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The 92s

Chicago, Illinois, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2011 | SELF

Chicago, Illinois, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2011
Band Alternative Indie




"Top 20 C-U songs of 2014"

#1 song of 2014 - "Cutlery Wives"
"Dan Durley and co. have made a masterpiece of an album with Television Fuzz, and the stand-out track happens to be the last one on the album..." - Smile Politely

"The 92s/Tara Terra split-single premiere/review"

"The split features some of the best produced recordings either band has released to date" - Ghost Track

"Around Here (Chicago album reviews)"

On their debut long player, Television Fuzz, Champaign-Urbana transplants (now based around Chicago) The 92s find themselves riding a bump free musical stride. The title track and "Read My Mind" have vibes that smack of urban grittiness and guitar riffs as dirty as a used Keith Richards needle. And as if to not betray their bucolic beginnings, songs like "Put Me In My Place" and "Impossible Today" feel as if they were hatched in a Central Illinois cornfield. You can practically smell the spilt beer in the dumpy bars that helped birth their craft.

July 2014 issue, page 14 - Illinois Entertainer

"Pygmalion 2014 in Review"

The 92s have played around Champaign-Urbana enough for us to know what to expect at a live show, but Thursday night’s performance was on another level from what’s come to be expected of them. Frontman Dan Durley’s vocal performance was perhaps the best he’s ever done, hitting impressively tight whistling notes in addition to the shaking falsetto he brought into the show. Perhaps it was the festival PA system the band played through which made those minor details really stick with you, but regardless, The 92s brought their A-game to Pygmalion. - Buzz Magazine

"It's good to be nothing at all"

Which brings me to the record itself. The A Side of this album is front-loaded with ostensible singles. They’re catchy, playful, short and sweet. “Impossible Today” could be a television theme song — no joke. Every song sounds slightly the same, but they’re not redundant. It’s an established style, and a solidified sound. Durley sings like a singer, actually. There’s a nice vibrato he applies to certain lines. I hate that.

But, for some reason on these tracks, it works for me. The production on the album makes everything seem pristine and precise; but at the same time the vocal and instrumental performances retain character and a kinetic quality. “Neurotic Laundry List,” it’s heart-on-sleeve, tongue-in-cheek title aside, is a quality tune that almost gives Frightened Rabbit a run for their money. I suppose the harshest burn I could lay down is also the biggest compliment: I can truly hear commercial appeal for this record. And that indeed seems to be what the record itself is preoccupied with. Why do this if you don’t give it the gusto and go for the gold — but at the same time, why be so deluded with ambition that you cannot just enjoy the fun of making music in the now? This ambivalence to me is best represented in the track segue between “Everything” and “Good To Be Nothing.”

- See more at: - Smile Politely

"Exclusive: Lineup and Highlights from Bud Light Stage at Taste of Chicago 2012"

The 2012 RedEye Rock ‘n’ Vote winners put newfound force and confidence into the already pristinely structured folk-rock tunes on its “Don’t Bury Me” EP.

Read more at,0,3857198.story#YvRsQJ2TSL0FWQJD.99 - Redeye

"The 92s - Television Fuzz"

The 92s have made a name for themselves with their first full-length album, Television Fuzz. Gaining momentum after their set at Pygmalion last September, The 92s have proved themselves throughout the music scene with their rhythmic genius.


As a whole, Television Fuzz proves to be a fantastic full-length debut album, showing the CU band’s variety and stressing its strengths in catchy melodies and captivating harmonies. - Buzz Magazine

"Pygmalion: Day One (live review)"

I still think he and his band do some of the most thoughtful songwriting I’ve heard from CU locals. Songs start with the crashing of drums and cymbals, a poppy guitar riff or a few mandolin chords. They progress into Wilco-esque crescendos and flirt with country twang. The 92s have been working on an album all summer, and fans waiting to hear those songs were not disappointed by the very cool new jams brought forth by the band. - Buzz Magazine

"Top 20 C-U albums 2010 - 2014"

16. THE 92S — TELEVISION FUZZ - Top 20 albums of the past 5 years

Champaign-Urbana is a college town full of college kids and it turns out a few of them like to make music. Dan Durley was one of them, and as his band the 92s made their album Television Fuzz, Durley was in the midst of the uncertainties and indecisions that come with having the end of a 4-year bachelor’s degree stint in sight. The result? A beautifully earnest, musically complex, poppy arrangement of songs by and for the young’uns of C-U. — MR - Smile Politely

"Top 10 C-U Albums of 2014"

The 92s have intensity to their music that pushes it further than their pop punk equals. Their songs often begin innocently, with bouncy guitars and Dan Durley’s lighthearted singing, and then take it to the next level with a funky distorted guitar solo or the whole band hammering their instruments to make noise resembling Sgt. Pepper’s-era Beatles on “A Day In The Life.” Such a talented band with such well structured songs, but The 92s aren’t afraid to let loose and play them in a house party environment if it means having a good time — and throwing in a Weezer cover in here and there. — MR - Smile Politely

"International Songwriting Competition"

Our new song "Made of Nothing" has been selected as a semi-finalist in the International Songwriting Competition! Past finalists include Kimbra and Bastille, among others. - ISC


2011- Don't Bury Me EP
2012- Void EP
2014- Television Fuzz LP

2015 - "Eloise" / "Rope Swing" split-single with Tara Terra



"Well buy a house and fade to bland/I'll make the same mistakes as my old man," frontman Dan Durley sings on the opening track of The 92s' debut full-length album, Television Fuzz. What follows is an album as pretty as it is noisy and jarring, displacing the lessons learned during adolescence with instinct and naivety. Television Fuzz studies the existential crisis that comes with graduation: from high school, from college, from one job to the next, but most importantly, from adolescence to adulthood. 

The 92s, comprised of Dan Durley on vocals, Rob Marshall on guitar, Dylan Epling on bass and Matt Mullen on drums, toured the midwest in support of Television Fuzz in 2014 and 2015, playing festivals such as Pygmalion Festival and Remix Chicago along the way. They've made an impression on the Chicago scene with shows at House of Blues Chicago and The Metro, among many others throughout the state of Illinois and beyond. They will be releasing a new EP in 2016. You can check out their new single "Eloise" on Spotify, iTunes and bandcamp today.

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