The Accident Will
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The Accident Will

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada | SELF

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada | SELF
Band Rock Alternative


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos




"Canadian rockers, The Accident Will, serve up a steady hard rock beat (and at times a little punk too), with their debut EP The Other Side of Forever. While this trio plays most of their music inside the familiar sound scape of bands like Queens of the Stone Age and The Offspring, they do manage to add a few hooks that keep this album engaging." - Cerebral Pop

"TAW on The Unknown Studio"

"Scott and I are also fans of music. So we decided to bring on a guest from an up-and-coming Edmonton band. Ryan Ro, lead guitar and vocalist from The Accident Will joined us this episode to talk about his band, his sound, and his wrestling career, such as it was."

- The Unknown Studio Podcast Talk Show


"The debut demo from Canada's The Accident Will shows so much potential. Punk/alternative rock in the style of Against Me! that makes the listener tap his or her toes. ... Check out "It's A Trap!" 2.5-3/5"
- Oh So Twee


1. It's a Trap!
2. Firebombing of Lakeland
3. In Blackest Night (The Hunter)
4. Adrift in the Interlude
5. The Rowan Child



"Taking its name from Kurt Vonnegut's 'Slaughterhouse Five', the Accident Will plays rock straight up, no hyphens. " - VUE Weekly

"The debut demo from Canada's The Accident Will shows so much potential. Punk/alternative rock ... that makes the listener tap his or her toes." - Oh So Twee Zine

Formed in summer 2010, THE ACCIDENT WILL have, in a few short months, recorded a five-song EP and performed on local Edmonton stages Brixx Bar, New City, DV8 and Crown Pub. Joined by new bass player Mike Bell, Ryan Ro (guitar/vocals) & Jennifer Skolney (drums) are prepared to conquer rock & roll, one venue at a time.



THE ACCIDENT WILL play honest, accessible rock music. They take their name from Kurt Vonnegut, and they have already conquered Rock ‘n’ Roll. Now here is their music.

That is my easiest-to-understand argument. I don’t think people who really enjoy rock will need a more detailed explanation, but if you really must: THE ACCIDENT WILL is a sound that’s simultaneously complex & stripped-down, just lush enough to hook you, and smart enough to stay ahead of you. Nothing in TAW is ever superfluous: not a single note gets wasted, not a single beat. Folks, -I’m not even kidding-. Again, I’m going to back up my tall claim with the music in question—consider “The Rowan Child”: melancholy, clever, rousing, and confident -all at the same time-. A modern punk intro that goes into a lyrical rock body before they hit a sweet-sounding blues-rock exchange. And here’s the amazing part: it works. They nail it, every note in place. This is music by and for overachievers, and it gets scarier when you stop to consider they’re -still getting better-.

And they will go anywhere with this music: “The Firebombing of Lakeland” is their young, upstart fight song, and they wear the skin of older, swaggering rockers for “In Blackest Night”. Dark, sinister, raw, sexy, inspired, passionate, fierce—all of these songs are THE ACCIDENT WILL. They are both completely arrogant and evolutionary. They are rock prodigies who wear their influences on their sleeves while nonchalantly shrugging and doing their own thing anyways. They are unreprobate geeks that make covert references to Triple H promos and Green Lantern comics. Does this make them better than other bands? What a stupid question: -of course it does-.

A TAW show is about atmosphere: the mesmerizing effects of Ryan’s rock ’n’ roll confessional, Jenn’s eerie intensity, and truth be told, the band would likely be rocking the house down around their ears even if you -weren’t- there, so with all things being equal, why would you deprive yourself of the opportunity?

Think about it: you could be -touching- them.

When are you going to embrace the Awesome, dear reader?

--Diego Ibarra, writer / performer / director / library guy / big shot.