The Absolute Zeros

The Absolute Zeros


FUNKY as you wanna be, more ROCK than Gibraltar, SOUL to the ninth power, COOLER than ice-cold.....come check us out. We WILL blow your mind.


"Having a special quality that allows for one's music to stand out from the crowd can really help make a band shine. Such diversity is one of the strong points behind The Absolute Zeros. Not only does their music cross many styles, but their members cross many generations and walks of life. When put together, they all make incredible music." Bill McThrill, The Compendium Vol 3, Issue 7

Formed from the unlikely union of UK beach town singer/guitarist Kelvin Cochrane and North Philly percussionist extraordinaire, Sabu Rex, The Absolute Zeros have been a staple in the Philadelphia rock scene since late 2006. The band spent much of 2007 and 2008 building their fan base and performing live in Philadelphia in support of their debut self titled EP (available on iTunes). The Zeros' dynamic live performances quickly earned them a reputation of one of the most promising new acts in Philly. Following a successful year that included rave reviews in local press, radio airplay and TV appearances, 2008 ended in tragedy when founding member Sabu Rex unexpectedly passed away on December 1, 2008.

Following a period of mourning, the band decided to carry on in honor of Sabu. The band was quickly signed to Saint Joseph's University indie label, 1851 Records and began working on new material while re-working old favorites to fill the void left by Sabu's trademark percussion.

The summer of 2009 marked another big change for the band with longtime lead guitarist Austin Madert leaving and drummer Bill Rose putting down his sticks to take the role of lead guitarist. Mike Sharkansky, the newest member of the band, stepped in as the new drummer. Along with original founding member Kelvin Cochrane and Steve La Monica, this new lineup brings a refreshing new energy to the AZ live set and fresh inspiration for new songs. With an already established presence in the Philadelphia local music scene, the Absolute Zeros are ready to bring their music to new fans while at the same time keeping things fresh, interesting and always fun. With a standout performer nod at World Cafe Live's Philly Rising already under their belts (12/7/2009), the Zeros are ready to re-emerge in 2010 as one of Philly's most promising acts.

Contact info
Booking - Steve La Monica - 610-834-7780

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Selected Press Quotes (full articles available under press):

��Diversity is one of the strong points behind The Absolute Zeros. Not only does their music cross many styles, but their members cross many generations and walks of life. When put together, they all make incredible music." - The Compendium, Vol 3, Issue 7 � September 2007

�The Absolute Zeros have a positive outlook and zealous dedication for music�something that is needed to survive in today�s music scene.� �, February 2008

�If at first the Absolute Zeros sound like just another classic rock-influenced local band, listen again�they blend modern rock moves with Hendrix-heavy guitar, bluesy digressions and James Brown-style funk. It�s a sweaty and dynamic combination�� Philadelphia Weekly, April 16-22, 2008

�..The Zeros are way more interesting than any rising local band has any right to be�their sound dips into any number of familiar genres without becoming stuck in any�� Origivation Magazine, Volume 7, Issue 4 � June 2008

�Splashy AM rock like that made by Philly band The Absolute Zeros is a perfect match for long, hot summer days.� Philly Edge, June 25, 2008- (Track of the Week � �Whisper in the Storm�)

"A British invasion influence is clear in their music, which combines the rollicking bravado of the Stones or Zeppelin with the wry quirkiness of the Kinks or the Velvets and guitar-wailing of impressive act, whose history of high-energy, sold-out shows has been winning fans across the city" - Kate Bracaglia, - July 11, 2008

Career Highlights

March 2007 � Selected as Standout Performer at World Caf� Live�s �Philly Rising� weekly showcase

June 2007 � Performed in an industry showcase sponsored by Thorpe Productions/Origivation Magazine, and the Dewey Beach Music Conference

September 2007 - Headlined the Northern Liberties Music Festival w/Downtown Harvest; Showcase performance at the 6th Annual Dewey Beach Music Conference and selected as a "must see act" by Spark! Weekly

October 2007 - Filmed by Comcast cable and featured on Comcast on Demand in Philadelphia in the "Get Local" highlight section (air dates 12/1/07-12/28/07)

December 2007 � Selected as a Standout Performer at World Caf� Live�s �Philly Rising� monthly showcase and invited to perform at the �Best of Philly Rising - 2007� annual showcase

January 2008 � Performed at Best of Philly Rising 2007 � Sponsored by Wor


Dead Flowers

Written By: Kelvin Cochrane

Dead Flowers in the garden
Don't mean a thing to me
Nothing's gonna bring me down
I'm flying like I'm free
I've got coke junkies at my doorstep
At 6 o'clock in the morning
I'm coming down just to say
I ain't got nothing for them
Just as the day is dawning
Or was it last night come to an end
This bitch ain't even got the money
And she says that she's my friend!

Well it's a long, long, long, long
And it's a tough life
I try to take it nice and easy
Dead Flowers always give up new life
Gotta have a little faith in me

Next night at the bar with Fat Tony
There's a fella with a look in his eye
He says, "They call me Ghetto Fabulous"
And exposed his gaping fly
Well there could have been a situation
It could have got out of control
But we declined his invitation
And preserved my virgin hole


Well, I'm singing at the top of my voice
I can't help it walking down the street
I'm tipping my hat and smiling
At everyone I meet
Dead Flowers in the garden
Never gonna bring me down
'Cos the warm breeze blows the Autumn leaves
And the world spins around and around and around


Obstacles to a Full Life

Written By: Kelvin Cochrane

You get up, you’re caught up, you’re strung up
Oh, there’s a hole in the fabric
A book on the top shelf.
You say that you never can see it
But there, it’s staring right at you
It’s staring right at you.
You struggle along and you stumble
What’s there to catch you when you fall
Does it bother you at all?
And where in the fuck are you going
We go from nothing to nothing
Got to have something in between

(Chorus) If you’re an obstacle, get over yourself
Seems like a mountain sometimes
You gotta reach out, take that book off the shelf
Might find inside it how to climb

You work and the weekend you’re wasted
Oh it’s a kind of existence
Get through it and drop dead
And inside the soul of the people
Crying to only be set free
To only be set free
So channel me into a furrow
Until there’s nothing left of me
Nothing left to see
The way that the cookie can crumble
Leaves you with nothing but nothing
Got to have something to begin



Self Produced Debut EP (self-titled) - 11/16/2007
Track List
1. Dead Flowers
2. Higher Place
3. We Can Sell You Anything
4. Obstacles to a Full Life
5. Diamond Nomad
6. Trouble With Love
7. Don't Get Me Started

Set List

Typical Set List (45 Minute set)
Dead Flowers
Simple Life
We Can Sell You Anything
Diamond Nomad
Obstacles to a Full Life
Trouble With Love
Don't Get Me Started

We have enough original material to last 2 - 2.5 hours. Here is a list of our other original songs that we rotate in our typical set

Higher Place
Since You
The River
Man on the Bus
Whisper in the Storm
The Award Winner
Before Your Eyes
Why Me?
Ozzie's Song
You Will Find

Examples of covers performed during original sets
Suzie Q (CCR)
Sunshine of Your Love (Cream)
Fire (J. Hendrix)
Dig A Pony (Beatles)
She Said She Said (Beatles)

We are available for private events and typically play a mix of originals and covers for private affairs.