The Abortion Squad

The Abortion Squad


The Abortion Squad is an early 80's style hardcore punk band from Manchester, N.H. But don't use sonic spit here to get you a gig


The Abortion Squad was formed in 1982, from the remnants of 2 other punk bands we had played in during our high school years, The By-Produx and The Fizzical Fits. Where as the previous 2 bands were late 70's punk influenced. The Abortion Squad kicked it up a notch into hardcore punk.


Make Me Sick

Written By: The Abortion Squad

you make me sick, when you go by, you make me sick, and thats no lie, you make me sick, i wanna throw up, you make me sick, uuuhhhg!!!

Ballad of People We Hate

Written By: The Abortion Squad

i don't know what is about you, You make me angry and i really don't like you, Everything that you say and do to me, Everytime that your rude to me.........i wanna cut off your head, and i wanna see you dead.......1-2-3-4,! Ballad of People We Hate......Hey....Hey

Cut 'em to Pieces

Written By: The Abortion Squad

Cut 'em to pieces, Cut 'em to pieces alive

You Make Me Sick

Written By: The Abortion Squad

you make me sick uhhh!


We are currently offering our first 2 CD's as custom-burns only, the first is our original 1983 recordings simply entitled "1983" and the 2nd is a best/worst of compilation from the 90's titled "Lunkheads in the 90's" The '83 recordings has had airplay on several college radio stations.A new cd for 2006 is in the mixing process and should be avaible soon. For mp3 downloads go to

Set List

a typical setlist can run from 30 to 45 minutes depending on time alotment. From 15 to 20 songs, mainly originals, with a couple of punk cover songs