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New York City, New York, United States

New York City, New York, United States
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"New Music: iLLEagle - Tear The Club Up"

Peep game! AnmlHse brings to you a rap dynamic duo called iLL-Eagle, with rappers A.C. and JusThink, bringing you some fresh Brooklyn, New York vibes.

Funny how small the world can be sometimes and how many mutual friends are out here grinding because they share a passion for Art, no matter the medium in which it’s produced. These tracks were emailed to me and after taking a listen I definitely bumped “Tear The Club Up” back to back a couple of times. It’s reminiscent of the early 2000 club raps that New York became popular for so I definitely fucks with it. Upon listening to the other tracks, I found out that these dudes are more than just fellow Party ANMLS but are lyrical musicians with something to say. Especially their rendition of Drake’s song, Fear, talking about the trials and tribulations of being taken seriously as an Artist around your peers. I can definitely relate to that. Definitely take a listen to the tracks and if you like them, spread the word. Tell ‘em Panda sent ya! - ANMLHSE

"Creativebread Artist Spotlight: iLL-Eagle Interview"

#1.First, I?m going to ask you to introduce yourself.
My mother calls me Carlos, other family calls me C.J, but you fine people can refer to me
as A.C.

#2.What got you started?
I was always heavily into music to the point where I wanted to make my own and this
method of doing such works the best for me.

#3.What do you bring to the group?
Well,l JusThink can really tackle a lot of issues in his rhymes and he’s definately the
more serious member of the group, so i guess what i’m bringing is the lighter side of
things. still addressing what i need to but in a more lighthearted optimistic fashion.

#4.A lot of artists today use past influences in their music. Take a look at your
past,are there any moments that influence your music today?
In my personal history, EVERYTHING that has happened to me up to this very moment
influences my music along with every decision i make in the future.

#5.Any artist you look up to? (Any genre)
I gotta LOT but imma narrow it down to a chosen few… Metallica (longevity & the ability
to still create good music) Lupe Fiasco (for staying real to himself & never selling out
& still being a success) Busta Rhymes (for both of the privious reasons) etc….

#6.Along with the good comes the bad,Lol..Are they any rappers that you thik shouldn?t be
given a mic?..whether they be established or upcoming?
MAAAAAAN LISTENN…… i feel like certain rappers are straight GARBAGE… but no man
should be denied the right to express themselves, for whatever reason. so anyone with a
mic should absolutely think twice about what their gonna do with it. after all, my radio
has options and i dont have to subject myself to TRASH if i dont want to.

#7. What’s your favorite song ? why?
i cant answer that. i wanna say the greatest song ever made is ‘Human Nature’ by MJ, but
there’s so many genres & so many absolutely world class artist it would never be fair to
answer that question.

#8.What do you guys hope to accomplish throughout your career?
i wanna go down in history as being one of those guys in the new millennium presenting
something new but bringing that old feeling back. that raw ass early to mid 90s BET rap
city freestyle feeling.

#9.Now, last question. Any last minute messages to anybody? Shouts outs? Challenges?
shoutouts to everyone showing that love & support. shoutout to DJ LifeOne, El, my moms,
my pops & my lil brother Chris. POW!

#1.First, I?m going to ask you to introduce yourself.
Hello Brave and Cruel World i am Justhink

#2.What got you started?
I originally wrote poetry as a child and i was always the type to memorize rap lyrics to
empress friends that didnt know them. somewhere along the lines of life i met AC and he
was rapping so i said fuck it why not just try…so i tried and it worked…SOOO here we

#3.What do you bring to the group?
My element to this group i feel is the more serious and deep nature. we (ac and i) have
different images and rap styles so it works that i rap with alot of sylables and speak on
serious issues while he has a more playfull nature.

#4.A lot of artists today use past influences in their music. Take a look at your
past,are there any moments that influence your music today?
everyday i have ever lived, every sign that meant something to me, every word muttered in
my direction influences me.

#5.Any artist you look up to? (Any genre)
i cant say yes i personally look up to any artists like i wanna be like them…however
there are a few artist that i look at and i go i wanna be in that postion so i can do my
own thing my own way. Lyrically i look up to eminem because to me everytime he spits he
out does himself and i try to do the same, i look up to Tupac because the impact his
words had make me want to do the same with my lyrics, i look up to lil wayne because he
is larger than life, and i feel like for the ideas and things that i want to say i have
to be that big to reach the entire audience that i need to.

#6.Along with the good comes the bad? Lol..Are they any rappers that you think shouldnt
be given a mic?..whether they be established or upcoming?
Man…alot of muthafuccas should just drop fuccking dead or just loose there vocal box
cuz alot of shit that they are saying is irrelevant to regualr life, and i feel like
hip-hop was created as a “uplifter” to life and these muthhafucca who aint saying shit
are only fucking the game up!

