The Aces

The Aces


Rock heading towards Indie, emphasis on guitar


We are basically New Yorkers even though one of us is now in the Philippines - that is an accident...
We know each other since forever and have the same New Yorker psyche and agree on the way of expressing it. Our sound is as edgy as our city.


City Lights

Written By: Tomasz Olik and Vsevolod Kondratiev-Popov

Verse :
It’s a beautiful day
Colors ain't bursting my head
I remember when I hadn't gone away

Walking down the street
Her pleasant thoughts just carrying my feet
Nothing bothered me.

But since my life took a turn
And got stuck in traffic jam

Now if there is something that I have learned
It's to always know who I am.
These nights, the lights shine low,
But it's okay because I can see
Through the city's dark and gloomy glow.

I think about it every time I see the sign,
I want to be there,
But I just don't think I have the time.

Then sometimes,
I close my eyes and see
what your love really meant to me.

I can see it now,
there above the moon,
I promise baby,
I'll be home soon.

Home, the men on the street with the ties,
And behind them in the garbage cans,
reside all their lies.

Now the windows close,
the people look the other way,
when I gave you that rose,
We'll be together one day.

Soft rain on the windshield
Its steady rhythmic beat
Coupled with the eerie glow
Of streetlights dim and weak

They put me to sleep
They put me to sleep
And then make me dream and weep

Of far off places
With familiar faces
Nostalgia is flowing through my veins
Time has pulled the horse by its reins
I know this place but it’s not the same
A feeling of neglect
That I don't recollect.
I know who I'm missing.
It was you I was kissing.
It's too late now,
Just close your eyes,
and don't ask me how,
as our dream slowly dies.