The 9's

The 9's

 Omaha, Nebraska, USA

Telepathically tight rhythm section? Check. Screaming Hammond organ? Check. A front man who's not afraid to proclaim "I'm The Only Rock Star You Know"...check and mate.


The 9's, described as "the future of music" by Alan Gorrie of Average White Band, are ferociously commited to their craft. The band has defied conventional wisdom and their Midwest small-town roots by creating a groundbreaking style of R&B seasoned with mind-bending intricacy and pop shamlessness. This rare mix of style and substance has made The 9s an immediate crowd pleaser and the midwest's premier live act.


The 9's (2001)
1. Me, You and Everybody
2. Spin
3. I Don't Want My Girl (Doin' Things...)
4. Dough She
5. Back To Blond
6. Heart Pimp
7. Whoa Whoa Whoa
8. Calumet

All Night Music (2002)
1. Good
2. All Night Music
3. Last December
4. Your Woman
5. Little Hey Hey
6. Driving Home Naked
7. It's Waiting For You

Stacked! (2008)
1. National Band
2. Saturday Night
3. On Top of You
4. Short Pants
5. This Is Real
6. Nothin' Like Your Body
7. Adelay
8. Johnny In The Wok
9. Blood Is Mud
10. Own It

Set List

Lively, "audience-focused", high-energy live sets are The 9's signature. Classic R&B and funk rhythms, impressive technical chops, and radio-ready hooks are woven throughout the band's entire repertoire. This combination makes The 9s an instant favorite spanning all ages and genres. The 9s can execute either two 45-minute sets or one 90-minute set.

No backline equipment is necessary but welcome. The band is equipt to carry all necessary 'on-stage' gear.

The stage lays out with 3 vocal mics across the front and 1 on drums.

Two DI's are necessary, one stage right and one to the stage left of drums for Bass.

One guitar amp mic for the lead guitar.

The drummer has a standard 5-6 piece kit set-up.