The Acid Test

The Acid Test


A new band in the "Alternative-to-Mainstream" Rock vein. Drawing from Drum 'n Bass, electronic, funk, and alternative rock - everyone digs it! Think Radiohead, Our Lady Peace, U2, Prince and Foo Fighters thrown in a blender with some hot sauce.


Formed in 2003, this is a new band with a new sound, but with the wisdom of experience and history on their side.

If you miss melody in music, you've come to the right place. If you miss groove in music, you've come to the right place. If you miss creativity, and the energy of a live band in today's music...this is the group to hear and see live.

Members of this band have led their own bands and also performed with some great names in the genres of Rock, Hip Hop, Jazz and R & B. This resulted in gaining the respect of bands and artists including: Van Halen, King's X, Patti LaBelle, Living Colour, Shannon, Laura Brannigan, The Roots, TM Stevens, 24-7 Spyz, and a long list of others who know the strength of the musicians and talent in this band.

The music is key: expressing observations of personal and public observations, delivered via an interesting blend of rock, drum 'n bass, electronica, funk and soul, this is truly alternative music! ...and it is LIVE!



Written By: M. Barnes

It's on my mind
What do I do today?
When, given time
We'll all go away

Move forward and
Explain your case
To me

So I can see the Reasons
Help me know the Reasons

A thousand, million things
To fit in sideways
Whatever is your temple
Makes you feel o.k.

Move forward and explain your case
So I can know the Reasons

Days are Gone

Written By: M. Barnes

Those days are gone
Those days are gone forever
Those days are gone
Those days are lost forever

Now you have nothing to lose
Now you have not one clue
Now there's a blank wall
Waiting for a picture or two

Those days are gone forever.

I know you cried
You also laughed, and had some thrills
Gave it your best try
When it all seemed hopeless

Now there's no time to turn
Look forward to new memories
(and) By the way you're
Not supposed to forget all the things
That you learned

But for now,
Those days are gone forever.


Written By: M. Barnes

Are you high?
Are you reaching for something
you can't find?

Are you rich?
Are you poor?
Surrounded by many people,
or are you all alone?

Where is your Soulshaker?

You can search high
You can search below
Your Soulshaker will find you
When you stand alone.



Currently recording first CD, "Alpha-Jerk"