The 88

The 88


The 88 is a high energy, rock/pop band with older influences such as David Bowie, The Kinks, The Band, and The Beatles. The band loves to perform and takes what they do very seriously while still having a great time!


The 88 use an organic combination of old and new school in their approach to music – and its marketing – the band's catchy melodies have found a growing audience through TV, film and commercial placements, as well as virally online.

The L.A.-based group, whose core consists of vocalist/guitarist/songwriter Keith Slettedahl, keyboardist/songwriter Adam Merrin, bassist Todd O'Keefe, and drummer Anthony Zimmitti, has been attracting attention since forming in 2003. Tirelessly playing the local scene, as well as opening nationally for acts like the B-52s, Matt Costa, 311, and Smashing Pumpkins, The 88 once served as the late Elliott Smith’s backup band, by personal request, for a memorable Orange County performance.

While you may not be familiar with The 88 as a band, you’ve certainly heard their music. With two independent releases already under their belt (2003’s Kind of Light and 2005’s Over and Over), the group has enjoyed a welcome home for their music on TV, in the movies, and as part of widely-seen, national advertising.

Their songs have appeared on The OC, Grey’s Anatomy, Laguna Beach, The Real World, One Tree Hill, and Weeds, among many others. The band themselves performed one of their tunes on an episode of CBS’ How I Met Your Mother (including a speaking role for Keith).

The song “Coming Home" has been used for national TV spots by both Sears and Target. The 88 also recorded a cover of Queen’s “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” for the Sarah Jessica Parker comedy Failure to Launch, while “All ‘Cause of You” has been featured on the soundtracks of the films You, Me and Dupree and Ira and Abby. All that in addition to a robust MySpace following, a regular spot on influential L.A. station KCRW’s playlist, and a designation as Best Pop/Rock Band of the Year by L.A. Weekly.

“We’re still the same band that works very hard and takes the songs seriously."

“In the end, the thing that ties all our songs together are the melodies,” says Keith. “Everything we do has that unifying element.”

For a band that appeals to young and old alike, with lush ballads like “No One Here” and pumping uptempo rockers “Sons and Daughters” (while also capable of tossing in a spot-on Zeppelin cover as a live encore), The 88 are in a unique position to conquer the splintered world of pop circa 2009.

“Our music has an appeal that can reach a wide range of different-age audiences,” nods Adam. “There’s a heavy edge that would be right at home on rock radio, while at the same time keeping the melodic pop side that blurs the lines of genre.”

With a bittersweet, sometimes neurotic vulnerability toward love that nevertheless offers a glimpse of hope at the end of the tunnel, Keith’s songs cut through musical genres to touch the heart; an ability he insists comes naturally to him.

“You have to be yourself,” he says about songs like “No One Here”. “It’s like a conversation with myself, going back and forth. But I’m not really that way in real life. It’s just the way I’ve always written.”

“We’re different from everybody else, even though we’re accessible, we’re likable,” explains Anthony. “But we’re still putting ourselves on the line.”

With a new album now complete, The 88 are set to do what they do best: hit the road and perform one of the most dynamic shows you’ll ever see.


Sons And Daughters

Written By: Keith Slettedahl

And it all began like a new routine
We were drunk, we were tired, we were sick
We were in between
And the jig was up when the sun went down
It was dark, it was mean, it was black
There was not a sound
And when the morning papers did not come
We shook our heads
We knew that we were done and so we sat and prayed for
Just another try
Throw your babies in the water
Let your hair down like you used to
And tell all your sons and daughters
They don’t have to grow up like you
They’re not supposed to
Now the birds don’t sing and the cars won’t go
There’s a lump in your throat
There’s no songs on the radio
And the walls caved in and the well went dry
And the mountains shook
And the people all wondered why
And in the morning I woke up to find
There’s someone here
There’s someone in my mind
And so I hung my head
And I began to cry
Cradled, whipped,
And mother’s tongue
It’s not hard to see what went wrong
If I told you once, I done told you twice
You can beg, you can kneel, you can pray
You’ll be sacrificed



- "This Must Be Love" (2009)

- "Not Only... But Also" (2008)

- "Over and Over" (2005) - #43 on CMJ

- "Kind of Light" (2003) - debut album #85 on CMJ


- "Love Is The Thing" (recorded entirely on an iPhone) released 6/24/09


- You, Me, & Dupree Soundtrack

- Music From The OC Mix 1

- Weeds Soundtrack Vol 2

- Failure To Launch Soundtrack

- Kyle XY Soundtrack

- NPR's All Songs Considered 4

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