The Accolades

The Accolades


Portland based rock band The Accolades have been turning heads since their live debut in September 2005. The trio blends fierce instrumentation with accessible hooks and melodies; bridging the gap between classic, alternative and indie rock.


Emerging from the indie/alternative hub of Portland, OR, The Accolades blend explosive rock and melodic vocals to create a breakthrough sound all their own. With a commanding stage presence and powerful raw energy, the band intertwines their fierce instrumentation with strong melodies.

Vocalist/bassist John Craig first started playing with drummer Todd Vogt in middle school. The two forged a lasting friendship and played together on and off throughout high school. While in college, Todd ended up sharing a house with guitarist Sean DeGregorio and thus the circle was in motion.

After graduation all three made their way to Portland and in the Summer of 2005, through the connection of a mutual friend, started laying the groundwork for their new project. It only took a few sessions for everyone to realize they had something special and collaborating on new material naturaly followed. With over an albums worth of original songs in hand, the band began to book gigs in the Northwest through help of their management team. Successful shows at such venues as Lola’s Room (at the Crystal Ballroom), Dante's, Fez Ballroom, Berbati's Pan and Doug Fir Lounge have helped build their rapidly growing fan base.


The Accolades - EP (Loophole Records)
All three tracks from the disc are available to stream or download from

Set List

(original songs)
Ways To Make You Laugh
End Of Trepidation
You Don't Seem To Care
Sleep On It
This Is It
Rock Monster
Draw The Afterlife
Theme Song
Wake Back Up
Words To Fill A Cave
Only Find
It's So Loud
Just Enough
Unopened Mail
All Here
Guess & Try

(cover songs)
The Ocean (Led Zeppelin)
Where Is My Mind (Pixies)
Territorial Pissings (Nirvana)
Bananas & Blow (Ween)
Waiting In Vain (Bob Marley)
"The Office" Theme