The 9th Wave

The 9th Wave


“The 9th Wave is a joyous thing to behold, effortlessly enthralling the early few – even those playing pool halt mid-shot – struck by singer Rachael’s immaculate vocals. Reminiscent at once of The Sundays, Mazzy Star and even Jeff Buckley". Clem Urry, Timeoff Magazine


As the lights dim over the smoky stage, the singer is perched upon her stool, glass of red wine in hand. Her crystal clear vocals gently fill the room, lulling the gathered crowd to a hush. Letting the music wash over them, the audience soon discover themselves on a journey, floating along with the ebbs and flows of The 9th Wave. Rising from the ashes of Tangled, one of Brisbane’s fondly remembered guitar pop bands from the nineties, The 9th Wave was founded in 2002 by Rachael (vocalist and songwriter) and Mark (guitarist and songwriter). The acoustic duo were soon joined by drummer Stuart (ex King Lear, Capital Y) who shared their desire to develop a sound filled with a sense of space and freedom, akin to songwriters such as Suzanne Vega, Grant Lee Philips and Neil Young. While the band takes their name from the title of the second side of Kate Bush’s “Hounds Of Love” album, the 9th Wave was originally a powerful aspect of Celtic history, representing the mystical boundary the soul passes to reach the Otherworld. According to Celtic tradition, passing over the 9th Wave was the point at which the soul became free, a feeling echoed by singer Rachael when describing the experience of performing live. “What I love about The 9th Wave is that we kind of switch off from the world and go into our own when we play” says Rachael. “We find that we need the live arena to create the magic. Our audience seems to relate to that. When you finish a show on those terms you feel like you’ve just come back from a holiday. It’s very good for the soul.” The 9th Wave have built a solid reputation on the Brisbane live scene over the past two years, with intimate shows at The Troubadour, The Zoo, Rics Café, The Alley and The Healer earning rave reviews. Highlights for The 9th Wave thus far include shows with US Singer Songwriter Josh Rouse, Mick Hart, Missy Higgins, Jodi Phillis, Gorgeous and a performance at the 2004 Valley Fiesta. Capturing the essence of The 9th Wave’s magic in the live arena was crucial to the band when the time came to finally enter the studio. Working with long time favourite Jeff Lovejoy (Tex Perkins’ Dark Horses), the band’s initial recordings soon caught the ear of Powderfinger guitarist Darren Middleton. “His new home studio had just been completed and he was itching to christen it” says Rachael. “We started talking about working together and he suggested we come out to the studio to do a song with him. That song was (opening track) “Signed & Sealed” which Darren didn’t hear until the day in the studio, because we’d literally finished it the night before. It was meant to be a demo, but we all just loved the results and so he said ‘let’s do an EP’. Of course we couldn’t say no…” The studio experience quickly became something very special for everyone involved. “We set up, ran a few mics, hit the red button and let the magic happen. Why isn’t recording always this easy?” asks Stuart. “Making this EP was an exercise in simplicity.” Adds Mark, “The recording of the EP was an incredibly relaxing experience. The surrounds of Darren’s studio were perfect for capturing space in the music, a main priority as far as the band was concerned. It’s the sort of place were one has to keep reminding themselves that they are there to work!” The release of “Falling From A Cliff” heralds an exciting new chapter in the journey undertaken by this Brisbane three-piece. A journey which originally flowed from a basic desire by guitarist Mark to “never want to see a guitar amp or distortion pedal again” into something that has swept up not only all those in the band, but all who care to venture beyond The 9th Wave. “From the off, The 9th Wave is a joyous thing to behold, effortlessly enthralling the early few – even those playing pool halt mid-shot – struck by singer Rachael’s immaculate vocals. Reminiscent at once of The Sundays, Mazzy Stars and even Jeff Buckley, songs like “Fortune Teller” and “My Impression” belie the relative infancy of the band.”
Clem Urry, Time Off Magazine
“The Zoo stage was indeed resplendent, framed by red drapes and coloured light bulbs; the perfect setting for the luscious sounds of The 9th Wave. This three-piece were a wonderfully mellow start to the night… Singer Rachael’s sublime voice [with] her rich, expressive tones sometimes reminded one of The Sunday’s Harriet Wheeler.”
Brett Collingwood, Rave Magazine


The 9th Wave – Debut EP

Release Date: 03.04.03
Label: Funk Folk Records / MRA

Title: Falling From A Cliff

Track listing
1) Signed & Sealed
2) The Way I Feel
3) My Impression
4) Fortune Teller
5) Feel The World

Recorded & Produced by Darren Middleton

Radio Airplay
Track (1) "Signed & Sealed" received radio airplay on ABC Coast FM, 612 ABC and Community Radio Around Australia.

Track (2) "The Way I Feel" received radio airplay on 612 ABC, Triple J and Community Radio around Australia.

Set List

The 9th Wave typically perform 8- 9 songs for a 45 minute set & songs included are (in no particualr order):

Fortune Teller
The Way I Feel
Signed & Sealed
My Impression
City of Lost Souls
The Wail Song
Feel The World