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You’ll go places

Written By: the acitones

In our dreams we’ll adventure and find the wortld
Meet new people and find new words
Learn a new language and see the stars
From mountaintops and brand new cars
We’ll come home happy and tired and sore
We’ll sleep so heavyt we wouldn’t wake for the stars
Let’s dream for tomorrow to be bigger and better
Bigger and better

We’re gonna need some patience, some luch, some money
Some friends, some cars, some sand, some surf
And some motivational speeches
To keep us on our way, let’s go !

We should do it the next day too,
But this time different, we’ll make it new
We’ll go to new york and manhattan and Brooklyn
And Tokyo and paris and hongkong and London
These places where people laugh and live and love and smile and just take our time, we’ll take our time.

We’re gonna need some patience, some luck some money, some friends, some cars, some sand, some surf, and some motivational speeches to keep us on our way let’s go !

Lay down for a while and close your eyes
And say that you’ll go places