Vocalist, songwriter and all around performer who's ready for the world


At the age of 2, I began making up songs to sing to family members and since that time I have been a creative force destined to become great.

My name is Althea Armwood but you can call me Thea.

I grew up in the church as most do singing spiritual songs full of power and range. From this young age I began to hear and understand that there are different types of voices, different types of techniques, different ways to sings a song and way to express words through song from listening to the soloists in the choir pour their hearts into their performances. I wanted to do the things that they could do so I tried them myself and in their renditions of songs and their styles I found my own. A very strong, versatile, mature and melodic tone for someone so young, only 7 years old.
Being shy but known to show off an at times I auditioned for my first solo in the church choir at age 7 and got it. Nervousness set in but after hearing the reaction of the crowd's I opened up and let my voice show. It was the first of many songs that would help me detail my performance style to what it is today.

Having loved singing since a young age I wanted to be able to sings songs for my own enjoyment about things that I could relate to which is what brought me to create songs of my own. And as I grew and my experiences became more diverse so did my songs.

Performing took a back seat to my education for a few years but singing stayed with me. My never ending quest to discover new ways to express myself with my voice I continued to teach myself how to control my breathing, hold my jaw steady and my stomach tight in order to reach notes I may not have been able to before. Once I could hear them inside I knew I could hear them outside and worked at it until it was accomplished.

In high school I lead the gospel choir at Crossland High and was a vocal coach to many of the members. It was during my high school years that I was introduced to a man who wanted me to sing a song he had written for the holidays. It was my first professional experience as well as my first time in a recording studio. I was given the song to learn and the next week the tracks were laid. And it was the first time I fell in love with the feeling of be putting on the headset and hearing myself as I sang to music specially written for me. It gave me the creative jolt that I needed to write newer songs that could be recorded and enjoyed instead of sitting in a notebook collecting dust.

I have entered talent shows such as the DC Idol and the Washington Talent Showcase and have been a part of two singing groups, one of which has gone to New York on several occasions as well as appeared on TV for a local channel in Virginia but having disbanded I am now forging onward to become a solo songstress.


There's Nothing Better Than Your Love (Vocals Only)

Written By: Althea Armwood

There's Nothing Better Than Your Love
[Verse 1]
The days
Are oh so long ... and
The nights
Are all too very short for me
To just
Be about and all of the things that you do

I wish there were 48 hours to each day

It’s the way
That you touch my face, ooh and
The way
That you and only you can make me feel
Is so
Very wonderful

Words just cannot explain

Just how my heart leaps in anticipation
Of your lips on the verge of touching mine
Can't wait to see you
Can't wait to be near you
In your arms is where I long to be

There's nothing better than your love, ooo your love
In the coldest of winters it warms me through and through
There's nothing better than your love, your love
No matter where I go I'll always come back to you.

[Verse 2]
My mind
Holds only thoughts of you
And all
Of the freaky little things you do, to me
You bring
So much joy to my being

There is nothing left, nothing that I need to find and

If only you knew, just how I felt about you boy!
If you felt the same would you let me know?
Would you wanna stay or would you have to go?

Suga I just hate to ask but baby I've got to know.

Close to you is where I wanna be all the time,
Is that alright?
Staring deep into your eyes is heaven to me,
Would you agree?
There’s nothing else in this world that I need but you,
Do you feel it too?
Well if you answer yes
then we can spend the rest
of our lives loving each other!!
Just you and me!

Lovin', So Good

Written By: Althea Armwood

Lovin', So Good

Got me watching the clock for the end of the day, I’m hooked on you, Wanna get back home to may baby just to get me some of that...
Loving, so good uh
Loving, so good
Loving, so good uh
Loving, so good

(Verse 1)
You can call me anytime (it’s all right)
Recollections forever stay (on my mind)
They give me fever and heart palpitations (but it’s all right)
Sending shivers up and down my spine, (all night)

Never met another man who could do the things you do
Got my heart in the palm of your hands and you playin it o so well
Made all of my dreams into reality
Sex was not the factor (but it ain’t hurt none)

Noone else can sooth me at the end of my day when I’m weary and
Give me comfort in the fact I am who I am and it’s me he loves
Make me happy by giving me all the best things in life (they’re free ya know), and only
He can give me loving so good make me wanna scream YEAH!

You and only you, can give me, that, good loving, it’s so good
Loving, so good
Loving, so good
You and only you, can give me, that, good loving, it’s so good
Loving, so good
Loving, so good

(Verse 2)
Got me feenin for you’re loving (day and night)
Touch me in way that feel (o so right)
Lost as your eyes say my name (and melt me inside)
If I had nothing else I could live in your smile

I bless the day that we met, you’ve completed all my needs
He’s everything that a woman could want and a little bit, more
Missing your touch, missing your face, missing your love, when you’re gone
And you’re the total reason why I singing this song.

Ringing my phone when I get lonely
Opens my car door and close it for me
Making sure I’m done before it’s over
Hot damn baby boy’s got me open
It’s in the way that he walks and in the way that, he talks
My body responds like lightning, my mind so gone
I’m ready, I’m willing and able to give him
to give this man my money my being my essence my core,
every single part of me, oh-OH
My everything and baby, so, much more


Aint nobody else, nobody else who give me good loving, keeping me home at night, wanna be holdin ya tight, just keep right on boy, doin the things you do


Written By: Althea Armwood


(Verse 1)
My lips are shining like diamonds,
The eyes are pretty and brown.
Whispering secrets of an undercover freak on the prowl.
Gabana fits to a tee
All red from my head to my toe
Cleavage is flawlessly showing,
Adorned with the ice from Melrose
The tatTOOOOOO on my left
Caught the eye of the guy on my right
Females by the side they be hatin.
Never seen a thick chick look so tight
Pulling all the shot callers and ballers,
Best believe I’m the one
Demand attention, gone get it.
Like art when my mojo’s in action
I’ma be who I be and I won’t pretend for noone.
All the chickens just fail to compare when they step up, they be done
Don’t let this diva look fool you
I’m the realest, straight from the bows
Better keep your eyes up out my face
Or else it’s gonna be Trouble (come on!)

Don’t act like you know me or else
It’s gonna be some trouble
Don’t try disrespecting me or else
It’s gonna be some trouble
Never ever underestimate me or else
It’s gonna be some trouble
Best back up out my face or else
It’s gonna be some trouble

(Verse 2)
Now don’t you go get it twisted
Never did like drama and shit
But whoever might want some come get it
Catch you slipping once; that be it
I’m one for the funning and loving
Laid back in the cut wit my crew
Cracking jokes and flirting wit the fellas
Have a good time’s what I do, I
Don’t have no time for no silly ass females, who
Wanna hate on my fits and disrespect my crew, I just
Came, to have a good time & get the party jumpin, jumpin
I don’t see nothing wrong with a lil bit of bumpin & grindin (O yeah),
Up in the club

Set List

Lovin', So Good
Are U Down?
There's Nothing Better Than Your Love
All Sides of Me
You Are in My Dreams