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"A Million Big Nights"

In a year when there were tons of let-downs in the field of mash-up's (ahem, Feed The Animals) there's proof in the pudding that 2009 will be a good enough year for colliding genres and beat junkie miscreants. Like The Abrahammer, the Ohio-based laptop guru who we first talked about with a track called "Sex Drugs Crunk". He's back with a Christmas present for all of us in this new joint called "A Million Big Nights", which is basically a Highlights magazine-styled guessing game of who's who of your favorite party jams. All nicely suited up in seven minutes in heaven. - The Culture of Me

"The Abrahammer"

How about good mash ups? Well, you’re in luck because I’ve got some right here that are brought to you by The Abrahammer himself. The only way I can really explain the style is that they are just straight party tracks; the kind of tracks that get a crowd into it.

“What Was Your Childhood Like?” and “B Is For” are my picks. “B Is For” has a SICK mash up of something French (?), Daft Punk and Justice, so, I mean, yeah. “What Was Your Childhood Like?” features The Who with some Public Enemy on the mic, its time to step up your game kids! - Hot Biscuits

"This Week in Mashups 02/23/2008"

Relative newcomer The Abrahammer dropped me a line recently, introducing me to a few tracks he’s produced. Some presenting themselves as bulging mixes, some as straightforward mashups, every track I heard was professional and full of bounce. - Culture Bully


[What Was Your Childhood Like] is a plain straight mix of happiness. To be real its pretty all over the place in terms of being a mashup, but theres no way i can deny the beauty of a mashup throwing Amanda Blank over the 8 bit Zelda theme, its got real style, not to mention at one point i believe i heard the doug theme. - Dinocrunk


I do remember reading about Abrahammer a while ago and thinking "ah I'll listen to these later, Hollyoaks is on". How stupid of me! 'What Was Your Childhood Like?' is sheer aural bliss. I always knew the Rugrats theme would be a mashup success, I KNEW it. The entire song is amazing though, it's essentially Saturday morning TV, condensed, on MDMA. If you don't love it, then you probably didn't have television in your house growing up, you poor thing. - Kid Cobra


Pasta Party, split with McFabulous, 2008
Cosby, Skills and Mash, forthcoming 2009
What was your childhood like? 2008
Remixes (official):
Madame Mim - Helado de Limon (The Abrahammer's 7th Remix)
Teengirl Fantasy - Gasmaskk (The Abrahammer Fantasy World Remix)
Dukes of Windsor - Runaway (The Abrahammer Got Away Remix)
Remixes (unofficial):
Lil Mama - Lip Gloss (The Abrahammer Lip glossin' remix)
DJ Assault - Ass n Titties (The Abrahammer Bass n kitties remix)
Wiz Khalifa - Say Yeah (The Abrahammer still wizzin remix)



Putting two songs together is easy, and sometimes funny, but getting a crowd to go crazy and dance their brains out to a cartoon theme song is The Abrahammer's job. People get into recognizing samples of tracks that they love while the beats keep them moving. Most mashup artists simply mesh two songs together - but The Abrahammer makes music for people to rock out to. He keeps samples in long enough for crowds to get engaged but not bored, while his tracks aren't schizophrenic sound collages. What The Abrahammer makes is a new context for music; it's not a ripoff or just a DJ set, it's the party-morphed edition.

In 2008 The Abrahammer was chosen to be a part of Culture Bully's "2008: Mashed" compilation, a yearly album of mashup artists that has been featured on Boing Boing and gathers tens of thousands of hits. He was also included on various "best of 2008" mashup lists, including Scooter McGavin's 9th Green. His tracks have been featured on Hot Biscuits, The Culture of Me, Anti-Domingo, Lost in Music, Birthday Party Berlin, and various other online music publications. Songs from these posts have reached the Hypemachine most popular tracks chart. In 2007, The Abrahammer headlined at the 2nd annual Mashup Festival in Rochester, MN. Abrahammer mashups are also played in DJ sets and on college radio stations across the globe.