The Abstract Remedy

The Abstract Remedy


We are The Abstract Remedy going 5 years strong. Our style is a mix of rock, reggae, punk, and funk. We are combining the forces to bring you the most intense music experience. Check out our my space live videos and feel the power for yourself.


Band formed in 2003 as Sugarland77, by 2004 the name changed to Against The Grain. In 2005, the band finally changed its name to Abstract Remedy. The music has always been a blend of Hip-Hop, Punk, Rock, Funk, Reggae, Blues and abstract. We played at Ray’s Downtown blues bar at least 10X’s!!!! The Lizard Den in Lake Worth, including their “Hurricane Katrina Benefit Show” in 2005. In ‘06, the band started recording their debut album. Halfway through, the guitarist left. By Sept. ‘06 Swed joined the group as keyboard player. The band played a show without a guitarist at Swamp Grass Willies. By 07” after auditioning many guitarist, Mike joined. The bands goals are to be heard by as many people as possible.


Set List

Our typical set lasts about an hour. Song List: American Me, Rebel Renegade, No End in Sight, Inconsiderate, Dirty South, 150 Sheets, Microphone Jam, Vibe Session, Against the Grain, Kelly's Revenge, Time it Takes, Who Dat, Poems in the Form of War, Revolutions, Tommy's song, Friday Night, Back in the Haze, Who's your GOD?, and Reggae o' Reggae