The Accomplices Band

The Accomplices Band


The Accomplices, a lowcountry string band from Savannah, Georgia, is a unique sort of rock and groove-based blues-grass with overtones of jazz and bohemian country. With acoustic/effected guitars, upright bass, percussion, Dobro or lap steel, mandolin, and fiddle, their playing is one cross-genre blend of musical style and influence that will engage every type of listener. The band's vocal harmonies and its clever lyrical prose only further embellish the strong musical foundation of this diverse


Low Country String Band

Performing original songs and unique arrangements of traditional music.

Matt Eckstine: acoustic guitar / lead vocals
Zach Smith: upright bass / lead vocals
Colleen Heine: fiddle / vocals
Stan Ray: percussion / vocals
Eric Daubert: guitars, mandolin / vocals


The Accomplices
2011- Canned Beans
2012- Recording follow up album in febuary of 2013