The 8Ball

The 8Ball


We are 4 Boys, who like to write Songs and have fun. The best feeling for us is to perform our songs on a stage and see that people like our songs.


We knew us from school and one day, Reto had the idea to search some members for a band. First, he asked Yannik to play bass and later we searched some other people in another class. Some days later, we found Oliver. Now we had to find a drummer. He wasn't sure if he would play in a band, but some after a few weeks, he became a member of "The 8Ball".
In May 2006 we first practised in the musicschool in Frauenfeld and our first gig was just one month later on a Summernight Party.
After this gig, we startet to write our own songs. The first song was called Migros and it is still one of our favourites.
Now our gigs become bigger and we have a lot of fun.


Orange and Yellow

Written By: Reto Jetzer/Rebecca Höfliger

Earlier I thought it was normal
that the world moiled in gray tones
Without to let a bright spot through
Like an endless sadness

Earlier I thought it was normal
That the days pass by low
Without to let any traces there
Like a volatile rain

But now I know
life should be bright
It should be bright

Orange and Yellow
Those are the colours of our life
Orange and Yellow
They will be rife

Strophe 2:
Earlier I thought it was normal
Don’t want to talk to someone
And now all know what’s going on
They always ask the same things

There are some days that burned in my memories
And there’s a person who’s make me feel good

Set List

Migros - 2:55
Be Quiet!!! - 3:10
Train to Hell - 3:50
Why have I lost you - 3:30
My Thing - 4:00
Sunset in Paradise 3:50
I'll Laught - 3:30
Ass of Humanity 2:40
Don't leave me alone 3:30
Orange and Yellow 4:00

Hier kommt Alex
Schrei nach Liebe
The Roof is on Fire
Franco Un-American
Highway to Hell

Whole Set: Ca. 80 min