Aquarian Charm

All tracks have received airplay in the UK and The USA

Set List

1) Intro
2) Stole your sun
3) J'Adore Amore
4) Lie in Wait
5) Break on Through (Doors Cover)
6) Flying Kites
7) Say Something
8) Rides on High
9) Keep on Holding On