#7. Whats your favorite song ? why?
My favorite song of all time….C’Mon son!!! thats to hard to answer to answer. i cant
even give one answer…but right now Eminems verse on forever is the best thing to ever
come out of hip-hop judging on lyrical patterns…but i hate everything else on

#8.What do you guys hope to accomplish throughout your career?
i just wanna give my mother back all the money ive ever stolen or spent out of her
pockets, everything else will just happen no expectations….well actually…i got some
shit to say about the society we live in and the abolition of the monetary system and the
violence in todays world so i hape that we get big enough as to where i can try to change
the world….who cares if i die because i tried…Martin, Malcom, or pac didnt care..why
should i?

#9.Now, last question. Any last minute messages to anybody? Shouts outs? Challenges?
Man Fuck all that bullshit “scream it out, Scream it loud, it’s iLL-Eagle” -

"Interview w. iLL-Eagle"

Describe your sound as if we were deaf.
A.C: well… if your deaf then I can’t use other sounds to help me so I’ll describe it as if it was visual. iLL-EAGLE sounds like a graffiti wall in the subway that you get a glimpse of when the train is going by really fast. You can’t really see it that well but the glimpses you catch are damn near beautiful. You wish you could see more.
Justhink: my sound is like driving a motorcycle at top speed down a long, dark, narrow, bumpy path; trying to maneuver all of its fast turns towards a very bright warm light at the end of the path.

What is distinctive about your sound?
A.C: we aren’t exactly rapping about, what we look like we rap about. We look like we do the fuckin ‘jerk’ dance & rap about superficial bullshit. Well, at some point every rapper is gonna talk about superficial bullshit, but we talk about real shit that we been through (typical, I know). We don’t look like we’ve been to jail but……listen to our songs.
Justhink: I think what is so distinctive about my style is the speed and flow of it all. When people listen to our music they are usually confused and lost at what I say, but are compelled to listen again because the flow of it all was stimulating and attractive

What producers, songwriters and/or artists do you see as your primary inspirations?
A.C: PRIMARY being the key word in that question (because there are many), I’d have to say Busta Rhymes, Eminem, Ab-Liva, Lupe Fiasco and other intricate wordsmiths of the 90’s & on.
Justhink: My primary inspiration for not only music but my life has to be Tupac Shakur. He was a revolutionary in every sense of the word. He talked with passion and not only spoke of the glits and glamour of being him but also spoke about the hardships of not only being a major artist but being a poor civilian.

Do you have a favorite musical project that you've worked on?
A.C: we’re actually in the process of recording our 1st project so I guess its automatically my favorite body of work. The song “illin on my go-kart” is pretty nuts tho… we jacked a Asher Roth beat & went off on it hard.
Justhink: yes. We came up with this idea to do a parody of a HOT 97 funk master flex freestyle. It was so fun, And also very funny. Not to add that I was also drunk! But there were def. a lot of laughs and giggles during that recording.

What was the main factor for launching your career when you did?
A.C: I love art school but my grades could never really express that. I translate better through music so imma go all in and see if this can get some bills paid in the process. I got student debt out the ass.
Justhink: the main factor for launching my career was my arrest in 2008. Before that date I felt like I had a purpose but never had any drive. Once I was arrested I had 26 hours to think about my life and I decided to make changes to speak and be heard.

Who are some people you would like to work with?
A.C: man I got a whole laundry list of who I’d wanna work with but imma keep it simple right now. Asher Roth, The Clipse, Pink, System of a Down, Paramore, Papa Roach, Lupe Fiasco, Slaughterhouse etc…
Justhink: I would love to work with eminem for his maniacal schemes and his ridiculous rhyme patterns. I would also love to work with the neptunes…I love there forward thinking sound.

How is the Internet changing your craft?
A.C: the Internet makes it a whole WORLD easier to get on.
Justhink: the Internet is making it a lot easier to spread music and create a musical buzz.

Do you feel like what you are doing is important?
A.C: I feel like what I’m doing is the most important thing I could possibly being doing for myself and if anyone else out there finds a deeper worth in it then that’s just great also.
Justhink: I feel like what im doing is very important because its not like im rapping to get the bitches or to get a car. Im rapping to speak to the poor misguided youth. And the people that are in the rut and don’t know what to do with themselves. Those who think that no one cares about them. Im here to tell them, and let them know that there is a better way.

Lastly, could you talk about any long-term goals or talents you have in mind?
A.C: well I’d definitely still wanna continue my graphic design career at some point and work on my solo project in between iLL-EAGLE joints. We shall see how this all plays out….
Justhink: my long term goals are to start charities and funds to help the poor and aids victims. Take money back to the places ive lived and build up the neighborhood. Give my mother back all the money ive stolen from her and help my father and brother pursue there dreams. -


2009; "Ill-Eagle Radio" Mixtape.

2010; "Tear the Club Up" & "Exhibit iLL"

2011; "The 11th Commandment: Thou Shall Not Talk Shit" EP (Solo debut)



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